[NI0001] Zofia on Birth Cert.

$ given for christmas

[NI0002] All the Palbarch boys except Raymond changed their last name to PALLEN.

[NI0003] Mattie on birth certificate, Mitilda Francis per Baptism Record.

On notes written by Sophia (Omernik) Pallen, in possession of Dennis Sedgwick in 1998, birthplace of Mattie is Polonia, but on Mattie's birth certificate, also in Dennis's possessiion, it is show as Sharon Township, and spaces for village or city are blank.

Birth Record Form looks like this:

County of _____________ with Portage written in
Township of ___________ with Sharon written in
Village of _____________ blank
City of ________________ blank

[NI0006] Sandra previously married John J Olson
Sandra's name on marriage certificate for this marriage was Sandra Lynn Olson
Sandra and John Olson had a daughter, Heather Renee Olson
Heather Renee Olson adopted by Dennis 1971 at Charleston, SC

[NI0009] All the Palbarch boys except Raymond changed their last name to PALLEN.

[NI0015] All the Palbarch boys except Raymond changed their last name to PALLEN.

[NI0018] All the Palbarch boys except Raymond changed their last name to PALLEN.

[NI0020] All the Palbarch boys except Raymond changed their last name to PALLEN.

[NI0021] All the Palbarch boys except Raymond changed their last name to PALLEN.

[NI0030] Daniel and Donald are twins.

[NI0031] Daniel and Donald are twins.

[NI0032] Darren and Darla are twins.

[NI0033] Darren and Darla are twins.

[NI0035] Kathy previously married Grant Eugene Turnner
Kathy's name on marriage certificate for this marriage was Kathy Lee Turner
Kathy and Grant Turner had three sons, Scott, Patrick William and Adam Charles
All three sons adopted by Dennis about 1983 at Riverside, California

[NI0043] Never married.

[NI0056] Elizabeth was apparently married to a Mr North before she married Stephen Sedgwick. The Farmington record apparently lists the marriage as to Elizabeth North. (1934 Manuscript page 104.)

[NI0057] Joseph Harris was killed by Indians in August 1721 according to a monument for him at the graveyard in Litchfield, his gravestone, but a searach at reveals this: "August 1721 [mistake for 1723, as in Dec. 1722, he was elected collector]"

[NI0060] Died as a result of childbirth.

[NI0062] Only one child.

[NI0063] At one time he was "manager of Pequiog Furs, Inc., his father's silver fox farm." -NHCHS MSS b46 Box 11 Folder E.

[NI0069] Bessie Annis (Colburn) Sedgwick died in a nursing home in Milwaukee per letter from son Kenneth Gilmore Sedgwick. He couldn't remember name of home.

[NI0071] Hazel living in Pendleton Oregon, 1971

[NI0072] The family moved from Athol, Massachusetts to Madison, Wisconsin in 1906, then to Milwaukee a year later. Myrtha would then have died after the move to Milwaukee in 1907.

[NI0076] Emma married Colburn, then Jaquette (sp?), then Hall. She is buried in the Sedgwick family plot at Valhalla Cemetery, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, presumably as Emma Hall.
In the 1880 census, the Colburns are sharing a house with H C Hall and family. Is it possible that this is the Mr Hall she eventually married?

[NI0090] No children

[NI0098] Buried at Old Palmer Center Cemetery, Palmer, Hampden, Massachusetts, with wife Sally, wife Alice and 4 infant children.
Inscription: MARTIN SEDGWICK DIED June 9, 1853, AE 79.

[NI0099] Buried at Old Palmer Center Cemetery, Palmer, Hampden, Massachusetts, with husband Martin his 2nd wife Alice and 4 infant children.
Name appears as Salla on some records.

[NI0100] At Old Palmer Center Cemetery, Palmer, Hampden, Massachusetts, small stone behind graves of Martin, Sally and Alice, which has deteriorated and is unreadable.
It must be Philo, as it is next to the stones of the other three children who died in infancy.

[NI0101] At Old Palmer Center Cemetery, Palmer, Hampden, Massachusetts, small stone behind graves of Martin, Sally and Alice, marked "AS"

[NI0102] No children

[NI0103] No children

[NI0107] At Old Palmer Center Cemetery, Palmer, Hampden, Massachusetts, small stone behind graves of Martin, Sally and Alice, marked "MS"

[NI0108] At Old Palmer Center Cemetery, Palmer, Hampden, Massachusetts, small stone behind graves of Martin, Sally and Alice, marked "SS"

[NI0110] Buried at Old Palmer Center Cemetery, Palmer, Hampden, Massachusetts, with wife Hannah.
Inscription: G. S. DEA GORDON SEDGWICK DIED Jan 15, 1838 AE. 90 Yrs.
First Church, Westfield Massachusetts "Gordon Sedgwick and wife Hannah owned the covenant, June21, 1772"
and "dismissed to Chrch at Becket, Mass., Sept. 10, 1786."

[NI0111] Buried at Old Palmer Center Cemetery, Palmer, Hampden, Massachusetts, with husband Gordon.
Inscription: H. S. Widow HANNAH SEDGWICK DIED May 5 , 1838 AE. 83 Yrs.

[NI0115] Her descendants live in Cazenovia New York. Both Francis M Sedgwick and Hubert M Sedgwick later agreed, even though Hubert initially said in "Family Record: The Descendants of Gordon Sedgwick," that Betsey had no descendants. He corrected that in his Supplement 1. Moses Barrett appears in Cazenovia New York in the 1820, 1830 and 1840 census index.

[NI0117] No children

[NI0119] Martha was second wife of Amasa Barrett. They had n children. Amasa Barrett Jr was son of Amasa by his first wife. In the 1850 census AMasa Jr and his wife Rebecca are with Amasa Sr and Martha. In the 1860 and 1870 census Martha, now a widow, is living with Amasa Jr and Rebecca.

[NI0126] Deborah Higgins is supposed to be a descendant of Thomas Rogers of the Mayflower and his son Joseph.
We don't have the source documentation to prove it.
See for more information.

[NI0128] Deborah Sedgwick (413) who married Jonathan Sedgwick (214) was the daughter of Samuel (41), the son of Joseph (4) the son of Samuel Sedgwick and Mary Hopkins.

[NI0129] Samuel Served as a Captain of the Armory during the Revolutionary War, and several of his descendants have been members of the Daughters of the American Revolution. A transcript of an official certification of his service can be found on page 60 of the manuscript "A Genealogy of the Sedgwick Family in America since 1635"

[NI0130] Never married

[NI0150] Goodwin in his "Genealogical Notes" shows another child - 14 William, born June 29, 1707.
George Sedgwick concluded that Goodwin was in error, that this William was in fact the same William (21) son of Jonathan 2. See "A Genealogy of the Sedgwick Family in America since 1635" page 5. and New Haven Colony Historical Society Sedgwick Collection MSS-B46 Box 6 Folder D sheet 5, both available at

[NI0154] Samuel definitely died in December 25, 1724, not on Dec 16, 1725 as shown on his gravestone. Read these extracted probate records:
A DIGEST OF THE EARLY CONNECTICUT PROBATE RECORDS, 1723 to 1729. Database: Hartford, Connecticut Probate Records, 1700-1729
Page 88-89 Name: Samuel Sedgwick, Jr. Location: Hartford
He died 25 December, 1724. Inventory taken by Simon Smith and Abram Merrells.
Court Record, Page 63--5 January, 1724-5: Adms. to Ruth Sedgwick, widow, and Capt. Samuel Sedgwick, father of sd. decd.
Page 71--2 March, 1724-5: Exhibited inventory.
Page 147--7 March, 1726-7: Ruth Sedgwick to be guardian to her children, viz., Ruth, age 16 years, Mary and Jerusha (twins), age 13, Daniel 8, and Thankful 5 years of age. Recog., 200.
Page 170--5 December, 1727: Dist. now exhibited and accepted. Adms. granted a Quietus Est.
Page 103 (Vol. XI) 5 February, 1733-4: Daniel Sedgwick, son of Samuel Sedgwick, chose his grandfather Samuel Sedgwick to be his guardian. Recog., 100.

[NI0155] William became a member of the Ancient and Honorable Artillery in Boston in 1666.

[NI0156] All five children were still alive, at least to Robert's knowledge, on November 5, 1655, when he mentioned his wife and 5 children in a letter to "your highness"

Robert's sister Sarah Sedgwick married Leverett, later the governor of Massachusetts. Many, including Goodwin in his Genealogical Notes, have erroneously claimed she was daughter of Robert, but Governor Leverett's entry in his family Bible states "9th September 1647 marryed Sarah, daughter to Elizabeth Sedgwick the widow of William Sedgwicke, married at Louisham in Kent at the home of her brother Mr Robert Houghton." A reproduction in heliotype of the original entries in Governor Leverett's handwriting appeared in the privately published (1897) "Ancestry of Descendants of Richard Saltonstall", opposite page 150. Noted in NHCHS MSS-B46 Box 6 Folder B sheet 17.

[NI0159] Samuel returned to England, where he became a cloth weaver.
There was a report of another child, Sarah, supposedly mentioned in the will of her mother Elizabeth (Harwood) (Sedgwick) Wesendunck, August 21, 1718. However, when the will was found, we did not see her there.

[NI0161] Robert was a member of the Ancient and Honorable Artillery.
He died on a voyage to Jamacia in 1683.

[NI0162] Two records for him exist in the "Gene Pool Individual Records" at On shows birth Hartford, Connecticut, the other Johnstown, Montgomery, New York.

[NI0164] Baptized July 30 1602 at All Saints Church, Hertford, England

[NI0167] Married and buried at Saint Mary's Church, Woburn, Bedfordshire, England

[NI0170] Matriculated Pembroke College, Oxford, Dec 2, 1625, BA 1628, Massachusetts 1631, incorporated at Cambridge University 1635. R. of Farnham, Essex, 1634-44, Chaplain to the regiment of Sir William Constable, 1642, Chief preacher in Ely, Cambs., 16744-60, Known as Doomesday Sedgwick. ( Cambridge University Alimni, 1261-1900)

[NI0199] Albett and Victoria came form Europe in 1858, lived in Canada for several years and moved to Sharon Township, Portage County, Wisconsin in 1866.
There farm was 200 acres. Albett was ninety-six years old when he died in 1910. Victoria died in 1917 at age 94.

[NI0202] Name may be Pelowska or Petowski

[NI0212] John Hopkins was one of the first settlers of Hartford Connecticut

[NI0227] Mary Hopkins was the daughter of Joseph Hopkins, the brother of Stephen's mother Mary. She m1 Joseph Harris, m2 Stephen Sedgwick.

[NI0234] According to the Orton book, he and Elizabeth were the first white settlers of Cornwall, Connecticut.

[NI0237] Wrote to George Sedgwick May 2, 1852. There is a note that he lived to be about 102 years old.

[NI0241] During the Civil War he was captured and held at Tyler, Texas for two years, escaped and rejoined his unit.

[NI0260] Adam Omernik died at birth, about 1896 or 1897 (third child)

[NI0268] According to her grandson, Kenneth G Sedgwick, Jr. Mary Luella Miller was a full blooded Ottowa Indian who stayed with the Millers and worked around the house, and eventually took their name.

[NI0272] Ella A Mcwayne's family belileved to be Presbyterian

[NI0277] At census time in 1880, Christopher and Mary B were living with son Peter H at Pentwater, Oceana, MI, as were Katie (Catherine), Mary and George, ages 20, 16 and 13. In that census, both Christopher and Mary B listed their place of birth as Germany, but Christopher's immigration and naturalization record show him as from France. Christopher is listed as dying at Rosiere and being buried at the Fraley Lot in RosiereCemetery (dau Julia m. Peter Fraley). He must have returned to New York to live with his eldest daughter in his old age.

[NI0289] Peter operated a tugboat at Pentwater, MI

[NI0303] His obituary in the ROMAN CITIZEN newspaper, Rome, Oneida County, New York, Friday, May 12, 1865: SEDGWICK - In Hospital, at Braser City, near New Orleans, on the first day of April, 1865, of congestive fever, WILLIAM W. SEDGWICK, member of the 25th N.Y. Artillery, and son of Theron Sedgwick of Verona, Oneida County, NY, aged 27 years. Online at US Genweb Project,

I found this record for the Chalmette National Cemetery New Orleans LA
SEC/GRAVE: 19/543
This is certainly him. Was he actually buried in New Orleans, and the marker at Lowell Cemetery simply a memorial? Note, however, that the death date does not match either the grave or the newspaper report.

[NI0308] One of the genealogists (probably Charles Frederick Sedgwick) had contact with this family in 1896. They were living in Elgin, Illinois, Mable, Elsie and Edna were all young adults and still lived with their parents. Mabel was a teacher; Edna a stenographer.

[NI0319] Westell visited George Sedgwick in Chicago March 2, 1854. Said he was unmarried, but a search at World Tree has a Westle W Sedgwick that has to be him married in 1848 to Sarah Ann Toombs, wih six children eventually. I have attempted to contact the author by e-mail. -DGS, June 10, 1999.

[NI0320] No children.

[NI0328] Living in Waukesha, Wisconsin 1971

[NI0333] Living in Milwaukee 1971

[NI0339] Sedgwick Genealogy 1971 "She lives in Pendleton, OR"

[NI0345] Live in Baker OR, 1971

[NI0349] 1971-They live in Anaheim, California

[NI0357] 1971- Living in Sheboygan, MI

[NI0363] 1971 - They live at Westlock, Alberta, Canada

[NI0370] 9171 - They live in St Paul,, Minnesota

[NI0374] 1971 - They live at Stillwater,, Minnesota

[NI0379] 1971 - They live in Milwaukee

[NI0381] 1971 - They live in Ames, Story, Iowa

[NI0384] 1971 - They live at Glenbeulah, Wisconsin

[NI0409] They had one daughter who died in infancy.

[NI0417] No children.

[NI0427] HIRAM SEDGWICK, retired farmer, P. O. Waterford, was born in Rensselaer Co., N. Y., July 16, 1808; eldest son of Aaron and Betsy Sedgwick, former a native of Massachusetts and brother of Louis Sedgwick, whose biography appears in this work. Our subject came to Erie Co. with his parents in 1825; he married Jan. 28, 1830, Miss Julia A. eighth child of Benjamin Grant, a native of Connecticut, who came to Erie Co. in 1800, with his wife and three children; he worked at an early day at blacksmithing and reared a family of ten children, five now living; he served one term as Poor Director. Two of his sons, Benjamin and William C. were soldiers in the war of 1812; he died in 1849, aged eighty years. Seven children were born to this union, five now living, viz.: Solyman, who received an honorable discharge after serving nine months in the Army of the Potomac, during the late war; Almena, wife of Hardin Marsh; Bertram, Louisa, Effie; Arthur died in his eighteenth year. Mr. and Mrs. Sedgwick are among the landmarks of the county, having lived together more than fifty years. The latter has been for over ten years an invalid. The former spends many hours of his old age fishing, a recreation he is very fond of; he is the owner of his father's homestead, consisting of 108 acres of well-improved land.
Source: Samuel P. Bates, History of Erie County, Pennsylvania, (Warner, Beers & Co.: Chicago, 1884), Part VI, Township Biographies, Waterford Township, pp. 228-229. Transcribed and posted at Erie County Pennsylvania board by Gaylene Kerr Banister

[NI0438] Clarissa Grant France living 1805 in Erie, PA had one child.

[NI0439] Christopher France's ancestry is enumerated in Judy Rea's report "Ancestors of Virginia Harriett France". Access her website at or look for a current link at

[NI0441] Living in Montana 1805

[NI0442] Living in Missoula, Missoula, Montana 1905.

[NI0443] Living in Woodworth, Wisconsin 1805

[NI0444] Living in Waterford, PA 1905

[NI0445] They had no children

[NI0451] Living in Ada, Montana 1905.
Obtained parcels of land in Blaine County Montana:
BLM Records at
12/1/1908 DOCID 31861 CASH CASH PATENT
SEDGWICK CASSIUS M 030 N 018 E 006 200
SEDGWICK CASSIUS M 030 N 018 E 007 120

[NI0452] Livng in Northeast PA 1905. 5 Children

[NI0455] Living 1905 in Clintonville, Wisconsin

[NI0456] Living 1905 in Missoula, Missoula, Montana

[NI0461] 4 children names unknown

[NI0463] 2 Children

[NI0465] 2 Children

[NI0467] 2 children.

[NI0469] 5 children

[NI0471] 4 children

[NI0475] Living 1905 in Erie PA

[NI0481] 3 children.

[NI0483] Listed in Erie Pennsylvania City Directory as follows:
1889 Erie County Jail warden 143 w 5th (apparently home address)
1889 deputy sheriff (same address listed all 5 occurances)
1891 deputy sheriff
1891 mail carrier
1893 mail carrier
Why two listings in 1889 and 1891?
Did he also have a son by the same name?
There is also:
Mary Sedgwick servant 446 w 6th (apparently work address)
is this a daughter?

[NI0486] from ancestry world tree:

Leon Sedgwick d 1 Feb 1905
m Lura Hanks b 17 Mar 1879 d 9 Apr 1925
b Memory Garden, Woodlawn Cemetary, Bremerton, Washington
dau Amos Warren Hanks & Sarah Elizabeth Brink
she m2 Laurence S Barrett

Submitter kenn@adelphia.nett

[NI0488] No Children.

[NI0489] 2 children.

[NI0493] 3 children.

[NI0495] Living 1905 in "Dewillville" NY (Is this supposed to be Dewitt?) One child.

[NI0497] Joseph Snelling & Sarah Sedgwick were married by Rev. Cotton Mather June 8, 1693. I wonder if it was this Sarah, widow of Robert Sedgwick, or perhaps their daughter Sarah, who was not yet 16 at the time.
BOSTON BIRTHS, BAPTISMS, MARRIAGES, AND DEATHS, 1630-1699 page 210, part of Database Boston Vital Records, 1630-99.

[NI0515] Had ten children.

[NI0531] William "Hung himself in ye barn." (West Hartford Church Record, copied from NHCHS Sedgwick Collection Box 7 Folder P Page 2)

It is important to note that there are two William Sedgwicks listed by Goodwin. He lists on page 183 William the son of Samuel Sedgwick and Mary Hopkins, who married Miriam (Webster) Hopkins. He lists on page 180 William their grandson, son of their son Jonathan Sedgwick and Isabel Stebbins. They are both the same person, the son of Jonathan and Isabel.
Several statements of close descendants are cited in "A Genealogy of the Sedgwick Family in America since 1635" pages 6 and 7, online at The most definitive proof, however, is the Bible that William apparently obtained from his sister Isabel. Here is a transcription of a document at the New Haven Colony Historical Society MSS-B46 Box 67 Folder M, written by Hubert Merrill Sedgwick:
"Frederick J Sedgwick says in his Family History: "That the two William Sedgwicks (referring to Goodwin's Notes) are the same person is indicated by the following taken from a book with this inscription:
"‘Isabel Sedgwick, her Bible from her father, Jonathan Sedgwick, 1756' The record commences with : ‘The names and ages of Jonathan Sedgwick's and Ezbell Sedgwick's children, which God have given them."
"This Bible seems to have passed from Isabel to William (21) as a record of his marriage, May 8 1740, and is followed by an entry by him as follows: ‘Elizabeth Sedgwick my wife died July 5, 1759.' This is followed by a record of the births of the children of William and his first wife, Elizabeth, then a record of his second marriage: ‘William Sedgwick and Miriam his wife married May 14, 1761.' This is followed by a record of the births of the children of William and Miriam...."
The document is accompanied by a transcription from the Bible which lists the children that Goodwin attributes on Page 180 to William and Elizabeth Brace, and also lists the children that he attributes on page 183 and 184 to (the other) William and Miriam Hopkins. This transcription, then is the official source of the birth dates of the children of William by both wives, except that no date appears for Miles.
The transcription also provides marriage dataes for Elizabeth and William Stevens, Rhoda and Elisha Seymour, Isabel and Chauncey Seymour, and Sarah anf George Bidwell.

