[NI0006] This Rachel Sedwick must be the one who married George Freeman, as told in this will:
MD Cal/o Wills as copied at, November 17, 2001 -
Rachell FREEMAN, Christ Ch., CA, 1750. To dau. Darcose FREEMAN, "Neighbourhood," bet. bro. Joshua's & Joseph SEDWICK's land, also testatrix's third of estate of decd. husband Geo. FREEMAN. Wit. Jonathan & Priscillah HOLLIDAY, Benj. MORGAN.

[NI0033] See SHANADOAH VALLEY PIONEERS AND THEIR DESCENDANTS, A History of Frederick County, Virginia, T.K. Cartmell, Clerk of the Old County
court, pages180-181.

See THE VIRGINIA MAGAZINE OF HISTORY AND BIOGRAPHY, Published by the Virginia Historiacal Society, for the year ending December 31, 1910, Vol. XVIII, pages 210 and 211.

[NI0035] [Brøderbund WFT Vol. 7, Ed. 1, Tree #3126, Date of Import: Oct 23, 1999]

His occupation was listed as Planter in Calvert Co., Maryland

[NI0040] Living with dauhgter Mary Laura (Laura) and husband James J Maxfield at 1880 census.

[NI0041] [Brøderbund WFT Vol. 7, Ed. 1, Tree #3126, Date of Import: Oct 23, 1999]

Military: Veteran of Civil War in the Union Army:
Occupation: In 1880 he is listed as Post Master of Indianola, Warren, Iowa. In 1900 census, he is listed as a grocer, in Stuttgart, AR Co., AR.

[NI0046] [Brøderbund WFT Vol. 7, Ed. 1, Tree #3126, Date of Import: Oct 23, 1999]

Norman Walter Biddulph

Military Service: Completed Flight Training in February 1943 and was shipped to Stuttgart, AR as a Twin Engine tow pilot for the Glider Program. Made Flight Instructor in twin engine advanced training, was made flight commander and assistant squadron commander. In November 1944, took B17 training and in March 1945 took B 29 training. Went overseas as a B29 airplane commander and while overseas was made squadron executive officer and then squadron commander of a B29 squadron stationed on Saipan. Returned from Overseas in November 1945, signed to stay on active duty but due to illness of my father-in-law and the need to carry on his company, was relieve of active duty. Remained in the US Air Force Reserves until my retirement. In June 1961 was assigned as commander of the 9424th Air Force Recovery Unit in Stuttgart, AR. In August 1962 was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel.

[NI0048] George Cook Sedwick/Sedgwick converted from the Church of England to become a Baptist at an early age. He was ordained a baptist minister of the Hartwood Church in Virginia. He moved to Zaneville, Ohio in 1820 and established the First Baptist Church there in 1821. He was pastor of the First Baptist Church for 16 years. The Ohio State (Baptist) Convention was born in his Church. He left Zaneville, Ohio in 1837 and served in churches in Kentucky and West Virginia. He returned to Ohio in his later years.

[NI0069] [Brøderbund WFT Vol. 7, Ed. 1, Tree #3126, Date of Import: Oct 23, 1999]

Fact # 5 and 6: History of Dearborn and Ohio Counties, Indiana published 1885 F. E. Weakly and Co., Chicago. see page 229-231. On page 245,"In 1813, the principal citizens of the village were.... WALTER ARMSTRONG, innkeeper; he is also mentioned among the principal business men of 1812-1820. Page 247 Both Walter Armstrong and Lazarus Noble were elected to serve as directors of the Farmers and Merchants Bank on 3 January 1820.

Emma Patton Noble Papers give additional information. See file.

[NI0070] [Brøderbund WFT Vol. 7, Ed. 1, Tree #3126, Date of Import: Oct 23, 1999]

Some information taken from the Armstrong-Mulin Family Bible in the possession of Barbara Mulin, 818 Jewell Ave., Sebastapal CA., 95472

[NI0115] [Brøderbund WFT Vol. 7, Ed. 1, Tree #3126, Date of Import: Oct 23, 1999]

Religion: Methodist Church Affiliation: First Methodist and Grand Avenue Methodist.
Census Records: 1910 census, Arkansas, Arkansas Co., Township of Stuttgart, living with parents and grandmother.
1920 census, Arkansas, Arkansas Co., Township of Stuttgart, as head of household, with wife, daughter, and mother-in-law.

