Thomas Sedgwick  [parents unknown]
b. bef 17551,3
d. bet 1815-1820 [Jefferson, Greene, Pennsylvania]
m1 bef 1775, Ann Unknown (Land Records)
m2 bet 1797-1799, (Greene Twp, Greene, Pennsylvania] Barbara Unknown

Ann Unknown  [parents unknown]
d. bet 1797-1799, [Greene, Greene, Pennsylvania]

Barbara Unknown  [parents unknown]
b. bet. 1770-17741
d. aft 1830 [Jefferson, Greene, Pennsylvania]1

Census records:

1790 PA Washington in United States Federal Census
1800 PA Greene, Greene
Widow Barbara:
1820 PA Greene, Greene
1830 PA Greene, Jefferson Twp

Records found:

1785 land purchase, Washington County from Levi Gregg 133 acres
1785 land warrant, tract Mount Rock, Washington County on the Monongahela river
1787 land patent, tract Mount Rock, surveyed 1786 @ 206.75 acres
1787 tax list, Cumberland Township, Washington, Pennsylvania, incl 2 stills
1788 tax list, Cumberland Township, Washington, Pennsylvania
1789 tax list, Cumberland Township, Washington, Pennsylvania
1791 land warrant purchase, tract Mount Pleasant, Washington County Greene Twp
1792 Justice of the Peace, Greene County
1793 land patent, tract Mount Pleasant, surveyed 1785 and 179_ @ 390 acres
1794 Whiskey Rebellion: one of the twenty farmers arrested and taken to Philadelphia
1796 Greene Twp became part of newly formed Greene County
1796 Justice of the Peace, Greene County
1797 land sale, portion of Mount Pleasant, wife Ann
1799 land sale, Mount Rock, wife Barbara
1799 land sale, remainder of Mount Pleasant, wife Barbara

Greene County, Pennsylvania was formed from part of Washingon County in 1796. It is important to note that the Virginia claimed this area from 1775 to 1780; the western portion was Ohio County, the eastern part was Monongalia County.

When Thomas sold land in 1797, his wife was Ann. When he sold land in 1799, his wife was Barbara. In 1800 Barbara Sedgwick was 26-45 (b. 1755-1774); in 1820, 45+ (before 1775); in 1830, 50-59 (1770-1780). If these are accurate, she was born 1770-1774. In 1790, Thomas had a son 16+ years old, as old as Barbara; she could not be his mother. Therefore, the conclusion is that Ann Sedgwick died after the 1797 land sale, and Thomas married the much younger Barbara before the 1799 land sale. It appears that Barbara brought no children to the marriage, so it is likely that this was her first marriage.

According to the census records, Thomas Sedgwick had five sons and a daughter before 1790 with wife Ann and two more sons and three more daughters between 1800 and 1820 with wife Barbara. These children have been extrapolated from the census records:

Children of Thomas Sedgwick and Ann Unknown:

son b. abt 1774
son b. 1775-1784
son b. 1775-1784
son b. 1775-1784 (This would be Matthew if he's a son.)
dau b. 1775-1784 = Nancy Sedgwick4
  b. October 28, 1785, Greene County, Pennsylvania1,8
  d. September 4, 1856, Charmichael, Greene, Pennsylvania8
  b. abt 1785, Washington County, Pennsylvania4
  d. aft 18501
  m. abt 1802, Greene County, Pennsylvania, James Stone4
son 1785-1790

Children of Thomas Sedgwick and Barbara Unknown:

dau b. abt 1800
dau b. 1804-1810
son b. 1804-1810 = Samuel Sedgwick3,5a,7
  b. 1809, Meadow Run, Greene, Pennsylvania3,5a,8
  d. August 3, 1866, Rices Landing, Greene, Pennsylvania3,5a,9
son b. 1811-1815 (This would be Joseph if he's a son.)
dau b. 1815-1820

Meadow Run is a stream about ten miles south of Rices Landing. It joins with Bealls Run just west of Davistown in Dunkard Township.

One of the daughters was apparently named Ann Sedgwick, who married a Jonathan Knotts and had a daughter Maria Louisa Knotts born 4-2-1832 in Green Co, PA.
If the date is accurate, she would be the daughter of Thomas and Barbara, but named after Ann. I have seen elsewhere the first daughter with the second wife named after the deceased wife.

Who are these children, especially the sons? Finding the registry of their births might be a Rosetta Stone for Sedgwick genealogy. I have long wondered whether any of the following are sons of Thomas Sedgwick:

Certainly, Samuel is the Samuel Sedgwick of Rices Landing, Greene, PA.

Matthew Sedgwick of Greene County is probably a son. One Barbara Sedgwick was the executrix of his estate, regstered June 24, 1824, Book 1 Page 254.5

It is also possible that Joseph Sedgwick of Rices Landing is also, but he maintained that he was born in Virginia and came to Rices Landing when he was seventeen.

A grandson of unknown Barnabas Sedgwick of Ohio said he was descended from Matthew Sedgwick; same man?

There is also a Thomas Sedgwick in Cincinnati in 1817; a son of this Thomas?

What about unknown John Sedgwick of Butler County, Ohio? He also said he as born in Virginia, but this area was claimed by Virginia for a time.

Is Washington Sedgwick of Mercer County PA a possibility? The story that son Peter Kiner Sedgwick wrote about his father's ancestry, in a letter to a unrelated Sedgwick, is possible, but I would like to see some records and have wondered if there's a simpler tale.

It would certainly be nice to find the records of the births of the children of this Thomas Sedgwick. I plan to get to the area in 2015 and search. Anyone going sooner?

Sources: all sources for this project

I have sources for all "Records found;" I'll get them documented as I can.

Extrapolation of children from census records:
1790: 1 son 16+, 4 son 0-15, 1 dau
=1 son before 1775, 4 son 1775-1790, 1 dau bef 1790
1800: 4 son 16-25, 1 son 0-15, 1 dau 0-9, 1 dau 16-25
=4 son 1774-1885, 1 son 1785-1800, 1 dau 1774-1785, 1 dau 1790-1800
1820: 1 son 10-16, 1 son 0-9, 2 dau 16-25, 1 dau 10-16
=1 son 1804-1810, 1 son 1810-1820, 1 dau 1795-1805, 1 dau 1805-1810
1830: 1 son 20-29, 1 son 15-19, 2 dau 20-29, 1 dau 10-15
=1 son 1800-1810, 1 son 1810-1815, 2 dau 1800-1810, 1 dau 1815-1830
he d. bef. 1820, so:
= 1 son 1774, 3 sons 1775-1885, 1 son 1785-1790, 1 dau 1775-1784
+ 1 son 1804-1810, 1 son 1810-1815, 1 dau 1800, 1 dau 1804-1810, 1 dau 1815-1820
son abt 1774
son 1775-1784
son 1775-1784
son 1775-1784
dau 1775-1784
son 1785-1790

dau abt 1800
son 1804-1810
dau 1804-1810
son 1811-1815
dau 1815-1820

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