[NI0547] Find the evidence on all these husbands. Information came from two sources: NHCHS MSS B46 Box 7 Folder M and personal knowledge of Rose Marie Ullman, a Kneeland descendant.
Daughters of the American Revolution Lineage Books
The National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution Volume 38
page 146
Miss Adele Kneeland.
DAR ID Number: 36417
Born in Hartford, Connecticut.
Descendant of Ebenezer Kneeland, Jr., and of Lieut. Col. Isaac Stoutenburgh.
Daughter of Charles Kneeland (1830-66) and Louise Taintor (1832-90), his wife.
Granddaughter of Charles Kneeland (1808-81) and Joanna Hone (1811-37), his wife, m. 1829.
Gr.-granddaughter of Henry Kneeland (1779-1837) and Anne Taylor (1777-1823), his wife, m. 1803; Philip J. Hone and Anna Hazard (1786-1823), his wife, m. 1809.
Gr.-gr.-granddaughter of Ebenezer Kneeland, Jr., and Elizabeth (Sedgwick) Taylor (1741-1802), his wife, m. 1776; John Hone (1764-1832) and Joanna Stoutenburgh (1765-1838), his wife, m. 1786.
Gr.-gr.-gr.-granddaughter of Ebenezer Kneeland and Sarah Rowley, his wife; Isaac Stoutenburgh and Elizabeth Will, his wife, m. 1761.
Ebenezer Kneeland, Jr., (1756-86), served as private in the militia, 1777. He was born in Hebron; died in Hartford, Conn.
Isaac Stoutenburgh, (1738-99), was a delegate to the first and second Provincial Congresses and served as lieutenant colonel of New York Levies.
Also Nos. 29582, 35425.

[NI0559] "Webster genealogy says that Isabel had a twin brother, David, born October 5, 1765," who must have died before October 20, when Isabel was baptised. -NHCHS MSS B46 Box 7 Folder M

[NI0560] Some records show that this Sarah married Georg Bidwell, but I am sure she's the Sally Sedwick who Married James Benham. See "Which Sarah Sedgwick married George Bidwell?" in the Miscellanea section at

[NI0565] Anna Steele's ancestry is documented in the book Steele Family, by Daniel Steele Durrie, Call Number: CS71.S812, available online at

[NI0584] "... had several children." - 1934 Manuscript
Elmer, Avelyn Sedgwick, b. 1823, d. 1903 bu East Bergen Cemetery, Genesee County, New York

[NI0592] Henry W Sedgwick "was an invalid, and in 1861 was living with his father in Wisconsin" - 1934 Manuscript

[NI0593] " had a family of children " - 1934 Manuscript

[NI0596] "did not marry but lived with her father" - 1934 Manuscript

[NI0600] No children.

[NI0603] George Sedgwick visited Levi in West Hartford Connecticut June 10 1860. -1934 Manuscript

[NI0615] "He is said tto have been named after an uncle or great uncle Col Amasa Parker." -1934 Manuscript

[NI0666] James Clark Stoddard died from an injury while felling a tree. (1934 Manuscript)

[NI0684] "He became a railroad switchman and was killed in the railroad yards at Kent Ohio ..." -1934 Manuscript

This has to be the family of Thomas and Fanny Frances:
1880 Census Ohio, Cuyahoga, Cleveland, Film T9-1009 page 332B
FRANCES Thomas A Son M S W 24 PA WALES WALES Works In Roll Mill
FRANCES Augustus H Son M S W 21 OH WALES WALES Works In Roll Mill

[NI0699] This has to be the family of Thomas and Fanny Frances:
1880 Census Ohio, Cuyahoga, Cleveland, Film T9-1009 page 332B
FRANCES Thomas A Son M S W 24 PA WALES WALES Works In Roll Mill
FRANCES Augustus H Son M S W 21 OH WALES WALES Works In Roll Mill

[NI0701] At the 1910 census, Widow Grace M Sedgwick was living with her parents James C and Ida M Black at Bath, Summit, Ohio.

[NI0704] Known by his adopted name, of course.

[NI0710] A photo of 21B4247 Robert James Sedgwick is in the New Haven Coloy Historical Society Sedgwick Collection MSS-B46 Box 19 Folder A. He is in an Army uniform. Written on the back: "Age 32, 5ft 11in, 190 lb."

[NI0717] Never married

[NI0735] Killed "while in the employ of the Baltimore and Ohio R.R." Must have been a job-related accident, or it would probably not have been mentioned.

[NI0783] Died of Consumption according to 1850 death index. No children.

[NI0784] Had a store in Hartford Connecticut

[NI0790] There is a John W Sedgwick in the 1889/1890 directory of Muskegon Michigan, produce and commission.

The Sedgwick Memorial Medal
The Sedgwick Memorial Medal,awarded by APHA since 1929 for distinguished service and "advancement of public health knowledge and practice," was established in honor of the late Professor William Thompson Sedgwick, who was President of the APHA in 1915 and Head of the Department of Biology and Public Health at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology from 1883 to 1921. One of the highest honors bestowed by APHA, the Sedgwick Memorial Medal is a true accolade of the profession--the recognition by an individual's colleagues of outstanding accomplishments in the field. Recipients are selected by the APHA Awards Committee.

[NI0816] Notes May 1999 by Dennis Sedgwick,
We are very sure that Seth Sacket, #159 in the Weygant book, is the father of Hannah Sacket, wife of Gordon Sedgwick for these reasons:
The birth date of Hannah Sacket daughter of Seth Sacket matches the expected date. Hannah wife of Gordon Sedgwick died on 5 May 1838 age 83 according to her gravestone, which. I saw personally in 1998.
Seth's brother John #158 is listed as "of Westfield, so it is likely that Seth was , also.
It is likely that Seth Sacket is also the father of Grace Sacket, wife of Titus Sedgwick, and of Sarah Sacket, wife of Ebenezer Sedgwick. Seth's three daughters match the names of the three Sedgwick wives, They are in the right area at the right time. There are no other husbands listed for these daughters. Titus and Grace named their first son Seth Sacket Sedgwick.
Also, Judy Rea and her daughter found a family tree online that agreed with these conclusions. She is attempting to contact the originator.
The Weygant Sacket book is now online at:

[NI0851] "This John Sacket dropped the final 't' in signing his name and several generations of his descendants followed his example, but nearly all of his living descendants have resumed its use." - Sackets of America, Weygant pg 16

[NI0879] Abraham spelled his name "Abram" in his bible.

[NI0883] Thankful is assumed to have died before her father, Dec 3 1759 as she is not mentioned in his will. - 1934 Manuscript

[NI0885] According to Goodwin and FM Sedgwick this Ebenezer died in 1759, yet FM in 1934 manuscript lists son Abraham Whitney Sedgwick as born in 1770.

[NI0889] Wintonbury, Hatford, Connecticut was not a town, but a church parish in Hartford County consisting of parts of the towns of WINdsor, FarmingTON and SimsBURY, now Bloomfield, per one Frederick A Hesketh, posted at a Hartford County queries board.

According to database "Gene Pool Individual Records - Marriages", Thankful Sedgewick Cadwell married Allyn Whiting, 18 July 1800 at West Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut. Is this Thankful the widow or the daughter of Joseph Cadwell?

[NI0895] Is this a child of Wealthy Sedgwick and Ebenezer Belding?
Belden Family Genealogy Forum

Wealthy Belden 1744-1852 CT > NY
Posted by: Scott Fox
Date: April 04, 1999 at 12:00:09
176 of 467

Looking for info on Wealthy BELDEN, b. 1744 d. abt 1852 in Rochester, NY. She married David Frink in 1799 in Hartford, Connecticut.
Children include Pamela, Mary Tiffany, & Hannah Clark Frink.

Wealthana Sedgwick, daughter of Abraham and Abi, born January 11, 1755, Wintonbury, married Ebenezer Belding of Hartford,
January 2, 1774. Very possible that Wealthy Belden was a child of this union.

Look forward to hearing any info! Thanks.
Scott Fox (

[NI0900] It is possible that Amney was also known as Anna and married Christopher Hurlburt. Her father Abraham named in his will "Anna, the wife of Christopher Hurlburt."

[NI0904] Foound this list of children:
Descendants of William Fuller

was born September 4, 1778 in Litchfield, CT
She married CHAUNCY SEDGIVICH December 20, 1794

m1 BENJAMIN W. ADAMS, April 16, 1833
m2 LEWIS FOOTE, October 18, 1843
d. Plainville, CT
m. EDWARD F. ROCKWELL, September 16, 1841
m. GEORGE BURNHAM, March 18, 1832
b. January 7, 1797, Hartford, CT
b. July 19, 1799, Hartford, CT
b. March 13, 1803, Sandisfield, MA

[NI0910] It is likely that Elizabeth "Cheddell" was the daughter of one Elijah Cheadle,
resident of Montgomery County, New York and a Revolutionary War Pensioner. New York Pensioners, 1835
Elijah Cheadle, Private & corporal, Montgomery Co., $48.00/year, Connecticut militia, placed on the pension roll May 6, 1833, commencement of pension March 4, 1831
This Elijah Cheadle was apparently born May 17, 1762 at Ashford, Windham, Connecticut, died September 23, 1849,
son of Benjamin Cheadle (b. August 30, 1738) and Sarah Greenslet (b. abt 1738, Ashford, Windham, Connecticut),
who married 1792 Kingsborough, Montgomery, New York, Ann Wilson (b. 1773).
They had a son named Elijah Cheadle b. 1802, Kingsborough, Montgomery, New York.

[NI0914] Elijah and Arthur were twins.

[NI0917] Listed as Barney A Sedgwick and Barny Sedgwick in some military records.

[NI0934] Luna Cook was a descendant of Josiah Cook of the Mayflower. Her genealogy appears in "Genealogies of Mayflower Families, A-F, Joshua Cook (Josiah) of Eastham, Mass.," she is on page 534. Available at
Also at , Cook Family of Plymouth

[NI0936] These notes from the book The Brewster Genealogy 1566-1907 vol 2. Will add to the database when I get a chance.
viii MARY CORNELIA, b. June 5, 1839; m. at Ripon, Nov. 1, 1859, Henry Sedgwick, son of Thomas and Luna (Cook) Sedgwick of Lenox, b. there, May, 1830. A banker at Lenox. He served as treasurer and trustee of Lenox (Mass.) Academy. Chn., b. at Lenox:
1 Arthur Henry10 Sedgwick, b. Aug. 25, 1860; m. at Blue Earth City, Minn., Oct. 20, 1891, Clarissa L. Conrad.
2 Edward Church Sedgwick, b. June 25, 1862; m. at Williamsville, Mass., May 23, 1900, Florence A. Barnes.
3 Carrie Cornelia Sedgwick, b. Aug. 20, 1864.
4 Lida M. Sedgwick, b. Aug. 16, 1869; d. Nov. 25, 1877.
5 Manton Russell Sedgwick, b. Apr. 25, 1878.
6 Thomas Lewelleyn Sedgwick, b. Aug. 22, 1881.

[NI0937] "... have no children." - 1934 Manuscript pg 25

[NI0954] Francis and Hubert Sedgwick listed her as "Lewella," but in the 1930 census and in contemporary newspaper articles her name is always spelled "Luella."

[NI0970] More info about the descendants of Captain John Ensign and his wife Mary Sedgwick appears in the book "Record of the Descendants of James Ensign and His Wife Sarah Elson" online at I will extract it as soon as I get the time.

[NI0972] Mary Ensign was called Molly.

[NI0973] More info about the descendants of Elisha Ensign and his wife Elizabeth Sedgwick appears in the book "Record of the Descendants of James Ensign and His Wife Sarah Elson" online at I will extract it as soon as I get the time.

[NI0976] "She was the third daughter of Gen Caleb Hyde and Elizabeeth Sacket, of Lenox." -NHCHS MSS B46 Box 9 Folder K

[NI0977] All the vital records information about Caleb Hyde and his wife Elizabeth Sackett was copied without verification from a message posted at by Janice Mauldin Castleman

[NI0980] Drowned in a cistern.

[NI0983] Descendants as listed at
Descendants of Clement Miner for Ten Generations
Joyce Trotter genealogy@sengir.comm
(I will contact her when I get the time.)
8 Hannah Clark Frink b: 28 May 1808 d: 28 December 1885
..+ Theodore Sedgwick b: 06 July 1806 d: 09 April 1848
..9 Jane Sedgwick b: 28 March 1836 d: 04 March 1915
.. + William Tell Duvall b: 21 September 1817 d: 23 June 1894
....10 Katherine Hyde Duvall b: 31 July 1864 d: 08 April 1957
.... + George F. M. Walters b: Abt. 1860
......11 Katharine Burr Walters b: 19 June 1885 d: 02 January 1971
...... + Arthur James Ellinger b: Abt. 1880
......11 George Fenton Mercer Walters b: 11 December 1886 d: 03 April 1974
......11 William Haddaway Walters b: 06 June 1888 d: September 1906
......11 Robert Means Walters b: 01 July 1891
...... + Madoline Scott b: Abt. 1895
......11 Raymond Sedgwick Walters b: 01 July 1891 d: 04 April 1950
......11 Mary Jane Walters b: 21 January 1894 d: 07 March 1947
......11 Dorothy Duvall Walters b: 15 September 1903 d: Abt. 1977
...... + Eric Wendelin b: Abt. 1900
....10 Theodore Sedgwick Duvall b: Abt. 1865
.... + Ann Elizabeth Clagett b: 02 March 1871
......11 Elizabeth Sedgewick Duvall b: 31 March 1903
......11 John Clagett Duvall b: 23 February 1906
...... + Helen Smith b: Abt. 1910
....10 Mary Frink Duvall b: 21 July 1866 d: 16 August 1946
....10 Frederick William Duvall b: 07 September 1869 d: 11 November 1940
.... + Alice Jane Rhodes b: 04 February 1873 d: 03 March 1959
....10 Harry Gilbert Duvall b: 20 February 1871 d: 02 November 1936
.... + Margaret Green Rogers b: 10 December 1870 d: July 1941
....10 Charlotte Cowles Duvall b: 09 November 1874 d: 19 January 1944
....10 Grafton Tyler Duvall b: 09 February 1877 d: 26 October 1932
.... + Mary Menkeim b: Abt. 1880
..9 Maria W. Sedgwick b: Abt. 1837
.. +William Spaulding b: Abt. 1835
..9 Charlotte Sedgwick b: Abt. 1838
..+Haven Cowles b: Abt. 1835
..9 Katherine Sedgwick b: Abt. 1839
.. +Oliver L. Spaulding b: Abt. 1835
....10 Esther S. Spaulding b: Abt. 1865
.... + ??? Bazzett b: Abt. 1860

[NI0987] The genealogy of Philander Comstock is found in "A History of the Descendants of the Comstock Family in America", John Adams Comstock (1949).

[NI1016] In the Danville, Illinois Directory, 1889 at there are these two entries:
Henry Sedgwick, sewing machines and organs, Hoopestown, IL
R.H. Sedgwick, sewing machine agent, Hoopestown, IL

[NI1041] Either the birth date of Hester or that of Charles must be in error, they're only 6 months apart, but that's how they are shown in the 1934 Manuscript.

[NI1075] This is the Thomas Rogers of the Mayflower

[NI1077] These children born in Tyringham, source TYRINGHAM BIRTHS TO THE YEAR 1850:

Lucy, d. Ebenrzer and Naoma, Sept. 9, 1769. [Luce, C.R.]
Elijah, s. Ebenezer and Naoma, July 13, 1771.
Luce, d. Ebenezer, July 18, 1771. C.R.
Abigail, d. Eb[eneze]r and N[aoma], Sept. 20, 1773.
Naoma, d. Ebenezer and Naoma, Apr. 9 1775. [Naomi, Apr. 8, C.R.]
Ebenezer, s. Ebenezer and Naoma, June 2, 1777.
Marsey, d. Ebenezer and Naoma, June 13, 1779.
Samuel Sedgwick, s. Ebenezer and Naoma, Dec. 17, 1780.
Elijah, s. Ebenezer and Naoma, Mar. 10, 1781.
Deborah, d. Ebenezer and Naoma, May 26, 1783.
Sally, d. Ebenezer and Naoma, Apr. 9, 1785.
Betsey, d. Ebenezer and Naoma, Mar. 1, 1787.
Barney, s. Ebenezer and Naoma, June 11, 1791.
Fanny, d. Ebenezer and Naoma, Apr. 4, 1793.
Amasa, s. Ebenezer and Naoma, Apr. 3, 1795.

SPRING, Elijah, suddenly, June 28, 1762. C.R.
Elijah, s. Ebenezer and Naoma, Oct. 20, 1771. [Oct. 21, a. 3 m. 3 d., C.R.]

SPRING, Amos and Rebecca Judd, Dec. 29, 1774. C.R.
Ebenezer and Naomy Sedgwick, Feb. 27, 1769. C.R.
Hannah and John Herrick, Mar. 14, 1780. C.R.
Henry and Phebe Bently, Mar. 24, 1779. C.R.
Mercy and Ebenezer Chadwick, Oct. 31, 1771. C.R.
Naomi and John Curtis, Apr.__ [1792]. C.R.

[NI1088] This Grant family at

[NI1138] Collins Grant must be the William Collins Grant at
who married a Betsyey Sedgwick.

[NI1152] Obtained parcels of land in Blaine County Montana:
BLM Records at
10/29/1906 DOCID 552 CASH PATENT
SEDGWICK ELIZA 030 N 017 E 001 80
SEDGWICK ELIZA 030 N 018 E 006 36.5
SEDGWICK ELIZA 030 N 018 E 006 36.38
SEDGWICK ELIZA 030 N 018 E 006 36.26

[NI1154] Obtained the folowing parcels of land in Blaine County Montana:
BLM Records at
07/25/1913 DOCID 348229 CASH PATENT
SEDGWICK JOHN L 030 N 017 E 001 41.75
SEDGWICK JOHN L 030 N 017 E 002 80

SEDGWICK JOHN L 030 N 017 E 001 120
SEDGWICK JOHN L 030 N 017 E 001 41.25

08/17/1908 DOCID 7817 CASH PATENT
SEDGWICK JOHN L 030 N 017 E 001 160

These must be the same John L Sedgwick:
Obtained the following parcels of land in Choteau County Montana
BLM Records at
07/06/1911 DOCID 215258 CASH PATENT
SEDGWICK JOHN L 0240N 0090E 009 40 015
02/12/1913 DOCID 314970 CASH PATENT
SEDGWICK JOHN L 0240N 0090E 009 20.23
02/12/1913 DOCID 314978 CASH PATENT
SEDGWICK JOHN L 0240N 0090E 009 5.7
SEDGWICK JOHN L 0240N 0090E 010 32.6

[NI1156] Obtained parcels of land in Blaine County Montana:
BLM Records at
02/09/1911 DOCID 177216 HOMESTEAD PATENT
SEDGWICK CORTEZ O 030 N 017 E 001 40
SEDGWICK CORTEZ O 030 N 017 E 002 120

01/28/1918 DOCID 615218 CASH PATENT
SEDGWICK CORTEZ O 031 N 018 E 021 40

[NI1157] Heirs obtained parcels of land in Blaine County Montana:
BLM Records at
04/20/1915 DOCID 469232 HOMESTEAD PATENT
SEDGWICK EARL D HEIRS OF 031 N 018 E 021 240

[NI1158] Flora was born Flora Burnett, but after her father died and her mother remarried Cassius M Sedgwick, she was known as Flora Sedgwick, and appears as such on her grave. Died suddenly due to heart trouble at a Thanksgiving dance in Stevensville, Ravalli, Montana.