[NI0116] [Brøderbund WFT Vol. 7, Ed. 1, Tree #3126, Date of Import: Oct 23, 1999]

Religion: Catholic Church Affiliation: Holy Rosary Catholic Church in Stuttgart, AR.

[NI0119] [Brøderbund WFT Vol. 7, Ed. 1, Tree #3126, Date of Import: Oct 23, 1999]

Religion: Methodist Church: Grand Avenue Methodist, Stuttgart, AR.

[NI0124] [Brøderbund WFT Vol. 7, Ed. 1, Tree #3126, Date of Import: Oct 23, 1999]

Dr. Ben was an ardent abolitionist and one of the people who helped run the underground railroad in Iowa. A $3000. award was offered for proof, but apparently he was never caught.

[NI0140] [Brøderbund WFT Vol. 7, Ed. 1, Tree #3126, Date of Import: Oct 23, 1999]

United States Senator

[NI0145] [Brøderbund WFT Vol. 7, Ed. 1, Tree #3126, Date of Import: Oct 23, 1999]

Governor of Indiana from 1831 to 1837.

Colonel of the 7th Regiment of Franklin Co., Sixth Brigade, Third Division of the State Militia.

[NI0150] [Brøderbund WFT Vol. 7, Ed. 1, Tree #3126, Date of Import: Oct 23, 1999]

Post Master: Greenwood, Indiana

[NI0190] [Brøderbund WFT Vol. 7, Ed. 1, Tree #3126, Date of Import: Oct 23, 1999]

He left New York before 1850 and settled in La Port by 1860.

[NI0192] [Brøderbund WFT Vol. 7, Ed. 1, Tree #3126, Date of Import: Oct 23, 1999]

In 1776, Peter was found in Sorel, Quebec. Other places of residence include Williamsburg, Ontario. Military Records from the Revolutionary War show a Peter Cramer deserted in August 1777.
FACT 2: Canadian Claims Deferred and recorded unheard, Series II. AO 13, bundle 81.

[NI0233] Will of John Hungerford, Calvert County Maryland, 1751: To Jno. Clairis' children that he had by my sister Hannah, to wit: Sarah, Christian, James, Elizabeth, Edmond and Hannah."

[NI0283] [Brøderbund WFT Vol. 7, Ed. 1, Tree #3126, Date of Import: Oct 23, 1999]

Andrew came to Boston, Mass from England in 1636. Source: Genealogical Dictionary of First Settlers of New England, Vol. II, p. 556 and 557. See also Vol III of the same, p. 148 &149. Also General Guide to Early American Settlers of America, p. 347.

[NI0293] [Brøderbund WFT Vol. 7, Ed. 1, Tree #3126, Date of Import: Oct 23, 1999]

Robert came to America about 1640 according to The Founders of Early American Families 1607-1657, p. 187.

[NI0309] [Brøderbund WFT Vol. 7, Ed. 1, Tree #3126, Date of Import: Oct 23, 1999]

Education: West Point Military: 1st Lt. 2nd art. ASA.

[NI0388] [Brøderbund WFT Vol. 7, Ed. 1, Tree #3126, Date of Import: Oct 23, 1999]

Fact 1. General Guide to Early Settlers of America page 130.

[NI0412] [Brøderbund WFT Vol. 7, Ed. 1, Tree #3126, Date of Import: Oct 23, 1999]

See Families of Early Hartford, Conn, Genealogical Publishing Co., 1977 p. 358

[NI0461] [Brøderbund WFT Vol. 7, Ed. 1, Tree #3126, Date of Import: Oct 23, 1999]

Brother: Ethan Allen

[NI0691] "Mr. Spelman was killed in a sawmill which he owned. His widow lives in Columbus, Ohio. "

[NI0693] [Brøderbund WFT Vol. 7, Ed. 1, Tree #3126, Date of Import: Oct 23, 1999]

In 1919 lived in Peoria, Ill.

[NI0740] Edward was Olive's second husband.

[NI0842] I see a possibility that John and Janette had another child, John Sedwick of Butler County, Ohio, whose children were born 1809 - 1822 and who was born bet 1775 and 1795 according to the 1820 census.

[NI0878] Pennsylvania Census Index from
1840 SEDWICK MATHIAS C. Armstrong County PA Sugar Creek Township page 135
1860 SEDWICK MATHIAS Clarion County PA Madison Township page 272

[NI1017] I saw an ancestry of Margaretta Hadden at the GenForum McClean Forum, message 133:

Re: Bentons-Maryland: Sedwick Connection
Posted by: Una A. Bowman

Thomas Sedwick (1694-1767)
m1. Sarah (Pardoe) Sedwick
m2. Cathorinah\Catherine (Gray) Rigby
the widow of John Rigbie\Ribby who died in 1754

I have to ask her about the parentage of the children.

