[S10370] Colonial Families of the United States of America

[S12933] Personally known to me

[S14154] LDS Film # 2034675

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[S16352] History of LaFayette Lodge No. 79 at its 100th anniversary

[S14888] Letter written by Joseph on February 18, 1885

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[S13317] Indiana State Library Genealogy Division

[S16622] LDS FILM # 2078023

[S01495] DAR Application, National Number 559787, Ruth Ray Brown

[S15524] Edward John Schueler (My Grandpa)

[S16137] Typed page provided from Drew Bourne as "family papers", original source unknown

[S01985] Michelle Wiley

[S14917] Mary Jane Sedgwick's baby book, written by her father, Ralph Foster Sedgwick

[S01622] Katrina Biddulph Weed

[S11017] Church Records

[S03080] Dare Family History

[S17603] Letter from John Alexander Sedwick to Laura Sedwick, 1855

[S17486] Montgomery County, Maryland Judgment

[S10777] Bible of William Thomas Sedwick

[S14925] LDS Web site

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[S02728] Birth Certificate

[S17736] Letter by William Sedwick, dated November 20

[S04804] Census Records

[S07124] Lists birth date as 1798

[S09437] database

[S02002] The Memoirs of Elizabeth Hardy by Jonathan Hershel Hardy

[S02369] Will

[S16644] Department of the Interior, Bureau of Pensions, Certificate # 759.666

[S13450] Bible of William George Sedwick

[S14450] Will of Benjamin Sedwick, proven.

[S02372] Online Genealogy Forum

[S14940] Math notebook in Cora's handwriting, owned by Elizabeth Jane Schueler Klukas (my mother)

[S16649] Department of the Interior, Bureau of Pensions, Certificate # 843813

[S05912] Spelman Genealogy

[S14088] Form filled out by Robert Charles Sedgwick

[S10414] Abridged Compendium of American Genealogy

[S02135] E-mail message from Nancy Jane (Kennedy) Riccardi

[S05918] Will of Joshua Sedwicks, from "Maryland Calendar of Wills", Volume VII, page 46 (1925)

[S16411] Letter of W.H. Sedgwick in th 1920's

[S16653] Pension Application to Department of the Interior, dated June 4, 1898

[S16657] Death Certificate

[S14827] LDS Film # 7128702, sheet 36

[S13708] Letter from Calvert County Clerk

[S13828] VItal Records

[S02117] Marriage Records

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[S14964] Elizabeth Ann Klukas (me)

[S16677] Questionaire of the Department of the Interior completed by Joseph H. Sedgwick on March 19, 1915

[S16672] Declaration for Widow's Pension

[S02650] Mortality Schedule

[S14974] Birth Certificate of Mary Jane Sedgwick

[S16195] Transcript of an article from the Zanesville COURIER

[S14852] LDS Film # C507681

[S01435] E-mail by Bill Adams, dated September 11, 1999

[S03266] Cox Family in America

[S04487] Cemetery Records

[S13272] database

[S01439] E-mail by Stephen Schall, dated December 30, 1998

[S10956] Tom Sedwick's Banyan Tree

[S14128] LDS Film # 2034810

[S13029] Drew Bourne by e-mail dated 11/5/99

[S06199] Armstrong County, Pa., Her People, Past and Present

[S14132] Bible of George Cyrus and Hannah Sedgwick, submitted by Ruth Moore of Massachusetts

[S14620] Jackson County Indiana Marriage Index - Book E, page 218

[S17794] Will of Thomas Sedgwick (typed copy)

[S15350] LDS Film # 2034862

[S15353] LDS Film # 2078038

[S15107] Sedgwick Ancestry - prepared by Thomas Stewart Sedgwick

[S14626] Mary Jane Sedgwick Schueler

[S14138] E-mail from Jo Ann Sedgwick dated 11/26/99

[S16691] Catherine Sedgwick Colbert

[S15359] Marriage License

[S01459] Noble/Canby Genealogy: George Thomas and Louisa (Canby) Noble and Some of Their Relatives, Sedwick, Clare, Wade, Taylor, Hough, Pierpont, 1689-198

[S15003] Elizabeth Jane Schueler Klukas (my mother)

[S15615] Family tree from Drew Bourne, original source unknown


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