[NI1198] Listed in Erie Pennsylvania City Directory as follows:
1893 clerk 143 w 5th (apparently home address)

[NI1217] Parents both born Iowa (1910 Census California, Los Angeles, Long Beach Ward 2 ED 39 pg 22A, Film T624-0085 page 2-107A)

[NI1278] GenForum Barrett Forum message 931:
I have in my research a Darius Barrett b. 1781 father Moses Barrett and Hannah Fuller of Windham, Killingly Twp. Conn. with other issue Moses, Abigail, Alice, Amasa, David, Hannah, Phebe. I believe they ended up in Cazenovia,Madison Co., N.Y. They are in the 1820, 1830, 1840 and 1850 census of Cazenovia. E-Mail me at if you have any more questions.

[NI1283] According to A Genealogy of the Sedgwick Family In America (F.M. Sedgwick, 1934), page 51, this Leonard Gould Sedgwick married Sarah Austin and died October 02, 1882, but according to the DAR Oneida COunty, New York, Cemetery Records, there is a gravestone at Lowell Cemetery in Onedia County with this inscription: Leonard G. SOn of Joseph and Ellen 10-22-22 a 5-3-20. That calculates to this birthdate.

[NI1285] No children

[NI1288] In the 1850 and 1860 census records her name is recorded "Hannah", but in 1870 and 1880 she is "Anna" Slaker. Hubert Sedgwick said she was baptized "Hannah."

[NI1291] A Thomas N Sedgwick died in Parsons Kansas, 1905, age 57. -Death Notice, Hoyt Sentinel 11 May 1905, as recorded in database "Index to Northern Kansas Newspapers, Vol 2" at

[NI1325] Obtained Parcels of land in Meade County South Dakota:
BLM Records at
06/14/1909 DOCID 67276 CASH PATENT
SEDGWICK THOMAS N 009 N 017 E 019 40
07/22/1909 DOCID 73318 CASH PATENT
SEDGWICK THOMAS N 009 N 016 E 024 40
SEDGWICK THOMAS N 009 N 017 E 019 120
04/24/1911 DOCID 192272 HOMESTEAD PATENT
SEDGWICK THOMAS N 009 N 017 E 019 160
SEDGWICK THOMAS N JR 009 N 016 E 013 40
(Some of these may have been his father Thomas N.)

[NI1357] Cole is apparently buried in Oakland Cemetery, and apparently had a son named Charles. This record found at
Tombstone Records of Delaware County, Iowa
Page: 114
Name: Charles Sedgwick
Cemetery: Oakland
Town: Manchester
Comment: (no dates) on Cole Sedgwick

[NI1373] From The History of Wyoming County by Beers published in 1880

Amasa Barrett

Amasa Barrett was born in Victor, Ontario county, N.Y., May 15th 1817. In February, 1823, his parents removed to Orangeville, where he as married October 16th, 1839,to Rebecca S Head, daughter of Jonathan Head, who was born March 28th, 1818, in Sheldon. Mr. Barrett remained on the old homestead on lot 45 in Orangeville until the fall of 1858, when he removed to Johnsonburg. In the fall of 1874 he bought and located on a farm on lot 64 in Wethersfield, where he still resides. While in Orangeville he was town clerk five years, and held various other town offices. His father, Amasa Barrett, was born in Massachusetts, April 19th, 1787, and was married to Esther Jackson, of that State, October 6th, 1808. She died in Orangeville, May 11th, 1821, and in 1826 he married Martha Sedgwick, of Massachusetts, who died in Wetherfield, April 10th, 1876, aged ninety. Mr Barrett lived in Orangeville from 1823 until his death, April 17th, 1856.

[NI1382] Three children

[NI1389] 2 children

[NI1399] Some of the Ancestors and Descendants of Samuel Converse, Jr, Volume II
Charles Allen Converse
R929.2 qC766 v.2
Eben Putnam, Boston, Mass, 1905

Pages 472, 473
291. ALFRED LYON CONVERSE8 (Marquis7(124), Alpheus,6 James,5 Ensign Edward,4 Samuel,3 Sergeant Samuel,2 Deacon Edward1), born in Brimfield, Mass., 23 October 1824. His education began in the common schools of Birmfield and was completed at the Quaboag Seminary, at Warren, Mass., under Prof. Joshua Pearl. For many years he followed general farming and lumbering, in his native town, and incidentally carried on several building enterprises. In the fall of 1859, he was given a position as land examiner on the Illinois Central Railroad. At the expiration of the time required for the fulfilment of his duties as examiner he was offered a lucrative position in the office of the land department of that railroad, but preferred to return East and cast his lot among his kindred. For a period of thirty-one years in succession he served the town of Brimfield as Treasurer. He also filled the offices of Assessor, Selectman, Overseer of the Poor, and represented the town in the legislature. He was chosen Treasurer of the Hitchcock Free Academy of Brimfield when its funds amounted to $10,000. He served in that capacity for twenty-five years, and upon his retirement left to his successor the custody of $84,000. During the Civil War he assisted in collecting and disbursing funds subscribed for the purpose of furnishing the town's quota to the army. In 1881, he moved to Warren, Mass., where he has given his attention to the real estate business. He has served as selectman of Warren for two years. In politics he is Republican, and in religious denomination Congregationalist. His progressive tendencies as well as the integrity he has displayed in managing public trusts have won for him the esteem of the entire community. He married, 20 October 1847, Almira Chickering Sedgewick, of Palmer, Mass., daughter of John and Asenath Burt (Scott) Sedgewick. Mrs. Asenath Burt (Scott) Sedgewick was born 13 January 1780, married 1813, died April 1877. She was daughter of William and Violett (Burt) Scott.
Children of Alfred Lyon and Almira Chickering (Sedgewick) Converse, born in Brimfield:
MARY SEDGEWICK CONVERSE,9 born 15 Dec. 1848; died 10 Nov. 1852.
CHARLES LYON CONVERSE,9 born 28 Sept. 1863; married Kittie Mae Jennings. (437

[NI1401] 3 children

[NI1407] 3 children

[NI1417] No children

[NI1433] No children (1905)

[NI1434] No children (1905)

[NI1475] No Children.

This is George Sedgwick (41414) who started the work on the Sedgwick Genealogy in 1851, who is so often quoted in the 1934 Manuscript by F.M. Sedgwick. The last known wherabouts of his book on Sedgwick Genealogy was in 1934, in the possession of Mr Earl Phillips Sedgwick of North Chicago IL. If anyone who sees this file knows the current possessor of the book, PLEASE contact Dennis Sedgwick, originator of this file, 440 Portafaino Court Apt 104, Phillips Ranch CA 91766-0928, 909-865-2339. What a day that would be!

[NI1476] No children

[NI1492] Alonzo apparently succeeded to his father's machine shop and manufacturing plant. In 1893 he and Justus Ingersol Wakelee, who must have been a cousin, erected a new plant and concentrated their energies on the manufacture of hand power elevators and dumbwaiters. In 1913 the business was incorporated with Justus Ingersoll Wakelee as President and Alonzo's son Dwight Robert Sedgwick as Treasurer and Factory Manager. In 1932 F.M Sedgwick noted an advertisement of Sedgwick Machine Works, 155 W 15th St, New York, making Individual Residence Elevators.

[NI1493] Edwin Henry Sedgwick a member of the Society of Mayflower Descendants.

[NI1494] No children

[NI1495] Frances Augusta Sedgwick a member of the Society of Mayflower Descendants.

[NI1498] A Walter E Sedgwick was married to an unknown spouse in 1876 at Manhattan, New York, New York, Certificate Number 6345 ( New York City, 1600s-1800s Marriage Index 5/5/2002)

[NI1511] Rev Cooley was pastor of the Congregational Church in Plymouth Connecticut from 1866.

[NI1522] The National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution Volume 62
page 290
Mrs. Virginia Ward Sedgwick.
DAR ID Number: 61838
Born in Pleasant Valley, N. Y.
Wife of Edwin Henry Sedgwick.
Descendant of Capt. Jesse Bell.
Daughter of Daniel I. Ward and Jane Ann Skidmore, his wife.
Granddaughter of Walter Skidmore and Sarah Bell, his 2nd wife.
Gr-granddaughter of Jesse Bell and Mary Scofield, his wife.
Jesse Bell (1745-1834) served in the Connecticut Line as sergeant, 1775; was appointed lieutenant, 1776; captain, 1777; fought in many battles, and was in active service to the close of the war. He was born in Stamford, Conn.; died in Saratoga, N. Y.

[NI1525] No children (1933)

[NI1538] Three children

[NI1561] James K Stanley has Maria Stanley's ancestry to the immigrant ancestor John Stanley. His website (2001):

[NI1563] Clara was descended from teh Wadham who founded Wadham College, Oxford England.

[NI1573] Sedgwick, Anne Douglas
(1873-1935), writer

Born on March 28, 1873, in Englewood, New Jersey, Anne Sedgwick lived from the age of nine in London, where her father had business connections. In 1898 a novel she had written for private amusement was, through her father's efforts, published in London as The Dull Miss Archinard. The success of that book led her to produce in rapid order The Confounding of Camelia (1899), The Rescue (1902), Paths of Judgment (1904), The Shadow of Life (1907), A Fountain Sealed (1907), Anabel Channice (1908), and Franklin Winslow Kane (1910). Writing in much the same vein as Edith Wharton and Henry James, Sedgwick contrasted the mores and morals of American and European cultures. Tante (1911), her first major success, was a best-seller in the United States. The Nest, a collection of stories (1912), and The Encounter (1914) followed.

During World War I Sedgwick and her husband, essayist Basil de Sélincourt (whom she had married in 1908) worked in hospitals and orphanages in France. After the war Sedgwick resumed her writing, producing a nonfiction work, A Childhood in Brittany Eighty Years Ago (1919), as well as several stories and novels, including The Little French Girl (1924), another best-seller. In 1931, during her last visit to the United States, she was elected to the National Institute of Arts and Letters. After a lengthy illness she died in Hampstead, England, on July 19, 1935.

-Encyclopedia Britannica Online

[NI1597] This is Frederick James Sedgwick who worked on the Sedgwick genealogy and published a 21 page manuscript "The Sedgwick Family "

[NI1618] Linda McClelland has sent info on the descendatns of Nelson Sedgwick Curtis, I will add it as soon as possible.

[NI1619] Giles Curtis married and moved to New York City. His wife died, he remarried and moved to Ohio.

Datus E. Sedgwick was born in Thompkins County, New York, December 5, 1812. When 23 years of age, he married Mary Ann Kindle, and for 15 or 20 years they lived at Ithica, New York. To them were born 10 children, 7 daughters and 3 sons. One daughter died in infancy, and another, the wife of Rev. J. W. Newcomb, died at Warrensburg, Mo., in 1867. In that year they moved from New York; and in the same year the wife and mother died. In 1872 the subject of this sketch came to Bonaparte, Van Buren, Iowa, and in the following year was married to Mrs. Frank Walker. She and 5 daughters and 2 sons survive him.

Deceased was converted in early life, and at the age of 15 joined the Methodist church, of which he was a member till his death. He was an active and consistent member, and took a prominent part in church work until the past few years, when he was in feeble health. His demise occurred on Monday morning, Feb. 21, 1898, his age being 85 years, 2 months and 17 days. The funeral took place in Harrisburg township Wednesday afternoon, Feb. 23, 1898, conducted by Rev. A. E. Thornley, and the remains of the venerable man were placed at rest at Vale cemetery.
Source: Entler Scrapbook, vol. 4, Iowa Historical Library, Iowa City, IA
Posted at Iowa Van Buren board by Rich Lowe

[NI1635] He issued a centennial token from his watch shop inscribed front and rear:
Liberty Bell
1776 - 1876
Wm Sedgwick
Waverly NY
Look Well? To Your Time
(Pretty sure that word is "Well")

[NI1636] Died in infancy

[NI1637] OBITUARY of Mrs. Mary (Sedgwick) Proper died 30 Sep 1898

Mrs. Mary Proper (Nee Sedgwick) died at her home in Harrisburg Township, Van Buren County, Iowa, September 30th, 1898. She was born in Perry, Hector Township, T[?]upheris county, N. Y., Aug. 4th, [ ? ]. She was married to L. W. Proper, [in] Trunirnsburg, N. Y., April 26, [ ?]. They then came to Iowa, arriving [in] Harrisburg Tp. Oct. 2nd. Thus [it] was just 55 years, to the day, from arrival in the state, until the day [of] her burial.

She was Baptized at Bonaparte, Van Buren, Iowa in 1854, by Rev. Milton Sutton [ ? ] united with the Baptist church [in] that place. But when the Harrisburg church was organized she united [with] it, being one of the charter members. She was still a member of this church at the time of her death.

She leaves to mourn her absence [ ? ] husband, L. W. Proper, and two sons, D. D., Milton. Her son Willi[?] died in 1878, and daughter Carrie in 1886.

She was a devoted wife and lo[ving] faithful mother and was respected [by] all who knew her. She had been [in] poor health for several years, [she] had failed very noticably during [the] last few months. She was ready [and] anxious to go to her eternal home [ ? ] death had no horrors for her. In [her] last illness she was surrounded by [ ? ]near relatives and many kind friends who ministered to her wants. [The] funeral services were held in [the] Harrisburg Baptist church, Sunday Oct. 2 1898, at 11 o'clock A. M. [ ? ] W. J. McCollum preached the farewell sermon, from 1st Corinthians. There was a large attendance of friends at the services [ ? ] many followed the remains [to] their last resting place [in] Harrisburg Cemetry [sic]. The choir, [with] Mr. Duane Cass at the organ, so[rest cut-off]

[NOTE: The last three or four letters of the right-hand side of each line has been cut-off as well as the final few lines of the obit]

(Photocopy of this obit is located on page 25 of Obit Book A found in the Van Buren County, IA Genealogical Society's collection at the Keosauqua Public Library in October 1999. Name and date of newspaper not given.)

poster at ANcestry,com Iowa Van Buren board. by Author: Karen DaPra, Date: 2 Nov 1999 6:00 AM

[NI1643] Worked on a Sedgwick family Tree, which in 1934 was in possession of his nephew Robert H Sedgwick (4144192) of Chicago.

[NI1645] In 1861 they hlived at Jersey City, New Jersey and had one child. In 1896 they were living in Brooklyn New York, and had five or six children.

[NI1649] At the "Monona Lake Assembly", Lakeside Madison, Wisconsin, 1882:
"Rev. H. G. Sedgwick, with his large Equatorial Telescope, will be present during the Assembly, and accommodate all who wish to study the heavens."

[NI1650] These notes are from an Karen Sedgwick, grand-daughter of Frederick, in an e-mail message July 21, 2000:

My understanding is that Datus took his family and relocated to Farmington, Van Buren, Iowa around 1866 (Frederick would have been 11-12 yrs old). I know Datus was a watchmaker.

Frederick was a dreamer, and had trouble sticking to watch making. He was also an inventor, and he supposedly invented a code de-cyphering machine. He somehow lost the chance to patent it. He is reported to have said that someone stole the machine and/or patent from him. He was a telegraph operator in Dodge City, KA, when Wyatt Earp was Marshall there, but Frederick apparently never met him. He moved my Grandmother, and my father to D. C. so he could further his career as an inventor - but his dreams never panned out and he died just when his money ran out. My grandmother, Ella, separated from him around 1920. She owned and operated a rooming house, and Frederick would take the money from rent and pour it into his inventions...Ella got fed up with this and he left them. I understand he ended up living right across the street from Ella and Paul.

I suspect that although he was 18 at the time of the separation, my father was deeply affected by this family split. My uncle Bob was a young adult at the time of the family's move to D. C., and he stayed behind in Chicago, where he met and married my Aunt Eve (Evaline Stuart).

By the way, my mother, Rae Ebner Sedgwick, was born in Washington, D. C., and my father was a very successful attorney there for 58 years (until just 4 months before his death). All of us 3 children were born in D.C. and grew up there. My mother sold our family home when she remarried in 1984...

[NI1659] DAR ID Number: 13647

[NI1687] No children

[NI1700] No children. He was a Knight Templar of the Masonic Lodge.

[NI1729] DAR ID Number: 59404
She was the mother of six children, but three apparently died young, and William, Ralph and Guy apparently did not.

[NI1745] Married and had seven children. American Civil War Soldiers:
Datus D Proper
Residence: Bonaparte, Iowa Occupation:
Enlisted as a Corporal on 14 August 1862 at the age of 18
Enlisted in Company I, 19th Infantry Regiment Iowa on 21 August 1862.
Wounded on 07 December 1862 at Prairie Grove, AR (Wounded slightly)
Promoted to Full Sergeant 2nd Class on 01 March 1863
POW on 29 September 1863 at Atchafalaya, LA
Mustered out Company I, 19th Infantry Regiment Iowa on 10 July 1865 in Mobile, AL

[NI1747] Married and had three children.

[NI1748] married and had three children.

[NI1750] DAR ID Number: 125011

[NI1753] Killed by a bull on his farm

[NI1754] Married and had three children.

[NI1755] Married and had four children.

[NI1758] Married and had two children.

[NI1759] Married and had two children.

[NI1760] Name may have been Caroline.

[NI1768] Had one daughter living in Durand, Michigan.

[NI1771] Calvin Sedgwick and Harriet Sedgwick were "removed by letter" from the church at Augusta Station, Oneida County, New York ("forerunner of the Knoxboro Methodist Episcopal Church"), Oriskany Falls Class 1847. -Church Record for Augusta Station: Bible, Church and Cemetery Records, Oneida Chapter DAR Vol 8 page 288, at Oneida County Records Office, Utica, New York

[NI1781] In Genesee County, New York, at the Red Schoolhouse Cemetery, east of North Bergen opposite No. 4 School in the southeast corner of Creamery Road and West Sweden Road, there is this tombstone:
Sedgwick, Emma, d. Nov 24, 1848, @ 34y, w/o Martinn
Because of the age and date, I suspect that this Martin is the most likely husband of this Emma, so I am listing her data here.

[NI1783] Three children.

[NI1788] No children

[NI1797] "Decorated for Bravery at Gettysburg." Was awarded the Medal of Honor, but apparently not for action at Gettysburg. Wounded at Spottsylvania. When Lincoln was shot, he was working in the Government Printing Office in Washington DC. He was chosen as one of the pall bearers who accompanied Lincoln's body on the trip to Springfield, probably because he stood six feet six inches tall.

Appears Jersey City, Hudson, New Jersey, City Directory, 1889/90 and 1891 printer, 163 Oakland Avenue.

Apparently he was living 1911 Brooklyn, New York with fifth wife Jane Unknown. (nhchs-b46-6i-032.html)
In 1916 a widow's pension was awarded to Jennie? Sedgwick.
In 1918 "contest widow" Eliza Eldredge was awarded a pension in 1918.