[NI1071] ...Thomas Sedwick (Calvert County will of 1767). Catherine Gray Rigby, widow of John Rigbie\Rigby, married Thomas Sedwick after 1754 and was named Cathorinah when he penned is will in 1767. (Distribuition of his estate has her name as Catharine.) per Una A Bowman, Sedgwick GenForum message 488.

[NI1075] The following was taken from Western Maryland Genealogy Magazine dated October 2000. These are equity judgements abstracted:

"Thomas Sedwick Petition to divide lands P.1-4 Volume I:
March term 1817. Wm Sedwick, his father died in 1813 without will seized in fee simple of tract called Ray's Chance. He left 8 children and 2 grandchildren who are entitled to share of their mother Nancy Riley, daughter of intestate. Heirs are; Thomas Sedwick petitioner, Alexander Carico and Mary his wife, Joseph Sedwick, Anna and Rebecca Riley, daughters of Nancy Riley, Frederick Riley, and Elizabeth his wife, Eden Bowman and Kesiah his wife, Joseph Hopewood and Sarah his wife, William Sedwick and Maria Sedwick. The 2 grandchildren are ages 10 and 8, and william Riley, their father, is their natural guardian. Petition signed march 11, 1814"

[NI1083] Ann Rigby was apparently the daughter of Thomas Seddwick's stepmother Cathorine Gray Rigby. per Una A Bowman, Sedgwick GenForum message 488

[NI1099] Twelve children per Tom Sedwick's Banyan Tree"

[NI1114] In database Missouri Marriages, 1851-1900 appears this entry:
Marriage Date: 7 Feb 1886, County: Ray State: MO
is it either this George or son George Jr?

[NI1189] database: Ohio Military Men, 1917-18
Name: Howard M. Sedgwick
Serial Number: 1535873
Race: W
Residence: 1917 Kinney Ave., Cincinnati, O.
Enlistment Division: National Guard
Enlistment Location: Cincinnati, O.
Enlistment Date: 21 May 1917
Birth Place: Cincinnati, O.
Birth Date / Age: 24 11/12 Years
Assigns Comment: Troop E 1 Cavalry ONG to --; Battery E 136 Field Artillery to Discharge Corporal 15 July 1917; Sergeant 19 Oct 1917; Mess Sergeant 22 Oct 1918; Sergeant 19 Apr 1918; Mess Sergeant 1 June 1918. Defensive Sector. American Expeditionary Forces 28 June 1918 to 24 March 1919. Honorable discharge 10 Apr 1919.
Volume #: 15

[NI1206] William was youngest of 10 children.

[NI1215] A Thomas M Sedwick died a POW on 8/15/1864 at Andersonville, Georgia. I think this is the one.

[NI1225] Loyd was a postal worker. Retired after 30 years of service at age 55. Worked for his son an d operated a Richfield service station on Brookside Ave. in Redlands, CA. Loved bowling

[NI1420] In Monongahela Twp, Greene, Pennsylvania, Greensboro Methodist Cemetery,
"located at the NE edge of Greensboro, site of theformer M.E. Church,"
there are two graves marked
"Sedwick, Franklin & .... d. 7-25- [date illegible], twin sons of Rev. B. F. & Mary W Sedwick"
-ref Cemetery Records of Greene County, Pennsylvania, Dorothy T Hennig, Vol 8 pg 516
Dorothy Hennig walked all the cemeteries of Greene County to extract the data for this set.

[NI1429] He was a prisoner of war at Andersonville, Georgia.

[NI1432] Mathias was a house painter. He died of lead poisoning from the paint.

[NI1434] Lived in a mansion across the river from West Monterey, Pennsylvania.

[NI1468] According to Tom Sedwick's Banyan Tree, John Montgomery and Joshan Manning wer cousins; their mothers were sisters.

[NI1471] Killed in an oilfield accident in the Kern River Oil Field, Oildale, just north of Bakersfield, California.

[NI1490] Is this him?
Venango County Marriage License Index
linked from USGenWeb Pennsylvania Venango County site)
1892 - Celia A. Anchors and William S. Sedwick

[NI1544] "founder of Indianapolis, Indiana" -Virkus

[NI1550] Not positive whether Salmon the son of John Sedwick is the same Solomon who married Frances Penelope Fly, but those closest to it believe it is.

