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[S12712] Newspaper Obituary

[S13159] Marriage record of Geneva Sedgwick and John Gilmore

[S39917] E-mail message from Philip Deely

[S05356] Vital Records of Tyringham Massachusetts, to the year 1850, Tyringham Births to the year 1850

[S39910] E-mail message from Millard James Younkers, III

[S17846] Barbour Collection of Vital Records

[S11599] New England Historical and Genealogical Register

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[S22091] Town Records: Hartford Connecticut

[S02471] Family Record - The Descendants of Gordon Sedgwick

[S05371] Church Records, West Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut Congregational Church

[S17858] GenForum Genealogy Forums

[S13175] Rootsweb Archive

[S22322] Bible of Abraham and Asher Sedgwick

[S06708] Family Tree File of Richard C Dunning

[S19871] Unknown source

[S13182] E-mail message from Debby Lynne (Tapley) Pauley-Amacher, daughter of Joan Segwick (1931)

[S33253] Descendant or family member of this person

[S17866] Goodwins of Hartford Connecticut, The

[S11624] Wisconsin, Waupaca County Register of Deeds

[S21659] E-mail message from Jim & Charlene Proper

[S01590] History of Dakota Territory Vol. V

[S13184] Marriage record of Kathryn C Sedgwcik and Henry Wiliam Arnold

[S01593] A Sedgwick Genealogy - Descendants of Deacon Benjamin Sedgwick

[S04492] E-mail messages from Lorri Ann Arnold (Molnar?)

[S39504] History of Ancient Windsor

[S39949] Obituary, newspaper or other periodical

[S02489] Palmer Massachusetts Marriage Index 1843 - 1910

[S24344] Steele Family

[S05390] Vital Records of Tyringham Massachusetts, to the year 1850, Tyringham Deaths to the year 1850

[S12303] DAR Lineage Books

[S31260] Noble Genealogy

[S17881] Tombstone Inscriptions at South Belchertown Massachusetts

[S01603] E-mail message from Judith Burritt

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[S04498] Boyden, Thomas, and His Descendants

[S22117] Town Records: Westfield Massachusetts

[S13203] Marriage records, DuPage County Illinois

[S21232] Portrait Biographical Album of Peoria County, Illinois

[S21902] E-mail message from Diana L Pfeiffer

[S33047] Michigan Sanilac County Vital Records

[S21235] Howland Genealogy prepared by Jonathan Sedgwick Howland

[S22128] Loomis, Descendants of Joseph in America

[S39743] Life of Captain Stewart Dean : a character of the American revolution

[S39942] Newspaper Article

[S01615] Notes from Sophia Pallen

[S19902] E-mail message from Jennifer Kulas

[S05406] Palmer Births To the year 1850

[S33953] Cemetery Records

[S02510] Military Pension Records

[S04965] A History of the Descendants of the Comstock Family in America

[S22583] Letter, Donald Lines Jacobus to Hubert M Sedgwick, June 3, 1943

[S12326] Landmarks of Rensselaer County, New York

[S39975] Personal Knowledge of Theodore Sedgwick

[S33736] Michigan Genealogical Death Indexing System

[S39960] Personal knowledge of Laura Ladds (James) Fallon

[S02518] Genealogical Notes - Goodwin

[S39944] North Carolina Death Records 1988-1992

[S23259] Cemetery Records at

[S17908] The Life and Times of Samuel Gordon

[S39955] Online Message Forum

[S39980] Pioneer History of Clarksfield

[S39970] Personal knowledge of Theodore Barassi

[S39957] Personal knowledge of descendant

[S10332] Memorial and Biographical Record ... of South Dakota

[S05427] Seymour Family, The

[S17692] Farmington, Hartford, Connecticut Town Records

[S12342] Marriage Certificate

[S60064] SedgwickBenjamin1716.FTW

[S35980] Will

[S12345] Death Certificate

[S21486] Stanley Families of America

[S29072] Sons and Daughters of the Pilgrims

[S17918] Published Genealogy

[S25050] E-mail messages from Theresa Ann (Schindler) Loomis

[S04981] Genealogical Register of Early Palmer Families

[S33538] Probate Records

[S22169] Descendants of Jerome Gregory

[S40009] Social Security Death Index

[S23509] Church Records

[S31315] Wyoming County, New York, History of

[S02549] Connecticut Marriages to 1800

[S23511] DAR: Bible, Church & Cemetery Records, Oneida, New York

[S21281] An Account of the Descendants of Thomas Orton of Windsor, Connecticut, 1641