[NI1800] Henry R Jones was a Mayflower descendant through his mother, who was a descendant of Samuel Fuller of the Mayflower.

[NI1808] Many children, mostly girls.

I believe that Sarah and David Ayers are buried at the Rathbunville Cemetery, Happy Valley Rd, Verona, Oneida County, New York,
which is where Ebeneze and Sarah are buried.
US GenWeb New York, Oneida website
Ayers, Abigail, wife of Daniel Ayers, died March 17, 1860 age 36 yrs 6 mos 5 dys
Ayers, Celestia R., eldest dau of Daniel & Abigail Ayers, (no date)
Ayers, Clariss, dau of D. & A. H. Ayers, died March 25, 1856 age 6 mos 2 dys
Ayers, Daniel died Jan. 31, 1850 age 79 yrs
Ayers, David died Feb. 20, 1868
Ayers, David died June 7, 1828 age 84 yrs
Ayers, David Jr. died Oct. 1, 1849 age 32 yrs 5 mos 23 dys
Ayers, Sally, wife of David Ayers, died Aug. 26, 1853 age 66 yrs

[NI1809] The 1830 and 1840 censuses indicate that there may have been as many as four daughters.

[NI1811] Someone said three children, but the census record that has to be widow Harriet Sedgwick shows two sons and three daughters. Is it possible that hte older of those sons is Elmer Sedgwick of Fulton, Rock, Wisconsin in the 1860 and 1870 census?

[NI1812] They had many children.

[NI1813] They had many children.

[NI1814] They moved to Oswego County, New York, then to Freindshipm Allegany County. They had seven children, the first and fifth being boys.

[NI1820] A William W Sedgwick appears in the 1850, 1860 and 1880 census records of Jacksonville, Duval, Florida. He says in all three records that he was born in New York. He has a daughter Chloe Elisabeth Sedgwick In 1850, just Elizabeth in 1860, and not present in 1870. Is this him?

There is also this William Sedgwick in the 1850 census. Is it him?
1850 Census New York, Ontario, Seneca, Film M432-0572 page 491B
enumerated 30 August 1850, extracted 5/4/2003 by Dennis G Sedgwick at
Line House Family Surname Name Age Sex Color Professsion Real Est Birthplace
11 906? 998 Sedgwick William 30 M Carpenter New York
12 Sedgwick Penelope A 29 F New York
13 Sedgwick Ambrose M 8 M New York
14 Sedgwick Caroline A 6 F New York
15 Sedgwick Clarisa 3 F New York
16 Sedgwick Amy? A 1 F New York

[NI1823] There can be little doubt that Francis Milton Sedgwick listed by Farncis Morris Sedgwick was actually Frances Milton "Fanny" Sedgwick who married Thomas Ensin Chubbock. The name similarity, the rigt dates and the mother's name Chloe are the convincing factors.

[NI1834] Richard and Ruth had a tough time. In 1780 near Fort George, NY, Richard as a Private in the Rev. War, was taken prisoner (with others) by the Indians. He was taken to Montreal, where confined for 13 months. Then was taken up the St. Lawrence River where he remained for a year, before being
sent to Boston in exchange for British prisoners. He rejoined the arm in Dec of 1782 and was discharged June 9, 1783. Part of his pension application in 1818 says:
"The deponent further says that he is in reduced and indigent circumstances and requires the assistance of his country for support."

He had lost his discharge papers that were signed by George Washington (!) He lists his assets that are valued at $60. His farm had been ravaged by grasshoppers. His pension was granted:

"I Charles Wylie, one of the Judges of the Court of Common Pleas of Oneida County as aforesaid, do certify that it appears to my satisfaction that the said Richard Larrabee did serve in the Revolutionary War as stated in the preceding affidavit, against the common enemy..."

Ruth later applied for a pension after Richard died. There is testimony signed by her brother Elijah Sedgwick.

-Brant Cooper, 4ggson of Richard Larrabee and Ruth Sedgwick

[NI1838] Earned the Degree of Doctor of Medicine in 1826 at
The College of Physicians and Surgeons at Fairfield, Herkimer, New York
Elijah Sedgwick Jr.
Peter Sedgwick <--has to be Parker

On September 14, 1843, Parker Sedgwick purchased the West 1/2 of the NE 1/4 of Section 23 Township 40N range 10E in Illinois, 80 acres at 1.25 / acre for $100.00. On September 19, 1843, he purchased the East 1/2 of the NW 1/4 of the same section, at the same price. Reference: Illinois Public Land Purchase Records, Volume 686 Page 067, as quoted at

[NI1839] Earned the Degree of Doctor of Medicine in 1826 at
The College of Physicians and Surgeons at Fairfield, Herkimer, New York
Elijah Sedgwick Jr.
Peter Sedgwick <--has to be Parker

[NI1842] Was married.

[NI1843] Died at age 5 weeks, 4 days.

[NI1852] "This Ozias Goodwin was one of the first settlers of Hartford Connecticut, and his name is on the monument as one of the original purchasers of the town site from the Indians." - F.M. Sedgwick "A Genealogy of the Sedgwick Family in America since 1935"

[NI1858] Dr H.C Daniels was Caroline's second husband, first unknown.

[NI1863] Married and had two daughters, both of whom died young.

[NI1864] John A Sedgwick of Napierville IL shows up twice in Civil War databases. He enlisted first August 2, 1862 as a first seargeant in the 105 Illinois Volunteers. When his enlistment was completed, he returned to Wheaton, Illinois and organized Company I of the 132 Illinois. He was commissioned Captain of this company June 1, 1864 and served in that capacity for the duration of the war.

[NI1868] HISTORY of the State of Nebraska
published 1882, The Western Historical Company, A. T. Andreas, Proprietor, Chicago, IL
University of Kansas "Kansas Collection"

SAMUEL H. SEDGWICK,senior member of the firm of Sedgwick & Power, attorneys at law. This gentleman was born in DuPage County, Ill., March 12, 1848. Was a graduate from Wheaton College, Ill., in 1872, and was also a student at Ann Arbor, Mich., during part of the years 1871-1872, and in 1874. then went to Kewanee County, Wis., and commenced the practice of law, having been admitted to the bar at the city of Green Bay, in the same State, and here remained till his removal to Nebraska. This transpired in October, 1878, when he came to York, and first formed a co-partnership with George B. France. January 1, 1882, the present firm of Sedgwick & Power was organized. Frederick C. Power, junior member of the above firm, was born in St. Lawrence County, N.Y., June 3, 1855. Received an academic education at Antwerp, in his native State, and when he had completed this, commenced reading law in the office of Hon. Judge Neary, of Gouverneur, N.Y. In the fall of 1879, came west, to York, Neb., and was admitted before Hon. George W. Post, Fourth Judicial District. Then he began the practice of his profession, being connected with the present firm, as above.

[NI1870] HISTORY of the State of Nebraska
published 1882, The Western Historical Company, A. T. Andreas, Proprietor, Chicago, IL
University of Kansas "Kansas Collection"

THERON E SEDGWICK, editor and proprietor of the York Timeswas born in DuPage County, Ill., September 2, 1852. Was a student at Wheaton College in the same State for four years and afterwards attended the law school at Ann Arbor, Mich., for one year. Then went to Wisconsin where he was admitted to practice in the courts of that State at Oconto, after which he followed his profession in Brown County. In September, 1878, came to Nebraska, locating in York and practiced law with his brother, Samuel H., for a short time, and in March, 1881, purchased the paper known as the Tidal Wave, changing the name to York Times. This is an eight page weekly paper, Republican in politics and an advocate of the temperauce cause. When the present editor took it in hand it was not much of a success financially, but he has improved it and increased its circulation from 300 to 600 copies principally consumed in York County. Does also a general line of job printing. He was married in Illinois in July, 1874, to Miss Adalaide Thurston, of that State. Mr. S. was Superintendent of Public Instruction in Brown County, Wis., from 1876 to 1878 and was elected Councilman of the city of York in the spring of 1880.

[NI1888] Russell Parker Sedgwick and Minnie May Ralph had no children.

[NI1891] Unknown whether Russelll and Nellie had children.

[NI1895] Hazel had two daughters with Mr Poole.

[NI1899] Died when young.

[NI1902] Daisy succeded to her father's practice when he died, but she died of typhoid vfever a year later.

[NI1944] Died abt age 18

[NI1945] Apparently married, had six sons, married a second wife and had one more son. Some of the sons were supposedly still living in Iowa in 1933.

[NI1956] No children.

[NI1997] Apparently William Phillips had three wives and thirteen children:
Debbie Motzinger posted this message at the GenForum Phillips Family Genealogy Forum:

William Nelson Phillips, NY, & ILL
Posted by: Debbie A Motsinger
Date: March 29, 1999 at 22:07:23
2311 of 5359

William Nelson Phillips, son of Josiah Phillips of Watertown, NY, was b: Dec 30, 1825. He was married and widowed
twice before marrying his third wife, who outlived him by about 28 years. He died in 1896 in Albany, Oregon. He had a
total of 13 children, as listed below:

*He married 1st to Lucy J Taylor of Charlton, Saratoga Co, NY. They had the following children:

1. William Irving Phillips, b: in Charlton, NY, Jul 20, 1847, grad. Wheaton Coll, Wheaton, ILL, 1873, m:1876, Mary
2. Mary Rosetta Phillips, b: Jan 13, 1849, Antwerp, NY. m: John A Sedgwick, res., Oak Park, Cook Co, ILL
3. Charles Elliott Phillips, b: Feb 11, 1850, Antwerp, NY. d: Apr 25, 1876, Lombard, ILL.
4. James Edwin Phillips, b, May 13, 1851, Antwerp, NY. Was a lawyer in Wheaton, ILL. m: Emma Sayer
5. George Hollister Phillips, b: Mar 12, 1853, Antwerp, NY. residence, Channabon, ILL
6. Stanley Herbert Phillips, b: Apr 26, 1855, Wayne, DuPage Co, ILL. m: Emma Louise Spencer, daughter of George
H. Spencer of England, cousin to Herbert Spencer of England.
7. Julia Adelaide Phillips, b: Mar 23, 1857, res, Oak Park, ILL

* He married 2nd to Mary E. Blank, Jul 13, 1859, in Wayne, DuPage Co, ILL. (I would like to verify if Mary was the
daughter of Jonas Blank and Salome More Blank) Mary and William had the following children:
8. Lucy Ella Phillips, b: Aug 22, 1860, m: Oct 3, 1883 Charles Henry Caufield, cashier of Oregon City Bank, res,
Oregon City, OR
9. Merril Danforth Phillips, b: Oct 13, 1861
10. Minnie E Phillips, b: Nov 18, 1863, Wayne, ILL.

* He married 3rd to Electa J. Spencer, they had the following children:
11. Homer Josiah Phillips, b: Nov 7, 1869, Downer's Grove, DuPage Co, ILL
12. Harold Henry Phillips, b: Mar 31, 1871, Downer's Grove, ILL
13. Henry Spencer, b: May 7, 1874, Worthington,, Minnesota

William Nelson Phillips son, Stanley Herbert Phillips, was my gr-grandfather. I have all of Stanley's descendants, but am
interested in finding descendants of the other children. Hope to hear from you soon.
Debbie Motsinger

[NI2004] Judge John Taylor traced his ancestry back to the Norman Barons.

[NI2011] The National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution Volume 118 page 182

Mrs. Minnie Sedgwick Heald.
DAR ID Number: 117592
Born in Oak Park, Ill.
Wife of Rex W. Heald.
[p.182] Descendant of Sergt. Samuel Sedgwick, Capt. Daniel Towner, Ensign Josiah Buck, Sergt. Ebenezer Phillips, Capt. James Buck and George Pike, as follows:
1. John A. Sedgwick (1840-95) m. 1866 Mary Rosetta Phillips (b. 1849).
2. Parker Sedgwick (1796-1871) m. Mary Delia Buck (1800-41); William Nelson Phillips (1825-97) m. 1846 Lucy J. Taylor (1827-58).
3. Elijah Sedgwick (1769-1861) m. Tryphena Parker (1769-1841); Joseph Phillips (1782-1858) m. Huldah Pike (d. 1826); Josiah Buck m. 1780 Mary Towner (1755-1803).
4. Samuel Sedgwick m. Deborah Higgins; James Buck m. 1749 Elizabeth Sherman (1723-93); Ebenezer Phillips m. 1775 Rachel Gale (1754-1838); Daniel Towner m. 1756 Mercy (Marian or Martha) Barnes (d. 1806); George Pike m. 1781 Mary Severs (1766-1802).
Samuel Sedgwick (1725-94) was a patriot of Hartford, Conn.; and his son Samuel served in the army and received a pension. He was born in Hartford, Conn.; died in Kinderhook, N. Y.
Also No. 49201.
Daniel Towner (1731-96) served as captain in the Connecticut militia. He was born in Wallingford; died in New Fairfield, Conn.
Josiah Buck (1756-1813) was a private in Colonel Hinman's Connecticut regiment, Captain Starr's company; commissioned ensign, 1777. He was born in New Milford; died in Sherman, Conn.
Ebenezer Phillips (1752-1834) served as sergeant in Capt. Luke Drury's company, Colonel Jonathan Ward's Massachusetts regiment. He was born and died in Grafton, Mass.
James Buck (1726-93) commanded a company in militia of New Milford, where he was born and died.
George Pike (1755-1802) was a private in Capt. John Nickol's company, Col. Jonathan Holman's, Massachusetts regiment. He was born in Charlton, Mass.

[NI2044] Hubert Merrill Sedgwick said she was Julia F Patterson (nee Quesenbury). She appears in the 1900 Census Kansas, Leavenworth, Leavenworth ED 94 pg 17A, Film T623-486 page 1-242A married Ed Patterson with daughter Thelma. Thelma appears with her and Charles in the 1920 census listed as Thelma Sedgwick.

[NI2055] Lina Atwood was a great-great-great grand daughter of Mile Standish.

[NI2057] Apparenly unmaried in 1934. "She owns her own home ... Portland Oregon."

[NI2060] There is a William Dunn Sedgwick, b. June 18, 1901, d. July 11, 1963, Captain, US Navy, buried at Willamette National Cemetery, Multnomah County, Oregon. Source: Is this him?


[NI2103] Died in infancy.

[NI2104] Died in infancy.

[NI2146] Three children.

[NI2156] Never married

[NI2167] He was a 32 deg. Mason. Never married.

[NI2172] Civil War Pensions: Invalid 1890 Feb 1, Michigan, Widow 1918 July 15, Michigan

[NI2173] Ohio City was later called West Cleveland.

[NI2180] No children

[NI2184] Died as the result of a railroad collision September 10, 1891. In the accident, a coal heating stove ignited the car. Mrs Sedgwick shielded her daughter and was fatally burned. The child suffered only minor injuries. A report of the wreck appeared in the The Stevens Point (Wisconsin) Journal October 10, 1891, listing her as injured "quite badly."

[NI2192] "prospected in Alaska during the gold rush." Box 14 Folder B
Rootsweb pobito2z.txt: Porterville obituaries 1890 to 1996, O-Z, Tulare County, CA
SEDGEWICK, VARNEY L age 69 , 1946 AUG 5,6,7,9

[NI2224] Full text of the excerpt from:

The Churchill Family in America
Author: Rev. George M. Bodge
Call Number: R929.2 qC56

page 464

WILLIAM HENRY7 CHURCHILL (STEPHEN,6 NATHANIEL,5 NATHANIEL,4 NATHANIEL,3 JOSEPH,2 JOSIAH1). Born in New Canaan, Conn., Jan. 1, 1816. Lived in Hartford, Farmington, and Meriden, Conn. Married, Jan. 6, 1842, SARAH ANN SEDGWICK.
Children, first three born in Hartford.
I. EDWARD W.,8 b. Oct. 24, 1842.
II. WILBER S.,8 b. Nov. 25, 1844; d. unmarried, Oct. 25, 1875.
III. WILLIS E.,8 b. Jan. 20, 1847; m. JANE S. PLUMMER, of Rowley.
Children of Willis and Jane Churchill.
1. Lydia Mason, b. Dec. 11, 1878.
2. Mehitabel Helen, b. April 5, 1881.
3. Lizzie Willard, b. April 5, 1881.
4. William Everett, b. June 5, 1883.
5. Anna Frances, b. Jan. 17, 1886.
IV. DAVID H.,8 b. July 18, 1849, in Farmington, Conn.; d. Oct. 23, 1881.
V. FLORENCE JOSEPHINE,8 b. March 5, 1852, in Meriden, Conn.; d. 1853.
VI. HELEN AUGUSTA,8 b. Jan. 6, 1858, in Meriden, Conn.
VII. JOSEPH BRACE,8 b. Dec. 31, 1860, in West Hartford, Conn.
VIII. LEVI HENRY,8 b. Jan. 31, 1863; m. MRS. (SCHWINK) HOAGLAND. They lived in Waterbury, Conn.

[NI2234] found at, posted by Bill Lyman
1 Betsy Johnson Sedwick b: 14 JUN 1793 d: 4 MAY 1831
+ Jesse Lyman b:
2 Angeline Lyman b:
2 John Belding Lyman b:
2 Lydia Ann Lyman b: 1822 d: NOV 1859
+ Charles Burton Craft b:
3 Charles Henry Craft b: 27 JUL 1849 d: 17 JAN 1913
+ Frances Adelia Ogden b:
2 Henry G. Lyman b: 26 AUG 1819 d: 10 AUG 1850
2 Philander Lyman b:
2 Milo S. Lyman b: 18 MAY 1826 d: AFT. 1895
+ Rebecca Barnes b:
+ Clarissa Webb

[NI2243] Died at the home of his daughter Harriet (Sedgwick) Brown.

[NI2248] Henry Burritt Sedgwick married and "had three sons and one daughter, all of whom died young. His wife also died early." - NHCHS MSS B46 Box 14 Folder G

[NI2252] Pukwana, Brule, South Dakota State Census 1895
S. W. Sidgwick Christiena Sidgwick
Clarence Sidgwick
Pearl Sidgwick
Edith Sidgwick
Catherine Sidgwick
Richard Sidgwick

[NI2258] In 1906 he was secretary Reno Lodge 14 IOOF, as seen in invitations to attend posted in the Reno Evening Gazette.

[NI2262] Obtained parcels of land in Lyman County South Dakota:
BLM Records at
08/09/1909 DOCID 75565 CASH PATENT
SEDGWICK ERNEST M 103 N 076 W 020 80
11/01/1909 DOCID 87058 CASH PATENT
SEDGWICK ERNEST M 103 N 076 W 018 160
09/08/1904 DOCID 1077 CASH PATENT
SEDGWICK ERNEST M 103 N 076 W 020 160
09/10/1908 DOCID 13072 CASH PATENT
SEDGWICK ERNEST M 103 N 076 W 019 40
SEDGWICK ERNEST M 103 N 076 W 029 40
SEDGWICK ERNEST M 103 N 076 W 030 40
01/19/1916 DOCID 508707 CASH PATENT
SEDGWICK ERNEST M 103 N 073 W 005 120
01/19/1916 DOCID 508708 CASH PATENT
SEDGWICK ERNEST M 104 N 073 W 033 40
01/19/1916 DOCID 508709 CASH PATENT
SEDGWICK ERNEST M 103 N 076 W 019 36.22

[NI2266] Obtained parcels of land in Lyman County South Dakota:
BLM Records at
04/22/1901 DOCID 565 CASH PATENT
SEDGWICK EDITH M 103 N 076 W 029 55.4
SEDGWICK EDITH M 103 N 076 W 029 50.5
SEDGWICK EDITH M 103 N 076 W 029 46.4
SEDGWICK EDITH M 103 N 076 W 029 23

[NI2286] Never married.
From the Dansville Herald, Dansville, Livingston, NY on March 1, 1854: "Died in White Pigion, Mich on the 25th ult, of typhoid fever, Mr. Francis Sedgewick of this village, aged about 20 years."