[NS103703] online at

[NS59851] Ellenor Bates is a daughter of Sydney Sedwick, daughter of John Sedwick and Janette Kent, who married Hervey Bates.

[NS59853] copy and transcription online at

[NS24481] I disagree fully with the author's assertion that Joshua Sedgwick was born in England, which is based on the statement by Rev Benjamin Franklin Sedwick. However, the book may contain a reliable accounting of some of the descendants of Joshua's son Thomas Manning sedwick.

[NS24483] LDS Family History Center, Salt Lake City, Utah

[NS62341] History of Daviess County, Kentucky, p. 642
HENRY CARICO was born in Montgomery County, Maryland., April 18, 1808, and was a son of Alexander and Mary (Sedgwick) Carico, also natives of Maryland. They died in Indiana about twenty years ago, his father being about eighty years of age. Henry was the fifth of nine children. He went from Maryland to Pennsylvania and remained a year; then came West to Ohio and remained two years; then came to Kentucky and settled in New Springfield, Washington County. After living there ten years he went to Casey County and lived till 1860, when he came to Daviess County and bought a farm of 200 acres of Wm. Martin, near Yellow Creek, paying
$7,000 for it. He lived on it four years and then sold it to Milton Boulware for $7,300 and bought 255 acres on the California road for $5,000. He sold that to William Clark for $7,650. In 1876 he bought his present residence of forty-two acres, a mile south of Owensboro. He was married Feb. 1, 1828, to Nancy Worthington, a native of Casey County, Ky., born Feb. 3, 1810. She died in 1875, leaving seven children. Mr. Carico then married Mrs. Rebecca A. Worthington, a native of Green County, Ky., born Jan. 16, 1840. She has one son--Urban
Worthington. Mr. and Mrs. Carico are members of the Catholic church.



[NS107771] Harold Sedwick was a descendant of George F. Sedwick's oldest sibling, Thomas Benjamin Sedwick.
Images and extracted data available at, provided by Stephen R Schal.l

[NS107773] In Year 2000, in possession of Mrs. Alice Jean Bane (the former Mrs. Harold Sedwick) of Sedwick's Mills, Allegheny Twp., Butler Co., PA..

[NS134503] In 2000, in possession of great-granddaughter, Mrs. R.B. (Joyce) Sedwick Shannon of Kittanning, Pennsylvania

[NS59121] Spelman Genealogy: The English Ancestry and American Descendants of Richard Spelman of Middletown, Connecticut 1700

[NS59123] online at

[NS104143] Vols 1 and 4 online at

S. Sollers, Clerk
Office of Clerk of the Circuit Court for Calvert County , Frederic
Sept 25 1877
to Thomas S Sedgwick Esq.

Dear Sir:
Yours of the 20th isn't at hand. The name of Sedgwick occurs very frequently in our old records. A Thomas Sedwick is mentioned between the years of 1658 and 1672. Descendants of the old Sedwick are still Living in our County.

Of Rev George Cook Sedgwick, who was born in Calvert Maryland, Nov 3 1785

Thomas Manning and Mary Ann Cook were joined in marriage by Rev. G Cook, July 18 1755
Joshua Sedgwick and Joshan Manning were joined in Marriage by the Rev Francis Lauder, Feb 10 1744. All are of the Episcopal Church in which all were raised.

George Cook Sedgwick was the third son, His great grand sire of the father's side was a minister of the Church of England and a native of Scotland. In 1791 his father, Joshua S. moved from Calvert Co to Frederick Co Five miles south of Frederick City, where he died leaving a widow and five children, Thomas, Benjamin, George and William and a daughter name not known. Georg's grandfather being wealthy died without a will and under the old English law the Elder of the two got the Properity, (that's all there is on this sheet)

I will do a further search to see if there is more information in the records pertaining to your request.

respectively yours,
S. Sollers. clerk.

[NS32661] Full title: History and Genealogy of the Cock-Cocks-Cox Family Descended from James and Sarah Cock of Killingsworth-upon-Matinecock, in the Township of Oysterbay in Long Island, New York

[NS32663] online at

[NS61991] Transcribed October 1998 by James R Hindman for the Armstrong County Beers Project
Published 1998 by the Armstrong County Pennsylvania Genealogy Project


[NS151071] Two page typewritten manuscript. In possession of Ruth Sedgwick DeBevoise, scanned by Nola Rogers and available at


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