[S17716] Query posting by Phoebe Roquemore

[S22171] New England Families Genealogical and Memorial

[S40014] Tuolumne County California, A History of

[S35336] History of the State of Nebraska

[S40012] Tombstone

[S02780] Bible of George Adams

[S17719] Iowa Marriages, 1851-1900

[S02559] National Genealogical Society Quarterly

[S27981] E-mail message from Cody Pfansteil

[S29097] Kelloggs in the Old World and the New Vol I

[S39804] A Sedgwick Genealogy: Descendants of Deacon Benjamin Sedgwick

[S39142] Database

[S04580] Genealogy Report - Descendants of Ezekiel Buck

[S02798] Notes from Grace Lovina Adams

[S03022] 1880 Census Pentwater, MI

[S04584] Sacketts of America Their Ancestors and Descendants 1630-1907, The

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[S11723] Encyclopedia Britannica Online

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[S13064] Death record of Mollie Fae Culbertson Sedgwick

[S13066] The American Ancestors of William R Benham (1823-1907) ...

[S13067] E-mail message from Teri Chisolm

[S13069] E-mail message from Sedgwick Cookerly Rogers

[S23552] E-mail messages from Marbeth Sedgwick Powell

[S23553] John Hopkins of Cambridge, Mass, 1634 and Some of His Descendants

[S39832] American Civil War Research and Genealogy Database

[S31360] Obituary

[S13967] John Lee and His Descendants

[S17537] Church Records, New Hartford First Congregational Church

[S39839] database

[S02154] Vital Records of Tyringham Massachusetts, to the year 1850, Tyringham Marriages to the year 1850

[S39842] Cemetery Records

[S02602] Social Security Death Records - Family Tree Maker CD #110

[S22226] Tombstone Inscription

[S39844] Census Records

[S40068] Website of Helen Currie, descendant of Elias Boudinot and Harriet Ruggles Gold

[S39846] Connecticut Death Index,

[S05283] History of the Town of Palmer Massachusetts

[S32713] Town Records

[S21786] Grant Family, The

[S03056] American Civil War Research and Genealogy Database

[S05286] Chandler Family Home Page, The

[S39850] Daughters of the American Revolution Lineage Books

[S17777] Year Book of IL Society of Sons of Am. Rev.

[S02168] Illinois Statewide Death Index, 1916 - 1950

[S39854] Descendant, researcher or family member of this person

[S28930] The Genealogical History of Dover, Massachusetts

[S21794] E-mail message from Trilby A Sedgwick

[S39858] Edie: American Girl

[S35605] Newspaper

[S17785] E-mail message from Emily A Sedgwick

[S13326] Census Records

[S37410] Families of Early Hartford, Connecticut

[S17788] Tombstone Inscriptions at Athol Massachusetts - Sedgwick / Squires

[S11765] E-mail message from Karen Sedgwick (4144194)

[S39867] Eero Saarinen: Architect With a Vision

[S34293] Email message from Theodore Barassi

[S17792] E-mail message from Donna Haley

[S33179] Colonial Families of the United States of America

[S05305] History of the State of Kansas

[S10659] New Haven Colony Historical Society Sedgwick Family Collection

[S13335] King Genealogy and its branches, The

[S03748] Westfield, Massachusetts records prior to 1700

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[S21591] Colonial and Revolutionary Families of Pennsylvania, Volumes I-III

[S34303] History of the Counties of Woodbury and Plymouth, Iowa

[S34310] E-mail messages from Theresa Loomis

[S13126] E-mail message from Roberta Fosselman Wienke

[S13350] Lee Family Records

[S39888] E-mail message from Helen Currie, descendant of Elias Boudinot and Harriet Ruggles Gold

[S39885] E-mail message from Francis Barassi

[S22491] International Genealogical Index (R)

[S11792] Church Records, New Haven Second Church, West Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut

[S04881] E-mail message from Laurie Unknown

[S01983] Tombstone Inscriptions of Lowell Cemetery, Oneida County, New York

[S39003] E-mail message from Douglass Alfred Sedgwick

[S02432] Bible of Abraham Sedgwick (1721 - 1797)

[S05331] Social Security Death Index at

[S29639] Harwood A Genealogical History of the Concord Harwoods

[S34322] E-mail message from Sherri (Hidecker) Minozzi

[S06673] Direct communication with this person.

[S23845] LDS User Submitted Records

[S11804] Bible of Isabel Sedgwick and her brother William Sedgwick, transcriptions from

[S35443] Genealogies of Connecticut Families

[S25632] Lyman: Genealogy of the Lyman Family in Great Britain and America


[S30989] Connecticut Probate Records, A Digest of the Early

[S17832] Churchill Family in America

[S33220] E-mail message from Sybil Viehweg

[S24079] Database

[S10923] Church Records, Coxsackie, Greene Co. (New York) Reformed Church Baptisms, 1738-1800

[S24526] E-mail message from Mildred Boroff and Carolyn Loughborough

[S01559] A Genealogy of the Sedgwick Family in America Since 1635

[S23636] Brewster Genealogy 1566-1907 vol 2


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