[NI2290] Had four or five daughters.

[NI2302] Her parents came from Carrick-on-Shannon, Ireland, Roman Catholic.
Owego Record Front Page, Sept. 12, 1885 , Tioga Co., NY
"Mrs. Josephine MURPHY, of Dansville, NY, is visiting her aunt, Mrs. A. N. SEDGWICK in Owego."

[NI2303] Played with the Hartford Philhamonic Orchestra.

[NI2310] This was posted at the GenForum Bibbins Family Genealogy Forum

Posted by: Charlie Bibbins
Date: December 10, 2000 at 06:11:38

Ebenezer Bibbins b 2-1-1714/5 Windham Connecticut d 11-19-1860
son of Arthur Bibbins b 4-12-1686 d 2-1788 who changed surname from Bevan.
Ebenezers mother was Experience Cornwall b 4-14-1682 m 1705 d 5-7-1730.
Ebenezer m Susanna(h) Manning 5-12-1735 for whom I do not have dates of b or d.
Their children were:
1)Timothy b 5-2-1736 d 8-27-1818(or'19)
m(1) Eunice Brewster 9-27-1760 m(2) Ann Hovey 8-15-1773
2) Susannah b 1-9-1737 m Caleb Conant 5-15-1760 [may be the Hannah you cited]
3) Jacob b 4-26-1742
4) Molly aka Mary b 1-30-1745 m Robert Coburn 2-24-1771
5) Ebenezer b 2-11-1747 d 1792 m Hulda Sedgwick 6-1-1769
6) John b 3-16-1750
7)Sarah b 5-24-1754 m Abner Hill 12-27-1775
8) Phebe b 10-25-1756 m Jesse Gates 9-22-1774
9) Elizabeth b 8-1-1758

[NI2325] She had six sons and two daughters. Only these two were living about 1860.

[NI2344] Was in the movement of Washington up the Jersey Coast when Howe was attacking New York; took part in the defense of Fort Washington under Col (Gen) Magaw; was surrendered and placed in confinement in New York City; later was exchanged; one of three survivors of a company of thirty-three. Was one of three brothers to remove to Western New York about 1790 - 1792. He located at Dansville.

[NI2353] "An interesting story of the loss of his 8th child, Huldah Bibbins, from the Sedgwick family record, is told by Frederick Kilbourne of Meriden." -NHCHS Sedgwick Family Collection Box 14 Folder D, Letter to Mr Walter Stanley, presumably from H.M. Sedgwick

[NI2367] Stillborn

[NI2375] The correct name here may have been Ida, a woman, as this tomd exists at the Red Schoolhouse Cemetery, Genesee County, New York.
Fancher, Ida, d. Jan 24, 1851, @ 46yy

[NI2384] D.A.R. 234,38

[NI2419] From Pearl Burrow ::
Thomas D Hadley was born Oct 10 1792 in Hadleyville died March 21 1847
Mary Polly Hallett born June 1799 died Feb 27 1847
Her father was Nathan Hallett Mother Hulda Van Tassel They had 7 sons and 2 daughters. I come down from Moses a brother of Mary Polly.
Hadleyville was down in Adrian near Canisteo. I have been to their cemetery.

[NI2436] Information about the Woolworth family is available at, maintained by Kathy Camp.

[NI2490] Here's a clue to Ephraim Tuttle's identity:

Re: William TUTTLE England>Connecticut
Posted by: Genise McCall Mock
Date: April 28, 1998 at 22:25:56
In Reply to: Re: William TUTTLE England>Connecticut by Janie King
49 of 1038

Wrong date on William Tuttle b. 1682 mar. Nov.2,
1706 to Thankful Doolittle.

They also had a son named Ephraim b. April 1, 1710
Married (1) Esther Hotehkies (2) Hannah Pangborn
Jan. 16, 1734 (3) Thankful Sedgwick Preston, widow
of Sergt. Jehill Preston. mar. her Dec. 16, 1761.
This came out of Family notes collected by Mrs.M.
T. Sigmon. 1937

[NI2529] Hannah may have died as an infant, as her birth is recorded in the church records but no baptism. Reformed Protestant Dutch Church at Wynantskill, 1794-1867

[NI2531] Is this her with the family French? - 1850 Census New York, Orleans, Clarendon, Film M432-0575 page 348B

[NI2542] Died in childbirth.

[NI2562] Never married.

[NI2566] Possibly Dr Walter N Sedgwick, 600 West 136th St, New York about 1936.

[NI2610] Hannah Wells is her maiden name. She and Levi Wells were both descendants of Thomas Wells, early governor of Connecticut.

[NI2629] John was an invalid from birth.

[NI2637] For descendants of Ebenezeer Kneeland and Elizabeth Sedgwick, see the book "Seven Centuries in the Kneeland Family " available online at

[NI2693] There are a two strong reasons to believe that Jemima Brace was actually a nickname for Martha Brace, and that Horace Sedgwick did not have a second wife. Marriage intentions were published for Horace Sedgwick and Martha Brace, 2 June 1811, but on 11 June 1811, Horace Sedgwick and Jemima Brace were married. The birth record of son Henry Howe Sedgwick says he was son of Horace Sedgwick and Martha.

[NI2695] Henry H Sedgwick purchased, sold or was warranted on March 3, 1843, 146.64 acres described as part of Township 7N Range 14E Section 17, 4th PM - 1831 Minnesota/Wisconsin Act or Treaty April 24, 1820. Multiple Patentee names: Yes, Remarks: James L Thayer (was he a partner?) -Milwaukee, WIsconsin Land Office Document Number 5693

[NI2698] There is some question whether Mary was the daughter of Jemima Brace or of Martha Unknown.

[NI2699] Eliza and the twins died during childbirth, just a few days after her father Horace died. They were all buried in one grave. "Right after her death" her husband "sold all interest in his wife's estate and left."

[NI2728] Lucy Pike was the grandmother of George E Clark, but unknown whether maternal or paternal.

[NI2736] One Hubert Sedgwick m. 19 Aug 1903, Dunn County Wisconsin, Leva Etta Draegem (Book 3 pg 83) Liely to be him

[NI2761] Laura Sedgwiwck Parsons is descended from Benjamin Sedgwick and married to a descendant of Benjamin's older brother Ebenezer Sedgwick. Because of this, she appears in both SedgwickSamuel1667.ftw. SedgwickBenjamin1716.ftw. The files are separately maintained and merged at publication time. If I fail to merge her when I merge the two files, she will appear twice in[SedgwickBenjamin1716.FTW]

Laura Sedgwiwck Parsons is descended from Benjamin Sedgwick and married to a descendant of Benjamin's older brother Ebenezer Sedgwick. Because of this, she appears in both SedgwickSamuel1667.ftw. SedgwickBenjamin1716.ftw. The files are separately maintained and merged at publication time. If I fail to merge her when I merge the two files, she will appear twice in SedgwickRobert1611.ged.

[NI2765] W. L. Sedgwick, pharmacist, appears in Rock Island, Illinois directories, 1885, 1886, 1887 & 1888. Is this him?

[NI2789] During WW1 in France, "Lieut. Malcolm Sedgwick of Souix City, Ia., jumped 300 meters from an observation balloon after it had been shot down by the Germans, getting two bullets through his parachute, but not hurting him." -Chicago Tribune July 8, 1918 (NHCHS MSS B46 Box 9 Folder L page 28)

[NI2872] Died in auto accident abt age 19, on her way to start college with a full musical scholarship.

[NI2873] Coverdell genealogy is included at

[NI2914] C:\a_bk5\F1.TXT

[NI2966] This Sarah does not show up in the records of Francis Morris Sedgwick and Hubert Merrill Sedgwick. I am sure it is because the baptism was recorded erroneaously as "Sarah, daughter of Stephen Shepherd." Stephen Shepherd's daughter Sarah had been baptized earlier that year. Some records claim that Sarah the daughter of William Sedgwick married George Bidwell. I'm sure it's because they had no record of this Sarah. See "Which Sarah Sedgwick married George Bidwell?" in the Miscellanea section at

[NI3030] Was a fellow passenger with Thomas Boyden in the ship "Francis."
Died "aged, infirm and a widower."

[NI3036] Name recorded in CHarlestown birth records as "Benjamin Bowden."

[NI3037] Came to New England on the ship "Francis", departed April 1634, age 21 on passenger list.

[NI3067] They were both murdered by robbers.

[NI3085] There are two Thomasvilles in Georgia, in Fulton and Thomas counties.

[NI3088] Born Fred Sedgwick Ward, he took the name of Fred Ward Sedgwick after his parents were divorced in 1902 and his mother assumed her maiden name of Sedgwick.

[NI3089] Born Charles Henry Ward, he took the name of Sedgwick after his parents were divorced in 1902 and his mother assumed her maiden name of Sedgwick.

[NI3090] Born Leonard Francis Ward, he took the name of Sedgwick after his parents were divorced in 1902 and his mother assumed her maiden name of Sedgwick.

[NI3091] Born Bertha Ethel Ward, she took the name of Sedgwick after her parents were divorced in 1902 and her mother assumed her maiden name of Sedgwick.

[NI3092] Born Elijah Cullen Ward, he took the name of Cullen Warren Sedgwick after his parents were divorced in 1902 and his mother assumed her maiden name of Sedgwick.

[NI3101] For information about the Goslee family, contact Ron Sieber ..

[NI3157] She was a widow.

[NI3158] Roy Mason Sedgwick became involved in genealogy and prepared a document which is on microfilm at the LDS FHC Salt Lake City. I will extract additional data from it as soon as I can.

[NI3172] Her obituary in the ROMAN CITIZEN newspaper, Rome, Oneida County, New York, Friday, November 20, 1885 :

SEDGWICK - At her residence in Verona, New York, November 16, 1885, Mrs. PHILOTHETA SEDGWICK, relict of the late Theron Sedgwick, aged 78 years. (RCNov20/1885) (obit follows)

Mrs. Philotheta Sedgwick died at her home in Verona on Monday, November 16, 1885, aged 78 years. She had been rather frail for some years, but the illness of which she died was only of three days duration. Her eldest son, Mr. Edwin C. Sedgwick, who resides in Newark, New York, came down to visit his mother on Saturday, November 14, 1885, and she was able to go to the door and meet him, but even then the shadow of the death angel's wing was over her. She took to her bed the same day and continued to fail rapidly till her death, which occurred the following Monday. She was buried in
Lowell cemetery Thursday (November 19, 1885). Funeral services being conducted at her late residence by her pastor, Rev. W.C. Taylor, of the Verona Presbyterian Church.
Deceased was a native of Monroe County, NY, where she resided till her marriage, at the age of 18, to her late husband, Theron Sedgwick, who died about two years ago. At that time Mr. Sedgwick occupied a farm in Westmoreland about a mile east of his last place of residence. There they continued to reside till about 1842, when they removed to the farm in Verona where both spent the remainder of their days, and which has been conducted for a number of years past by the youngest son, Mr. Allan Sedgwick. Some fifty-eight years they walked side by side in happy wedlock, and the tie which united them so long was only severed for a brief two years. They have met again on that beautiful shore where there shall be no more partings, and where they will enjoy each other's society through the cycles of a blissful immortality.
Seven children survive her, and while they mourn the loss of one so dear to them they realize that their loss is her eternal gain. The children are three sons and four daughters, viz: -- Edwin C., of Newark, NY; Alfred, of Riga, NY; Allan, of Verona, NY; Mrs. Jerusha Rouse, Glencoe, Minn.; Mrs. Emily Palmer, Churchville, NY; and Mrs. Emily Morton and Mrs. Frances Going, of Rome, NY. (RCNov20/1885)

Note: This gives us the married names of the four daughters.

[NI3178] An Alonzo H Francis was named in an 1865 affadavit persuant to Civil War pension for Riley G Sedgwick as the Guardian of Vernona A Sedgwick and Cora F Sedgwick. Was he Cornelia's father?

[NI3197] In 1890, was still a youth in school, still living with his parents.

[NI3198] In 1890, was still a youth in school, still living with her parents.

[NI3233] "Left home age 16, never heard from."


Thomas R Galwin
Residence Palmer Massachusetts; a 35 year-old farmer.
Enlised on 8/18/62 as a Private
On 8/28/61 he mustered into "F Co. Massachusetts 20th Infantry
He was killed on 7/3/63 at Gettysburg, PA
Buried: D-9 Mass. plot, Gettysburg National Cemetery

[NI3341] Found this at
Biography and Genealogy Master Index (BGMI)
976725 Rogers, Sedgwick C 1919-
American Men & Women of Science. A biographical directory of today's leaders in physical, biological, and related sciences. 12th edition, Physical & Biological Sciences. Seven volumes. New York: R.R. Bowker Co., 1971-1973. (AmMWSc 73P)

[NI3348] No children.

[NI3402] GenForum Sedgwick message 503 posted 8/4/2001 by Ken Cantrell:
I am looking for information on Cullen W. Sedgwick, b. 17 Sep 1923 in Alameda Co, CA and d. 8 Jan 1965 in the Lancaster/Palmdale, CA area. His mothers maiden name was Roberts. He may have had a sister, Betty, b. 18 Mar 1921 in Alameda Co., CA.
By extension, and our real focus, is his wife, Susan Maxine (Hughes) Sedgwick. She had not remarried at the time of the death of her mother, Mary Jane (Bennett) Hughes, in 1975 in Palmdale, CA.
If anyone has any information on either of these or their children, it would be greatly appreciated.

[NI3464] Enterred Christian Herald Society of the Mennonite Faith at age 15. Served as assistant in churches, read and studied before being ordained as a minister.

[NI3468] Member of Calvary Hill Fellowship Church, 4414 Van Kirk St. Philadelphia PA

Funeral conducted by Mannal Funeral Parlor, 6925 Frankford Ave. @ Tysonn

[NI3519] Died at age 5

[NI3532] Census Index shows a Lizzie Spain residing in Pennsylvania in the 1860 census.
The family name " Allaire" probably derived from Lizzie's family. It carries through three generations.

[NI3535] Apparently had three wives, the third being the P A Sedgwick whose name appears on his death certificate. She reportedltly died a few days after he did. (per Carrolyn)

[NI3557] A Charles Sedgwick, age 30, butcher, b. New York appears in the 1850 Census California San Joaquin, District of Stockton, page 295. Is this him?

[NI3568] This record, also in Garfield Cemetery, may a sister and show Julia's parents:
Name: Elizabeth Coutant
Died or Buried: 30 Jun 1870
Age: 14y 1m
Buried: Garfield
County/State: Rensselaer, NY
Notes: town: Stephentown; mother: Mary Coutant; father: George Coutant

[NI3631] There was another Herbert Sedgwick who died Oneida County, New York, October 9 1908, per Rome Sentinel Obituary.

[NI3665] Mary Barnfather's ancestors appear in the genealogy report Descendants of William D. BARNFATHER at the website of Lee Cognetta

[NI3669] Is this his grave? source Rootsweb cemetery records.
Name: Harold S. Reichard
Born: 1900
Died or Buried: 1964
Buried: Sand Lake Union
Section: 1R
County/State: Rensselaer, NY
Notes: town: Sand Lake; wife: Ruth E. Leonard

[NI3695] In the 1914 Directory of North Adams, Massachusetts, there is an Edward G Sedgwick home 165 River, employee of Flagg's stables. Mrs Eliza Sedgwick, same address is an employee of Weber Brothers. This is likely to tbe this Edward Sedgwick.

[NI3701] Irving Sedgwick's first wife; they divorced.

[NI3704] Irving Sedgwick's second wife; they divorced.

[NI3705] Irving Sedgwick's third wife.

[NI3710] Irving Sedgwick's fourth wife, died in childbirth.

[NI3712] Irving Sedgwick's fifth wife, with whom he was living in Brooklyn in 1911.

[NI3778] Obituary: Daily Gazette, Schenectady, N.Y., March 4, 2002
Carrington Family Genealogy Forum Message #930
Pittsfield -- Mariellen “Patty” Carrington Jefferies Elger, 82, of Briarwood Lane, Pittsfield, died Saturday at Berkshire Medical Center. Resident of Pittsfield for the past 20 years. Prior to moving to Pittsfield, she had been a resident of Hinsdale for 20 years.
Born in North Adams, August 19, 1922, daughter of Francis and Frances Sedgewick Carrington, she was orphaned at age six, and went to live with her aunt, Edna May Sedgewick in Schenectady, N.Y.
Member of St. Martin's Episcopal Parish.
Married Rene A. Elger August 19, 1950, in Pittsfield.
She is also survived by two sons, Robert A. Elger of Cheshire, and David F. Elger of Daytona Beach, Fla., two daughters, Leslie Lee “Penny” Gallagher of Pittsfield, and M. Susan Force of Schenectady.
A son, Bruce S. Jefferies, died in 1988; a daughter, Deborah Ann Elger, who died in 1951; her brother, Jay Robert Carrington, died in 1948.
Dery Funeral home.
Burial in Southview Cemetery, North Adams.

Note that there are two surviving daughters, but I don't know which husbands are their fathers.

[NI3851] Member Society of Mayflower Descendants through her mother Sally Sedgwick Sanford.

[NI3877] Member Society of Mayflower Descendants, descendant of Governor Bradford.

[NI4003] Embarked on a whaling voyage in New Bedford, Mass., and was never heard from.

[NI4327] In 1645 John Harwood and his wife Elizabeth lived in Boston. In 1657 they "sold out" and returned to England.

[NI4365] Daniel Kniffen came as a youn gman to Michigan with Mr Ira Preston, then married his daughter Emily Preston.

[NI4435] Enlisted in Company E, 5th Infantry Regiment Wisconsin on 16 August 1864 as a Sergeant, was Wounded on 02 April 1865 [battle of Petersburg, Virginia], Absent, wounded on 11 July 1865. Sources: Roster of Wisconsin Volunteers: War of the Rebellion. (WIRoster) Published in 1886. Invalid Pension Filed Feb 12 1879, Widow's Pension Filed Sep 1, 1900.
There was an "Ensign Chubbick" in the 1850 Census New York, Oneida, Marshall, page 158, age 19, Farm Laborer b. New York. Thnk it's him?
There was a "Jefferson Chubbick" in the 1850 Census New York, Madison, Cazenovia page 84, age 41 b. New York, with wife Francis and five children ages 15 to 1. Name is spelled "Chubbock" in 1860. Could Thomas Ensign Chubbock be the oldest child?

[NI4456] Adopted when 1 month old.

[NI4462] Deborah Sedgwick did not appear in any of the records compiled by the early Sedgwick genealogists. I found this birth record on December 4, 20001 at Her number would be 21561, but I am not going to use it, as that number is already assigned to sister Hannah, and it would create havoc with the numbering system for all the descendants of Ira.

[NI4463] In 1880 Augustine's mother's name was Salina B Hall; it is possible that she had remarried and that Hall was not Augustine's maiden name.

[NI4480] Gilbert Hamilton Robinson was descended from Robert Bruce. Came to US when small child.

[NI4534] Apparently had other children; Charlotte's siblings are listed in GenForum Sedgiwck message 567 as Bertha, Minnie, Margaret and Robert. Half brothers: Henry and Arthur Wilson. (Did Mary remarry Arthur Wilson?)
A Robert Bloe is listed in Samilac County Index to Deaths Book 2 page 305, apparently died about 1908-1909.

[NI4547] In the book "History of the State of Kansas" by William G Cutler
published 1883, A T Andreas, Chicago, IL
Shawnee County Part 46
appears this bio of O Leroy Sedgwick:
O. LEROY SEDGWICK, agent for the sale of Pottawatomie Lands and abstractor, came to Kansas in 1870 and located in St. Mary's as sole agent for Pottawatomie Railroad and Indian lands. Remained in St. Mary's until 1878 and came to Rossville with the removal of his central office to this place. Has been very successful in business and has by constant and assiduous effort made Rossville the center of Pottawatomie land market. Mr. Sedgwick has a most complete set of abstract books, embracing the original Indian allotment roll, from Government records and a complete abstract record of all original Indian titles, situated in Shawnee, Pottawatomie, Wabaunsee, and Jackson counties, so that the title any tract of land may be readily traced through all of its transfers to the final grantor, insuring the purchaser an accurate abstract of title. Mr. S. conducted the Kansas Valley Times from the date of its establishment at St. Mary's in 1874, and after its removal to Rossville in 1878 until its final sale, June 15, 1882, when the outfit was removed to Topeka. He was editor and proprietor of this journal and its success is attested by the testimony of the leading citizens of Rossville. Mr. S. was also engaged in banking a few years in St. Mary's. He was born in Brooklyn, N. Y., February 19, 1847; remained in his native city until twenty-three years of age; did business in New York City in dry goods importing. Erected his present handsome residence in 1880 at a cost of $4,000 and his commodious office in 1882 at a cost of $1,500. Had also a well arranged barn, containing two good teams and carriages for the convenience of parties desiring to look at land. Has also windmill and pump with hose attached, to be used in case of fire or for irrigating purposes. He was married December 23, 1868, at New York City, Miss Mary A. Chadsey, a daughter of A. J. Chadsey, a prominent physician of that city. Is a member of Rossville Lodge, No. 75, A. O. U. W. and Topeka Lodge No. 787, K. of H.

[NI4579] I wish to contact descendants of Cora F. SEDGWICK who married Dennis K. WINN. She was born 26 May 1862 in Constantia, Oswego Co., the daughter of Riley SEDGWICK and Cornelia FRANCIS. She had one sibling, a brother Vernon, who was my grandfather. Cora and Dennis WINN lived in New York Mills and had eight children: Frances E. Winn Hendrix, Jesse Winn, Marion Winn Safford, George Winn, Clarence Winn, Helen Winn Wilson, Harold Winn, and Lora Winn D'Aprix. My mother, Leita, corresponded with Lora until the sixties. Please contact me. Phoebe Roquemore Phoebe Roquemore 4746 County Road 45, Steubenville, OH 43952

[NI4626] Walter may have died before 1920. He does not appear with his mother in the 1920 census, and there is no mention of him in the article about his father Irving M Sedgwick in Francis and Hubert Sedgwick's manuscripts.

[NI4776] "Mrs Bernice Betz" maiden name unknown


Allison Coulter SEDGWICK (1912-2001) (obit.)
Author: Peggy B. Perazzo Date: 10 May 2002 3:11 PM GMT
Classification: Obituary
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Allison Coulter Sedgwick

Allison Coulter Sedgwick, daughter of Joel Wright Coulter and Edna Alice Barlow, died Oct. 28, 2001, at home in Davis, giving up a struggle with Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease.

As a bright, curious woman, she enjoyed a noteworthy and diversified life as a businesswoman in the financial marketplace, with friends, civic duties, religious studies, travel and performance arts taking priority. In the 1970s she was president of the Kern Unit of the American Cancer Society, subsequently becoming State Division Board representative, and member of the Board of Directors in 1981.

Additionally, as a third-generation Californian, she was a popular lecturer on historical California women throughout the state. A consistent theme throughout her life was her open-minded approach toward new ideas and a friendly attitude motivating communication.

Born in Los Angeles on July 27, 1912, she moved as an infant with her parents to their ranch in Kern County near Bakersfield. She was home taught until fourth grade, when she enrolled at Buena Vista School in a one-room country school on the corner of the family's section of land.

Her family returned to Los Angeles in 1927 where she graduated from Marlborough High School. Attending the University of California, Los Angeles, she was a member of the Kappa Alpha Theta sorority and earned a bachelor's degree in botany. In the late 1950s she attended Cal State University, Fresno, and received an elementary teaching credential.

Life milestones included living on Oahu during the Pearl Harbor bombing on Dec. 7, 1941; marrying Dr. Frederick Paul Sedgwick, a third-generation doctor, in 1942; and the birth of their daughter Deborah Coulter Sedgwick. Her ancestral family migrated from Scotland and Ireland and England in the 1700s, settling in both the north and southern territories of the new world. Transportation links from the East Coast brought the pioneering families to Los Angeles on the distaff side by the Lewis and Clark Trail, establishing the Barlow Toll Road, while on the staff side from Clarksville, Tenn., by the Transcontinental Railway in 1877. Both families were entrepreneurs.

In 1980 she moved to Boise, Idaho, where she continued managing her business while organizing lectures for brown-bag lunches at the Idaho Historical Museum and earning a Master Gardener certificate through the University of Idaho Cooperative Extension. In 1995 she moved to Davis, where she set up residency near her daughter's family. As a strong promoter of the arts, she joined The Friends of UCD Presents and donated significantly to the UC Davis Center for the Arts campaign.

Additionally, she was a benefactor of Northern California Children's Therapy Center in Woodland both ideologically as well as contributing significantly in the name of Lisa Brittan, supporting the vital work of the therapists and staff providing quality therapies for children with a variety of special needs. CTC has named a therapy room in her memory.

She also participated in the Oregon Shakespeare Festival's new theater fund in Ashland.

She leaves behind her daughter, Deborah Sedgwick Brittan and son-in-law Kent, and two grandchildren Laurel and Lisa Brittan; her sister-in-law, Janet Coulter Poteete and her children Suzanne Mulvehill, Becky Rogers, Colleen Bellue, Reese Coulter and Joel Barlow Coulter; and first cousin Jane Inch Gessler of Oakland.

On her husband's side she leaves her sister-in-law, Emily Sedgwick Stone, and her remaining child John Sedgwick Stone; and nieces and nephews, Richard Sedgwick of Alma, Dr. Robert Clinton Sedgwick of Louisville, Ky., and Emily Ann Sedgwick of Torrance.

Donations in her memory may be sent to the Northern Children's Therapy Center, 96 W Main St., Woodland, CA 95695. The center is a public benefit nonprofit corporation (EIN 68-0309705).

(Obituary from the "The Davis Enterprise," Friday, November 9, 2001, (Yolo County). Submitted with the permission of the "The Davis Enterprise," 315 G Street, Davis, CA 95616, . Please note: I am not related to the family listed above, and I do not have any further information on this family.)

[NI4835] Sunday Knight Sedgwick was apparently named after a race horse his father owned.

[NI4842] Rome (Oneida, New York) Sentinel Deaths - 1908
Copyright (c) Kathleen Last
Sedgwick, Herbert 9-Oct-08

[NI4904] [SedgwickBenjamin1716.FTW]

Quote from "A Sedgwick Genealogy"
Theodore was but thirteen years old when his father died. Through the assistance of his brother, John, he was enabled to attend Yale College for a time, although he did not graduate. After leaving college he took up the study of divinity but soon abandoned it for the law. He studied with Mark Hopkins of Great Barrington, Mass., the grandfather of Mark Hopkins, the distinguished later president of Williams College, leaving the home of his father at Cornwall, Conn., a distance of some twenty-five miles. He was admitted to the bar of Berkshire County, Mass, in April, 1776, and commenced practice in Sheffield, just across the border from Connecticut, and represented that town in the Massachusetts General Court or legislature. In 1776 he removed too Great Barrington and in 1785 to Stockbridge, Mass., where he made his home for the rest of his life. He built in 1785at Stockbridge the Sedgwick House, which has remained in the family ever since, has recently been placed in the hands of trustees, two of whom are great great grandsons of the Judge and a third who is the widow of another great great grandson. The purpose of this trust as stated in the preamble is "to maintain the House which for 160 years has sheltered descendants of its founder, Judge Theodore Sedgwick; to perpetuate a family tradition and to form a continuing bond between the scattered members of the family." It is a historic Sedgwick family heirloom and contains many invaluable family possessions, notably portraits.
Up to the final break with the mother country his loyalty to the crown was unshaken. In July 1774 he acted as secretary of two meetings, one of lawyers and another of citizens, both held at Berkshire County, to formulate a practical course of peaceful resistance to British Usurpation. At the outset of the Revolutionary War he sided with the Colonies and ardently supported the cause of American Independence.
He served on the staff of General John Thomas's siege of Quebec and during the later part of that year and throughout 1777 he was commissary for the Northern Department of the Army and was active in securing and forwarding army supplies. He received many state and federal honors. He was a delegate to the convention which formed the Constitution of Massachusetts and of that which ratified the Federal Constitution; was District Attorney in the Western District of Massachusetts and later Attorney General of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.
He was a member of the old Continental Congress, 1785-1786; was elected to the first Federal Congress, 1789 and was returned to the Lower House for the next six sessions or until 1796. He was then chosen United States Senator for three years serving as President pro tem one session. In 1799 he was returned to the Lower House and was chosen speaker 1799-1801.
In 1802 he was appointed to the Supreme Court of Massachusetts, where he continued to serve until his death in 1813. Shortly after the adoption of the Massachusetts constitution he was counsel for Elizabeth Freeman (called Mumbet) a negro slave who had fled from her master on account of bad treatment. The court ruled that she was free, thus making the earliest application of the Massachusetts Bill of Rights that "all men are born free and equal." This decision was later upheld by the Supreme Court after Judge Sedgwick became a member.
The woman was so grateful that she became a member of the Sedgwick household for life. She took care of the children was buried in the family plot by the side of Catharine M., and her grave marked by a monument.

[NI4936] [SedgwickBenjamin1716.FTW]

Rector of St Stephens Church, Philadelphia.

[NI4969] [SedgwickBenjamin1716.FTW]

"She had more than a hundred descendants." (When she died.)

[NI4980] [SedgwickBenjamin1716.FTW]

Invented heating and lighting appliances. He was the acknowledged inventor of steam heating as it applied to dwellings, having developed an automatic regulating feature which made it safe and economical.

[NI4982] [SedgwickBenjamin1716.FTW]

There was much ado about the marriage of Harriet Ruggles Gold to the Cherokee Indian Elias "Buck Watie" Boudinot. Read about it in the source book "A Sedgiwck Genealogy: Descendants of Deacon Benjamin Sedgwick", which I hope to have online soon at If it turns out that that will not happen, I will teranscribe the excerpt and put it online. A descendant of these two has contacted me through Her name is Helen, and her website (1999) is at

[NI5115] [SedgwickBenjamin1716.FTW]

For more information about Livingston Whitney, contact Allen Whittemore >

[NI5289] [SedgwickBenjamin1716.FTW]

No children.

[NI5290] [SedgwickBenjamin1716.FTW]

No children.

[NI5291] [SedgwickBenjamin1716.FTW]

No children.

[NI5295] [SedgwickBenjamin1716.FTW]

The Liberty ship T.S. Gold was launched Jan 23 1945, at the yards of the New England Shipbuilding Corporation at South Portland ME.

[NI5377] [SedgwickBenjamin1716.FTW]

Hubert Sedgwick listedher name incorrectly as "Aurora Arquilla"

[NI5400] [SedgwickBenjamin1716.FTW]

After her mother died when she was two, she ws raised by her father's parents in Germany near the Baltic Sea.

[NI5474] [SedgwickBenjamin1716.FTW]

"He was a member of the family for which Cleveland was named..."

[NI5475] [SedgwickBenjamin1716.FTW]

"He was a member of the family for which Cleveland was named..."

[NI5523] [SedgwickBenjamin1716.FTW]

Wrote History of Sharon Connecticut. Made many contributions to New England Historical and Genealogical Quarterly.

[NI5524] [SedgwickBenjamin1716.FTW]

Hartford, Connecticut City Directory, 1864-65:
Sedgwick Albert, Com'r School FUnd, h. 32 Buck st
Sedgwick Buell, clerk, office sc'l fund, bds. 32 Buck st
Sedgwick Chas F, bds. 32 Buck st
Sedgwick Dwight, bookkeeper, bds. City hotel

[NI5528] [SedgwickBenjamin1716.FTW]

Betsy Swan is the sister of Caroline E Swan who married Frederic Sedgwick, according to a letter written by Caroline.

[NI5532] [SedgwickBenjamin1716.FTW]

He joined the gold rush to California in 1852. He made the trip by boat around Cape Horn. He became the Sheriff of Tuolomne County.

Sheriffs of San Francisco
John Sedgwick (1882 - 1882)
"In addition to being Sheriff of San Francisco, John Sedgwick was also Superintendent of Jails, then a separate position in City government. He also served as Collector of Internal Revenues and as Chief Clerk in the House of Representatives"

[NI5537] [SedgwickBenjamin1716.FTW]

This woman's baby died, then a month later her husband died.

[NI5551] [SedgwickBenjamin1716.FTW]

Died in a fire that destroyed his home.

[NI5559] [SedgwickBenjamin1716.FTW]

Immigrated 1874 (age about 2) -1920 census

[NI5566] [SedgwickBenjamin1716.FTW]

Blinded at Okinawa, WWII.

[NI5590] [SedgwickBenjamin1716.FTW]

No Children.

[NI5617] [SedgwickBenjamin1716.FTW]

No children.

[NI5618] [SedgwickBenjamin1716.FTW]

Visited Genealogist George Sedgwick at his office in Chicago March 5, 1855.

[NI5628] [SedgwickBenjamin1716.FTW]

No children.

[NI5632] [SedgwickBenjamin1716.FTW]

About age thirty, Henry went to Alaska in the Gold rush. Returned before 1903, as he married then in Hartford. No children.

[NI5692] [SedgwickBenjamin1716.FTW]

Buell was tail gunner on a B-17 Flying Fortress. The plane was shot down over Germany on huis 22nd mission. He was taken prisoner by the Germans and freed by the Russians.

[NI5709] [SedgwickBenjamin1716.FTW]

Died young, no children.

[NI5710] [SedgwickBenjamin1716.FTW]

Died young, no children.

[NI5716] [SedgwickBenjamin1716.FTW]

No children.

[NI5729] [SedgwickBenjamin1716.FTW]

Chicago TRIBUNE Dec. 29, 1903, page 10.
SEDGWICK-- Katherine L., Dec. 28, 1903, widow of Albert Sedgwick, and mother of Albert Sedgwick and Mrs. E. A. Titcomb. Funeral Tuesday, Dec. 29, at 10 a.m., at late residence, 27 North Madison-av., La Grange, Ill. Interment at Rosehill.
One website featuring Rosehill:

[NI5760] [SedgwickBenjamin1716.FTW]

Died at age 14.

[NI5761] [SedgwickBenjamin1716.FTW]

Died young.

[NI5818] [SedgwickBenjamin1716.FTW]

Frank and Ruth moved from Chicago to Western Springs, Illinois, in 1947. In 1963, they moved to Oakbrook, Illinois. Retirement years were spent in California and Nevada where Frank maintained his art studio and continued painting.

[NI5821] [SedgwickBenjamin1716.FTW]

As an artist, Sally is known as Sara Sawyer. Her husband and two daughters are also artists. The family lived and worked in Andalucia, Spain, for many years. Sally's art work is in private collections in Europe.
Sara's web site:

[NI5858] [SedgwickBenjamin1716.FTW]

"He left home as a young man and his address is unknown." - A Sedgwick Genealogy page 84

[NI5867] [SedgwickBenjamin1716.FTW]

"...came to this country as one fof the famous Norwegian Sloopers ..." Does anyone know what this means? -densedg@sedgwick.orgg

[NI5881] [SedgwickBenjamin1716.FTW]

These notes were supplied by Rodney Barnes January 29, 2000:

Justus Barnes was born in Litchfield, Litchfield, Connecticut, March 17. 1787. In 1812 he was married to
Annie Sedgwick of Litchfield who was born August 27 , 1794. They settled in Portage County, Ohio, the same year, while the country was a wilderness. They had no neighbors, except Indians, nearer than a mile., and they had to subsist on pounded corn for considerable time. Mr. Barnes was drafted into the Army during the War pf 1812 but did not serve very long. In 1824 he moved to Ruggles Township (then in Huron County), Ohio, and came to Clarksfield about 1833, settling on the farm north of the Hayes Mill. In 1854 he moved to Iowa and died there in 1861 and his wife died in 1873. Mr. and Mrs. Barnes had nine children, only four of which lived to maturity, Henry Sedgwick, Francis, Edward R. and Louisa.

Henry S., (or Sedgwick, as he was called) married Lydia Gray in 1835 and lived in several different farms in the township and died at his home on the Butler road in 1894 in the 79th year of his age. His children are Alonzo, Theodore, Frank, Samuel, Ashley and Ida.

Francis Barnes was married to Rachel M. Starr in 1837 and lived in this township until 1854 when he moved to Iowa. They had three children Anna, Justus and Henry all living in Iowa. He died in Iowa in 1886.

Edward R. Barnes married Eliza Ann Dutton and lived in this township until after 1851 He now lives in Michigan.

Louisa married Lucien Reed of Oberlin and died in Michigan.

Pioneer History of Clarksfield By Dr. F. E. Weeks in 1908 Wakeman Public Library, Wakeman, Ohio

Justus Barnes, Anna (Sedgwick) WC-5582, m 3 Apr 1812 Litchfield, Cty Ct.
sd 28 Apr 1861 Johnson Cty IA, srv McArthur’s Co OH Mil
lived Huron Cty. OH & Johnson Cty IA, wid also lived in Poweshiek cty IA.-
Index to War pf 1812 Pension Files Vol. 1 by Virigil D, White Vol. 1A-F 355 1151 Milan Public Library Milan, Ohio

[NI5886] [SedgwickBenjamin1716.FTW]

"He moved first to Ohio then farther west..."

[NI5889] [SedgwickBenjamin1716.FTW]

"Probably died in the U.S> Army during the early part of the Civil War", but the only James Landon who is listed as dying in the Civil War was fom Michigan. (

[NI5924] [SedgwickBenjamin1716.FTW]

"Philo Collins was sixth generation from John Collins of Boston, who came with his wife Susanna from England in 1644."

[NI5927] [SedgwickBenjamin1716.FTW]

Killed by a Confederate sharpshooter. See more about Major General John Sedgwick at

[NI5989] [SedgwickBenjamin1716.FTW]

"born ... in the house that Major General John Sedgwick built during the civil war for his home."

[NI5994] [SedgwickBenjamin1716.FTW]

In 1919 he bought the old Sedgwick Homestead. In 1941 he erected a new house there.

[NI6027] [SedgwickBenjamin1716.FTW]

Obituary published in the Los Angeles Times on 3/28/2004:
Sedgwick, David Shaun (61) Coto de Caza, CA, died Saturday morning, March 20, at his home after an extended illness. He was President of Encompass Recruiting, an Engineering placement firm in Mission Viejo.
Born on November 23, 1942, son of Volney Sedgwick and Florence Matthews Sedgwick, he graduated from Pittsfield MA High School. He served in the US Navy for four years. He had a long career in sales, serving as Vice President of Sales for national leather goods companies. He leaves his wife, Beverly Davidson Sedgwick; son David Shaun Sedgwick II; daughters Shannell Angela Sedgwick and Shannon Colleen Sedgwick, grandson Jack Marion Sedgwick and daughter-in-law, Lillie Sedgwick. Other survivors are his brother, Philip Sedgwick; sisters, Sharron Parzick and Pamela Penttila; brother-in-law David Penttila; former wife C. LuAnn Baxter, stepdaughter Andrea Garrett, former son-in-law Michael Kitzman and several nieces and nephews. He was predeceased by his parents and stepmother Thelma Jane Sedgwick of KC, MO. A memorial service was held on March 22 at 2 p.m. at New Community Church in Irvine with Pastor Tim Timmons officiating. A celebration of David's life followed at his home. His remains will be scattered at the General John Sedgwick Cemetery in Cornwall, CT. David had a long struggle with inoperable cancer; therefore, those who wish may make donations to the American Cancer Fund.

[NI6062] [SedgwickBenjamin1716.FTW]

"He is credited with making the first speech for the abolition of slaves on the floor of Congress."

[NI6165] [SedgwickBenjamin1716.FTW]

"Drowned aged 12 years."

[NI6226] [SedgwickBenjamin1716.FTW]

At the birth of the unnamed son, mother and baby both died.

[NI6245] [SedgwickBenjamin1716.FTW]

For more information about the Movius family, contact John Movius ..

[NI6287] [SedgwickBenjamin1716.FTW]

His plane was shot down over Holland on D-Day.

[NI6407] [SedgwickBenjamin1716.FTW]

He made notable contributions to the training of recogition of enemy aircraft and ships.

[NI6414] [SedgwickBenjamin1716.FTW]

Worked on research projects for the US Navy, including de-gaussing and RADAR.

[NI6434] [SedgwickBenjamin1716.FTW]

Biological mother's maiden name was Helen Clark

[NI6449] [SedgwickBenjamin1716.FTW]

If a birthdate is ever found for her, inform Anne Brown at the Marble Cemetery ..

[NI6458] [SedgwickBenjamin1716.FTW]

Sedgwick Avenue in, New York City was named after him, as was Sedgwick Village.

[NI6459] [SedgwickBenjamin1716.FTW]

During the Civile War, George was wounded at Antietam and is believed to have died from his wounds an to be buried in an unmarked grave. Accordiong to the American Civil War Research and Genealogy Database, a George Sedgwick age 28 enlisted at Palmyra, New York on 8/25/62, age 28, and didn't survive the war. Is this him?

[NI6476] [SedgwickBenjamin1716.FTW]

Moved to Malawi as a missionary.

[NI6478] [SedgwickBenjamin1716.FTW]

Raised in Germany by her paternal Grandparents, as heer mother died two weeks after she was born.

[NI6483] [SedgwickBenjamin1716.FTW]

Knew Hitler and worked with him from about 1921 to 1934, then left Germany to Zurich, London, New York, and back to London. Was interred at London then Canada during WWII. When released in 1947 he returned to Bavaria.

The FBI Kept a file on him, now available due to the Freedomof Information Act:

[NI6486] [SedgwickBenjamin1716.FTW]

Spent much of his youth in Germany. Left Germany in 1939 to go to the United Stateds to attend Harvard.

[NI6504] [SedgwickBenjamin1716.FTW]

His commissions as lieutenant and captain in the army were signed by George Washington.

[NI6518] [SedgwickBenjamin1716.FTW]

There is a marriage record for an E.D. Sedgwick and Mamie Fyack, February 22, 1871 in Clay County, Missouri. One Nanny Fyock b. Pennsylvania lived in 1870 with George Washington Sedgwick. His wife in 1880 is listed Nannie, b. Pennsylvania. It appears that Nancy Jane Grossnichol and Nannie Fyock are the same person.

[NI6587] [SedgwickBenjamin1716.FTW]

Obituary in the Indiana Register, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Oct 14, 1862:
DIED. In this place, on October 8th, of Diptheria, MRS. MARGARET P. SEDGWICK,
wife of G.W. SEDGWICK, ESQ., aged 29 years, 5 months and 4 days.
The deceased was a member of the Presbyterian church of this place, and
manifested her piety in her daily intercourse with those with whom she
associated. She was a kind and indulgent mother, and leaves ( ).
She was highly esteemed by those who associated with her. Peace to her ashes.

[NI6597] [SedgwickBenjamin1716.FTW]

" ... died when a young man."

[NI6624] [SedgwickBenjamin1716.FTW]

Went to California for five years and returned.

[NI6737] [SedgwickBenjamin1716.FTW]

He was a forst cousin of Martin Van Buren.

[NI6756] [SedgwickBenjamin1716.FTW]

More info about the ancestry of John and Jeremiah Atwater can be found in the book "A Genealogical Register of the Descendants in the Male Line of David Atwater, One of the Original Planters of New Haven, CT" printed 1873 New Haven, Connecticut, Morehouse and Taylor, and online at

[NI6761] [SedgwickBenjamin1716.FTW]

"died within a year of their marriage of smallpox contracted in nursing her husband through the disease."

[NI6767] [SedgwickBenjamin1716.FTW]

Founder of Williams College.

[NI6779] [SedgwickBenjamin1716.FTW]

"Miss Sedgwick was the very first noted female writer in the United States." - A Sedgwick Genealogy: Descendants of Deacon Benjamin Sedgwick, page 241.

[NI6790] [SedgwickBenjamin1716.FTW]

"killed in a railway accident May 6, 1853, at Norwalk Conn."

[NI6840] [SedgwickBenjamin1716.FTW]

Phil Deely has spent thirty years as a development professional, educator,
headmaster, andconsultant. He is experienced instrategic planning, pre-fund
raising readiness assessments, board/staffretreats, volunteer training and
capital campaign coordination. In the course of his career Phil has raised
over $40.0 million in capital campaigns
Phil wasemployed as the Associate Director/External Relations at the Norman
RockwellMuseum from 1989 until 1998. He helped the museum reinvigorate and
successfully conclude The Campaign for Norman Rockwell to construct the new
museum building opened in 1999 and participated in theorganization of the
museum’s national tour 1999-2001.
Phil spent twenty years inindependent education. He was Principal
of Emma Willard School in Troy, New York,Associate Headmaster and Academic Dean of
the Ethel Walker School in SimsburyCT and chairman of the History Department
at Foxcroft School in Middleburg, VA.
A resident of Tyringham, Massachusetts Phil is an active volunteer. .
He servedas chairman of the board at Berkshire Country Day School in Lenox,
Massachusetts and chairof the development committee for the Austen Riggs Center. He
travels throughout the United States andCanada as a Governance through
Partnership facilitator for the National Association of Independent Schools.
He serves as treasurer of a major private foundation and is a donor-advisor
to the BerkshireTaconic Community Foundation. A graduate of Hobart College
[BA] and theUniversity of Chicago [Massachusetts], in 1980 he was named a Klingenstein
Fellow atTeachers College/Columbia University and studied at Harvard
University and Exeter College [Oxford].
-Received from Phil Deely 3/8/2001.

[NI6918] [SedgwickBenjamin1716.FTW]

"She attended the private school kept in Stockbridge, Mass., by Miss Catharine Sedgwick, the authoress."

[NI7128] [SedgwickBenjamin1716.FTW]

Died in a mid-air collision while flying a training exercise.

[NI7207] [SedgwickBenjamin1716.FTW]

During the Civil War, he was captured at Deep Bottom, VA and sent to Libby Prison. His diary was printed as an article entitled
Libby Prison; the Civil War diary of Arthur G. Sedgwick, by William M. Armstrong
in the Virginia magazine of history and biography.
Richmond, Virginia Historical Society, 1963. v. 71, no. 4, October 1963. p. 449-460
a copy is available at
Western Reserve Historical Society Library, Cleveland, Ohio
Call# F16A V817 v.71, no.4

[NI7255] [SedgwickBenjamin1716.FTW]

"She married June 10, 1938, Eero Saarinen, sculptor and architect, son of Eliel Saarinen, a Finnish sculptor. Both were born in Finland. The group headed by Eero, which included his father and his wife, received February 19, 1948, the Jefferson National Memorial Association's $40,000 award for a Mississippi River front memorial design to commemorate Thomas Jefferson, the Louisiana Purchase and the opening of the West. The winning design was described as a work of architectural genius, in the same class as the Washington Monument. Its principal feature is a stainless steel arch 590 feet high, representing "The Gateway to the West." It will frame the old St. Louis Courthouse as seen by travelers approaching the east across the Mississippi River. " -A Sedgwick Genealogy: Descendants of Deacon Benjamin Sedgwick, page 220.

[NI7272] [SedgwickBenjamin1716.FTW]

For many years he was the editor of the Atlantic Monthly. His autobiography: "The Happy Profession" published 1946 by Little, Brown & Company.

[NI7278] [SedgwickBenjamin1716.FTW]

The following information was transcribed by Sarah A Batchelor, a Minturn family researcher from Robert Minturn Sedgwick's obituary in the (Wednesday) January 7, 1976 edition of the, New York Times:

R. Minturn Sedgwick, a Boston financial counselor, died Monday at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. He was 76 years old and lived in Cambridge. Mr Sedgwick was with Scudder,Stevens and Clarke in Boston from 1927 to 1963 when he formed his own concern, Sedgwick Financial Services Inc. with which he was associated at his death. A Democrat, Mr Sedgwick was president of the Massachusetts Electoral College in 1940 and former treasurer and vice chairman of the Massachusetts Democratic State Committee. He graduated from Harvard in 1921 and from the Harvard Graduate School of Business Administration in 1924. In World War II he served in the Eighth Air Force in Britain attaining the rank of Lt. Col. He is survived by his wife the former Emily Ames Lincoln, three sons and three daughters.

[NI7286] [SedgwickBenjamin1716.FTW]

The following message was posted at the GenForum SedgwickForum

I used to be Henry Dwight Sedgwick III
Posted by: Henry Dwight Sedgwick Stern
Date: December 04, 1999 at 20:27:02

My mother, Helen Burroughs, was married to Henry D Sedgwick, and had 3 children: Henry(that's me),Michael,& Holly.After 6 yrs, my parents were divorced. My father later remarried Patricia Rosenwald,(subseqently getting divorced from her as well),but while married to her,had 3 more kids,(my half siblings): Rob,Nikko,& Kyra;(the actress). Incidentally, my mother remarried Philip M. Stern & THEN her last name was Stern. My father,(Henry D. Sedgwick), was absent from my life for most of my childhood, after his divorce from my mother.Consequently,as a teenager, I was officially adopted by my stepfather, Philip Stern (grandson of Julius Rosenwald, founder Sears Roebuck & a progressive philanthropist; not related to Kyra's mom I think!?).

So,you have Kyra's mother wrong.(Understandably, it is a confusing mish-mash - punctuated with divorce, remarriage,& name changing adoption). I must admit, having been a Sedgwick, I still feel like one in many ways.(Genetic psychology, I guess). I still am in touch with my "biologic" father; and really like Rob, Nikko, and Kyra.(However, you won't see me changing my name back,or get me into the Pie in Stockbridge).

My hair stood on end when I saw this bit of coincidence in the geneology: the first Henry D. Sedgwick III,(my great grandfather, known as "babbo"), was born exactly 90 yrs. before my birthday. His was 24 Sep,1861. My birthday is 24 Sep,1951. Yikes. Is this true? I have a picture with him holding me when I was a baby. No wonder he was beaming at the time. Anyway, whoever is in charge can double-check the above facts I've stated. Again, given the confusing circumstances, an easy one to goof up.

[NI7327] [SedgwickBenjamin1716.FTW]

Patriot Ledger, Quincy, Massachusetts, October 10, 1994, page 27
Sarah Cabot Sedgwick, Milton Academy teacher
BOSTON -- Sarah Cabot Sedgwick, 89, of Boston, a teacher at Milton Academy for many years, died Friday in the University of Virginia Hospital.
Mrs. Sedgwick taught drama at Milton Academy from 1945 to 1971.
She was a member of the board of the Samaritans for many years.
Mrs. Sedgwick co-wrote the history of Stockbridge on the occasion of the town's centennial.
She was born in Boston.
Wife of the late William Ellery Sedgwick, she is survived by a son, Alexander Sedgwick of Charlottesville, Va.; a daughter, Sarah Sedgwick Ginocchio of Milton; five grandchildren, and a great-grandchild.
A funeral service will be held at 12:30 p.m. Thursday at Trinity Church, Copley Square, Boston. Burial will be in Stockbridge.
Arrangements were made by the J.S. Waterman & Sons-Eastman-Waring Funeral Home of Boston.
Donations may be made to the Samaritans, 500 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, 02115.

[NI7340] [SedgwickBenjamin1716.FTW]

No children.

[NI7343] [SedgwickBenjamin1716.FTW]

Moved to Arizona when young for health reasons.
Atttended school at Wickenburg, Maricopa, Arizona.
Law degree from University of Arizona.
Met Paula Knipe at an intercollegiate rodeo in Tucson.
HIs obituary was at:

[NI7357] [SedgwickBenjamin1716.FTW]

William Ellery was a signer of the Declaration of Independence.

[NI7438] [SedgwickBenjamin1716.FTW]

Samuel Cabot Sedgwick
died October 7, 2002. He was preceded in death by his mother, Paula Knipe. He is survived by his beloved wife, Gullermina A. Sedgwick of 27 years. She cared for him throughout his life and illness. Their son, Samuel E. Sedgwick; their daughters, Catherine T. Sedgwick and Maria P. Sedgwick; father, Cabot Sedgwick; sisters, Henrietta Barassi, Paulita Sedgwick, and Susana Sedgwick; brother, John A. Sedgwick; as well as numerous in-laws, cousins, nephews and nieces.
Samuel was born on September 1, 1949 in Bilbao, Spain. He was raised throughout many corners of the world, which gave him a great appreciation for many walks of life. He attended Syracuse school of journalism, got a B.A. in International Business at the Monterrey Institute of Foreign Language. He then spent a year at Thunderbird College before receiving his first Masters in Business Management at the UA. In 1999 he returned to the University to attain a Masters of Arts.
Sam began a career as an executive for Ford Motor Company in Detroit, Michigan, he was in charge of parts distribution in Central and South America for seven years. Then moved to Nogales, Arizona in 1982 and began his dream of ranching. Part owner, owner, and manager of three different ranches; Santo Nino, Tordillo, and Los Alisos. He was a cowboy's cowboy, Sam did most all of the ranch work himself. He also decided to educate himself on the animal and flora life of the Southwest. In 1986 he attended the School of Agricultural Science in Kansas City graduating with a degree. He used a lot of this knowledge late on during his trips to Mexico. Sam became fascinated with a little known Guarijillo tribe, lost in the western Sierra Madre. For 10 years he spent time befriending these people, learning the culture and environment. They admired him greatly and rewarded him with an exclusive opportunity to write about their society which he did extensively. Sam was a larger than life individual; he was a true man in the very best sense of the word. He aspired to all the ``great ones'' throughout history, a lineage of men that changed their environments as well as the people around them. All the different career meant nothing compared to his goal of being one such ``true man.'' He vehemently insisted on being loyal to his true nature, at any cost. Passionate towards his vision he had the courage to see it through, despite any opposition. Sam had an insatiable thirst for life that eventually killed him, never fearing the end. Whether it was being a writer, adventurer, cowboy, businessman, storyteller, teacher, friend, brother, husband, son, and father. He will be missed dearly, but his great spirit, kindness of heart, and generosity will live on.

[NI7442] [SedgwickBenjamin1716.FTW]

As of 1999, he "is maried there and has at least one baby." - Theodore Sedgwick

[NI7543] [SedgwickBenjamin1716.FTW]

"a lifelong invalid, the result of some childhood illness."

[NI7569] [SedgwickBenjamin1716.FTW]

Hubert Sedgwick says Wilfred died at 200 Sout Margarita Street, Alhambra, Los Angeles, Calilfornia, in 1939. I assume this is Marguerita Avenue in Alhambra. The 1930 census shows that they did not live there at that time. (California, Los Angeles, Other Townships, ED# 1417 pg 12B, Film T626-173 page 253B)

[NI7607] [SedgwickBenjamin1716.FTW]

There is in the California Death Index a woman likely to be his wife:

[NI7628] [SedgwickBenjamin1716.FTW]

He was originally named Charles Henry Maine Bristed, after his godfather, then renamed after his father.

[NI7660] [SedgwickBenjamin1716.FTW]

Name also spelled Bulkley or Buckley.

[NI7701] [SedgwickBenjamin1716.FTW]

His law firm was Isham and Lincoln. His partner was Robert T. Lincoln, son of President Abraham Lincoln. The practice was in Chicago. In 1950 the firm still existed under the name Isham, Loncoln and Beale.

[NI7817] [SedgwickBenjamin1716.FTW]

"Died young."

[NI7903] [SedgwickBenjamin1716.FTW]

Died of disease in camp.

[NI7930] [SedgwickBenjamin1716.FTW]

He was a former goovernor of Vermont.

[NI8170] [SedgwickBenjamin1716.FTW]

Henry Dwight Sedgwick III was adopted by his stepfather Philip M Stern.

[NI8186] [SedgwickBenjamin1716.FTW]

Holly was adopted by Phillip M Stern , became known as Holly Stern. Holly Stern married Mr Nozuka. They were later divorced. She later changed her name back to Holly Sedgwick.

[NI8194] [SedgwickBenjamin1716.FTW]

Henry S., (or Sedwick, as he was called), married Lydia Gray in 1835 and lived on several dif ferent farms in this township, and died at his home on the Butler road in 1894, in the 79th y ear of his age.

[NI8199] [SedgwickBenjamin1716.FTW]

Mike Stern is a famouos Jazz Guitarrist. His website:

[NI8312] [SedgwickBenjamin1716.FTW]

Nevada State Journal, Reno, Nevada, October 11, 1953: "Edna Sergwick [sic] Maceo (Widow of the Galveston Gambling King) is at the Pierre. Her beaumance is a Houston man - at the Plaza."

[NF0005] 5 or 6 children per Alex Omernik

[NF0031] Married 1689 First Church of Hartford

[NF0148] They had 10 children. - NHCHS MSS B46 Box 7 Folder A

[NF0160] 11 childen, listed in Box 9 Folder F. Descendants fill Folders F, G, and H.

[NF0174] "They had several children." -NHCHS MSS B46 Box 7 Folder M page 24

[NF0207] They were together in life and death did not part them; they died within several weeks of each other, both a the home of heir youngest daughter Bertha. (1934 Manuscript)

[NF0312] No children.

[NF0313] No children.

[NF0518] Marriage date at
Charles I. Sedgwick, Van Wagner, Elsie, Marriage Date October 08, 1850

[NF0547] No children.

[NF0576] Indexed on LDS Film 6421, MIcrofilmed Index cards of Delaware marriages, baptisms, births and deaths, ca. 1680-1934.

[NF0619] No children.

[NF0637] The following record appears at, Peru Marriages to the year 1850 :
SEDGWICK, Elijah of Steventown, N.Y., and Tryphena Parker, int. Nov. 22, 1795.

[NF0647] THere is a Sharon Township in Portage County, may be this.

[NF0765] No children.

[NF0804] Four children, according to obituary of Camilla's father Frank Sedgwick, he had four grandchildren.

[NF0841] No children.

[NF0855] No children

[NF0914] Livingston, New Jersey was called Chatham in 1918.

[NF0957] Henry and Sarah had three children; all died in infancy.

is this the record of their marriage?
Illinois Statewide Marriage Index 1763 - 1900

[NF0963] Ida and Irving were married at the same time as her sister Martha and Martha's husband George.

[NF1016] Charles Lyman Sedgwick and Margaret Elizabeth (Peek) Sedgwick lived in San Antonio Texas in 1916 when they adopted a son. That son is the father of Teri Chisolm from Texas, living in Tuscaloosa, Alabama in 1999.

[NF1070] No children.

[NF1074] After their parents were divorced, Nellie, returned to using the name Sedgwick, and all the children used the name of Sedgwick, instead of Ward.

[NF1107] No children.

[NF1264] No children.

[NF1346] No children.

[NF1880] [SedgwickBenjamin1716.FTW]

Six children.

[NF1960] [SedgwickBenjamin1716.FTW]

Three children.

[NF1998] [SedgwickBenjamin1716.FTW]

No children.

[NF2012] [SedgwickBenjamin1716.FTW]

No children.

[NF2067] [SedgwickBenjamin1716.FTW]

No children.

[NF2068] [SedgwickBenjamin1716.FTW]

No children. Both died young.

[NF2085] [SedgwickBenjamin1716.FTW]

No children.

[NF2130] [SedgwickBenjamin1716.FTW]

No children.

[NF2132] [SedgwickBenjamin1716.FTW]

No children

[NF2133] [SedgwickBenjamin1716.FTW]

No children.

[NF2148] [SedgwickBenjamin1716.FTW]

No children

[NF2206] [SedgwickBenjamin1716.FTW]

No children.

[NF2241] [SedgwickBenjamin1716.FTW]

No children.

[NF2258] [SedgwickBenjamin1716.FTW]

No children by this marriage.

[NF2260] [SedgwickBenjamin1716.FTW]

Three sons, Henry, James and Charles were born to this marriage then adopted by Harry Duane Bruce, Lucia's second husband. At that time their names were change to Bruce.

[NF2261] [SedgwickBenjamin1716.FTW]

Harry Duane Bruce adopted Lucia's three sones Henry, James and Bruce Lockwood. Their names were changed to Bruce.

[NF2390] [SedgwickBenjamin1716.FTW]

No children.

[NF2391] [SedgwickBenjamin1716.FTW]

No children.

[NF2409] [SedgwickBenjamin1716.FTW]

No children.

[NF2423] [SedgwickBenjamin1716.FTW]

Albert and Huldah were cousins.

[NF2472] [SedgwickBenjamin1716.FTW]

No children.

[NF2477] [SedgwickBenjamin1716.FTW]

No children.

[NF2487] [SedgwickBenjamin1716.FTW]

They were Baptist missionaries to Burma between 1833 and 1837. They were there when civil war broke out and traveld to Rangoon "which they reached in spite of sickness, storms and robbers... "

[NF2507] [SedgwickBenjamin1716.FTW]

They had two children.

[NF2508] [SedgwickBenjamin1716.FTW]

No children.

[NF2620] [SedgwickBenjamin1716.FTW]

No children.

[NF2646] [SedgwickBenjamin1716.FTW]

No children.

[NF2671] [SedgwickBenjamin1716.FTW]

No children.

[NF2681] [SedgwickBenjamin1716.FTW]

No children.

[NF2689] [SedgwickBenjamin1716.FTW]

Susan was the second wife of Charles E Butler.

[NF2733] [SedgwickBenjamin1716.FTW]

No children.

[NF2739] [SedgwickBenjamin1716.FTW]

No children.

[NF2760] [SedgwickBenjamin1716.FTW]

No children.

[NF2806] [SedgwickBenjamin1716.FTW]

No children.

[NF2822] [SedgwickBenjamin1716.FTW]

No children.

[NF2872] [SedgwickBenjamin1716.FTW]

No children.

[NF2899] [SedgwickBenjamin1716.FTW]

No children.

[NF2943] [SedgwickBenjamin1716.FTW]

No children.

[NS131591] Also gives Geneva's birth place and age at mariage: 22

[NS131593] Copy in possession of Lorri Ann (Arnold) Molnar (4112513222) October 1999

[NS53563] online at, "Massachusetts Town Vital Records"

[NS115993] Riverside County Library, Riverside, California approx. 1972-1973



[NS290043] Online at

[NS24711] Hubert M Sedgwick's source documentation may be on file at New Haven Colony Historical Society

[NS24713] Dennis Sedgwick has a copy of a copy (1998)

[NS53711] Transcribed from LDS microfim #0006261 at LDS FHC Salt Lake City


[NS223223] In the New Haven Collony Historical Society Sedgwick Collection, MSS-B46 Box 9 Folder J

[NS67081] Source of middle name Clara , birth and death dates

[NS67083] Copy in possession of Dennis Gilmore Sedgwick June 1999

[NS131821] All the information on descendants of Joan Sedgwick (1931) and Webster Ammon Tapley is from this message.

[NS131822] Good - personal knowledge of immediate relatives

[NS178661] Descendants of William and Ozias Goodwin


[NS116241] Transcribed by Joan M Benner, Golden Rule Genealogy
copy received from Debby Paine, Lakebay, Washington, August 2000

[NS216591] I have a (copy) of a hand written note from someone telling:
"Hiram Sedgwick was born Dec_1789. Town of Bristol, Hartford Co., Conn.
Polly Beckwith was born Apr_ 8. 1796 Town of Stanford Delhi Co., N.Y.
They were married in town of Hector then Tompkins Co.May 12th. 1811.
Youngest child of the above was Caroline Cooper_born in Ulysses, Tompkins Co.,N.Y. Jan 12th. 1831.
Hiram Sedgwick died Nov. 22_1833 of acute brain disease.
Polly died Apr. 20_1834. of Tuberculoses of entire system."

[NS15901] scanned, OCRed and edited by Maurice Krueger, mkrueger@iw.nett

[NS15903] Excerpt online at, original location

[NS131841] Also gives Kathryn's birthplace and age at marriage: 19

[NS131843] Copy in possession of Lorri Ann (Arnold) Molnar (4112513222) October 1999

[NS15931] Compilation of manuscripts by George and Frederick J Sedgwick, of Chicago, Henry Dwight Sedgwick of Stockbridge and Francis Sedgwick of Columbus, Ohio.
The documentation was given to Hubert after the death of Francis in 1929. He continued the work and died in 1950. His notes and manuscript were given to the New Haven Colony Historical Society beefore his death. In 1960 his daughter, Professor Ruth Sedgwick, provided funds to publish the work.

[NS15933] Dennis Sedgwick has a copy (1998)

[NS44921] All information about the descendants of Cortez Sedgwick is from Lorri. She has Death Record of Mollie Fae Culbertson Sedgwick and marriage licenses of Geneva Sedgwick and Kathryn Sedgwick.

[NS395043] Online at

[NS24893] LDS Family History Center, Salt Lake City

[NS243441] This book contains the history and genealogy of the John and George Steele who were settlers of Hartford, Connecticut.

[NS243443] online at

[NS53903] online at, "Massachusetts Town Vital Records"

[NS123033] Available online at

[NS312601] The Descendants of Thomas Noble of Westfield, Massachusetts who came from Europe.

[NS312603] Online at

[NS178813] The old cemetery is on Bardwell St bet River St and Michael Sears Rd

[NS16031] George Bidwell m Sarah Sedgwick, daughter of Stephen. All info about his parents and their descendants is from Judith unless noted.
All information about Mary Ensign, Abraham Bushnell and their children is from this message unless noted otherwise.

[NS44983] Copies available through New England Historic Genealogical Society

[NS132031] File contributed for use in USGenWeb Archives by jeffb@anet-chi.comm
Jeffrey Bockman - President of the DuPage County Genealogical Society


[NS212321] contains an article about James Hadley Sedgwick (41C46).
A transcript of the article is available at, in the Books Excerpts section.

[NS212323] available from Higginson Book Company

[NS219021] Diana Pfeiffer is a great-granddaughter of Shepard King Sedgwick and Maria Galvin

[NS221281] A copy of the 1875 edition is at the LDS Family Hisstory Center, Los Angeles.

[NS221283] Online at

[NS397433] California State Library--Sutro

[NS16151] Dennis Sedgwick has three separate sets of notes written by Sophia Omernik Pallen listing family birth, marriage and death dates,. These were important information to Sophia, so the information is believed to be 100% accurate.
The sets can be described as these:
Set 1: Pink, 5.5 x 8.5, 6 sheets
Set 2: Whilte, ruled, abt. 6" x 8.5", 5 sheets + 4 sheets
Set 3: White, old-style duplicated sheets, 8.5' x 11", 12 sheets
plus a copy of "History of Portage County

[NS16153] In possession of Dennis Sedgwick (1998)

[NS54063] online at, "Massachusetts Town Vital Records"

[NS49652] Excellent

[NS49653] Online at

[NS225831] On July 20, 1999, it was in a folder marked "MSS B46 Sedgwick Family Papers," but not in the main collection.

The letter provided marriage date, Frederick's correct, birth and death dates, Lucretia's death date, and information about the children.

[NS225833] New Haven Colony Historical Society, 114 Whitney Ave, New Haven, Connecticut 06510

[NS123263] online at

[NS399751] Extracted from e-mail messages from TS.


[NS399601] Extracted from e-mail messages from Laura. All information on the descendants of William Ellery James, Jr is from Laura unles otherwise noted.

[NS25181] Entire book contents online

[NS25183] -

[NS399443] online at

[NS179083] online at

[NS399801] ABBR Pioneer History of ClarksfieldTEXT Henry S., (or Sedgwick, as he was called), married Lydia Gray in 1835 and lived on several different farms in this township, and died at his home on the Butler road in 1894, in the 79th year of his age.

[NS399701] Extracted from e-mail messages from TB.

[NS103321] Scan, OCR and editing by Maurice Krueger,, 19988

[NS103323] Excerpt online at, original location

[NS54271] All the information in this file about John Seymour and his wives and children was furnished by Phil Seymour. Most of it came from this Seymour book.

[NS54273] In possession of Phil Seymour, Ps60yo@aol.comm

[NS176923] LDS Microfilm # 1315116 Items 1-4. Available at Salt Lake City

[NS214861] James K Stanley has a copy
also online at

[NS250501] Theresa Loomis is a great-grand-daughter of George Alber Albertson and Bertha Seymour

[NS49813] online at

[NS221691] A Descendants Report from their Family Tree Maker database.

[NS313153] Excerpted at GenForum Barrett Forum Message 3604

[NS25493] Available online at

[NS235111] Fifteen Volumes
Also available on microfilm in the LDS FHC

[NS235113] Oneida County Records Office, Utica, New York

[NS212811] Transcribed and files copyrighted by Myrna Madigan


[NS221713] Online at

[NS400141] "At first Deputy to James Stuart, the valorous Sheriff of Tuolumne, afterwards elected to that office himself, suc­ceeding Stuart, cut a prominent figure in both positions. He was always regarded as a most capable and energetic officer, the terror of roughs and thieves and the reliance of the law-abiding. Leaving Tuolumne for Stockton, Mr. Sedgwick held the Government position of Collector. Now in San Francisco, he is Sheriff of that city, an office achieved through his well-known merit."
A History of Tuolumne County, California B.F. Alley, 1882. Pg. 378.
Submitted by: Nancy Pratt Melton

[NS400143] biography found at, extracterd by Nancy Pratt Melton


[NS27801] George Adams is the youngest son of Christpopher Adams and Mary Barbara Reff. Dennis Sedgwick has not seen this Bible as of 1998, but has notes transcribed from it, courtesy Mrs Keith Adams. Keith is a grandson of George.

[NS177191] Records from Marion and Muscatine Counties between 1851 and 1900, taken from microfilm copies of original county documents.

[NS177193] online at

[NS25593] Online at

[NS290973] Online at

[NS398041] Published posthumously by the New Haven Colony Historical Society

[NS398042] Excellent

[NS398043] New Haven Colony Historical Society, 114 Whitney Ave, New Haven, Connecticut 06510



[NS27981] Much of her information about New York events came from the record books of St Vincent de Paul Church, Rosiere, New York, transcribed by Father J Charbonneau (about 1972?)

[NS27983] In possession of Dennis Sedgwick (1998)

[NS45841] A Higginson Books Copy

[NS45842] Excellent

[NS45843] LDS Family History Center, Los Angeles, California


[NS139531] Elizabeth Porter, second wife of Stephen Sedgwick m1 Hezekiah North. His genealogy is in the book, and a little information about hers is page 17.

[NS139533] Online at


[NS400451] ABBR Wakeman Independent PressTEXT Mrs. Sedgwick Barnes, aged 68 years, died at her home in East Clarksfield on July 18th, 1885.

[NS28061] "This pamphlet is intended as a continuation of the one put out by Hubert Merril Sedgwick in 1905 [Descendants of Gordon Sdgwick] but covering only the descendants of Harry Abbey Sedgwick, bringing their record up to date, 1970."
Since the branch consists entirely of Kenneth, his brothers and sisters and their descendants, and the data was compiled through correspondence with them, it should be accurate.

[NS28063] Much of the original data in possession of Dennis Sedgwick 1998

[NS130643] In possession of Lorri Mae Arnold (Molnar?) October 1999

[NS130661] Major James R Benham, Jr. married Sarah Sedwick, dau of Stephen.

[NS130663] LDS Family History Center, Salt Lake City

[NS130671] Terri's father was adopted by Charles Lyman Sedgwick and Margaret Elizabeth Peek at birth in 1916. We're sure it's the same CLS because her CLS had a son named Charles Perry Sedgwick.

[NS130691] Sedgwick Cookerly Rogers is a grandson of Hiram George Sedgwick and great-grandson of Datus Ensign Sedgwick.

[NS235521] Marbeth is granddaughter of Henry Gregory Sedgwick (31B422).
Some data referecnig this source is from paper copies of data she supplied.

[NS235533] online at

[NS398322] Excellent


[NS139673] Online at

[NS175371] Transcribed from LDS microfim #1010759 Item 4 at LDS FHC Salt Lake City

[NS21543] online at, "Massachusetts Town Vital Records"

[NS26021] Covers 1937-1997

[NS400681] Some information that helen has differs from that which H.M. Sedgwick included in the Sedgick Genealogy, I am accepting Helen's data, inasmuch as she appears to have more information about their descendants than Hubert did.

[NS400682] Trustworthy


[NS398463] online at

[NS52831] appendix is Genealogical Register of Early Palmer Families

[NS52833] online at

[NS217863] online at

[NS30562] Excellent


[NS52861] Genealogy Report: Descendants of Great King Charles Charlemagne


[NS177773] Found online at

[NS21681] Online presentation of official records by government agency


[NS289303] Online at

[NS398581] A Genealogy Chart appears pp 430-431in 1994 Edition

[NS398583] Copy in possession of Dennis Sedgwick, 1999

[NS374101] Lucius Barnes Barbour was a famous historian and genealogist of his day. His work is considered excellent.

[NS374103] Online at

[NS177881] A handsome monument, turn left as you enter the cemetery.
Four sides, one blank, others inscribed as follows:
1) Homer G. Sedgwick / 1843 - 1931
Ella J. Sedgwick / Died / April 20, 1900 / AE 50
2) Ralph S. Sedgwick / Died / Sept. 19, 1882 / AE 3 Y's 2 M's
[horiz line] / Mary J. Sedgwick / 1853 - 1937
3) David N. Squires / Died / May 27, 1888 / AE. 70
Susan E. Squires / 1825 - 1915

[NS117651] Robert - William - Samuel - Joseph - Samuel - Samuel - Hiram - Datus - Frederick - Paul - Karen


[NS177921] Donna Haley is a gr gr graqnddaoghter of Sarah Anne Sedgwick (1819), dau of Zenas (Zenus?) Sedgwick and Fanny Churchill.

[NS331793] Online at

[NS53051] Biography of O Leroy Sedgwick appears in Shawnee County Part 46


[NS106591] Papers of Hubert Merrill Sedgwick, including those of Frederick J Sedgwick, donated to the Society at Hubert's death in 1950
A note about the sheet numbering system: the sheets are generally not numbered. I have quite arbitrari;y assigned numbers based on their position in the folders, omitting duplicates and sheets that are obviously appended notes to the sheets in front of them. These numbers are the sheet numbers as found online at

[NS106593] New Haven Colony Historical Society, 114 Whitney Ave, New Haven, Connecticut 06510

[NS133351] TA Higginson Books copy

[NS133353] copy in possession of Dennis Gilmore Sedgwick, 1999

[NS37481] New England Historical & Genealogical Register Volume VI, July 1852, pages 265-271
Family of John Sacket (1632 - 1719) and those of three of his children appear here, with a fourth that is probably also his daughter.

[NS37483] online at US GenWeb Massachusetts, Hampden County

[NS342963] Copy in possession of Dennis Sedgwick

[NS28591] Transcription in possession of Dennis Sedgwick

[NS215911] Captain Thomas Bidwell, son of Thomas and Ruhannah (Pinney) Bidwell, born in Hartford, Connecticut, in 1738, died at Canton, in the same county, December, 1802. He was a captain in the Connecticut troops during the Revolutionary war. He married Esther Orton, born May 12, 1737, died 1823, daughter of Thomas Orton, of Hartford, Connecticut, born 1709, who married, June 18, 1730, Elizabeth Sedgwick, and granddaughter of Thomas Orton Sr., of Hartford, born about 1675, and his wife, Anna (Buckingham) Orton. Captain Thomas and Esther (Orton) Bidwell were the parents of Riverius Bidwell, and the grandparents of Sophia (Bidwell) Burnham, wife of Captain Jedediah Burnham, and maternal great-grandmother of the subject of this sketch, her daughter, Lydia Kent Burnham, becoming the wife of Elisha Huntington Bennett, and the mother of Sophia Lydia Bennett, who married, in 1871, Henry Harrison Burnham and was the mother of the subject of this sketch. The Bennett's were among the earliest settlers of New London county, Connecticut, and are all probably traceable to a common ancestor.

[NS215913] online at

[NS343033] online at

[NS131261] "Elva Vesta Barber was my grandfather's sister. Born April 23, 1885 in York, Nebraska, died March 24, 1966. I'm not sure about their children. Her parents were Thomas J. Barber and Mary Louisa Mitchell.
other children:
Lela 11-16-1875
Charles 7-20-1877
Eva Belle 6-21-1880
Daniel Francis 3-18-1887 my grandfather
all born in York County, Nebraska."

[NS133501] Book includes ancestry of Thomas Lee who married Isabel Sedgwick. and some information about their descendants.

[NS133503] Online at

[NS398881] Full content of the message:
Thank you Dennis. I see an error on the page listing Elias and Harriet's children. Their son Elias Cornelius was NOT married to Delight Sargent. He married Clara Corinth Minear. Delight Sargent was the 2nd wife of Elias "Buck" Boudinot. After Elias was murdered in Park Hill, OK, Delight took the children back East.

[NS398882] Trustworthy


[NS117923] online at "Early Connecticut Marriages"

[NS48811] I have a Sylvia/Silvia Sedgwick born 4 December 1774 in Waterbury, Connecticut. She married Charles H. Cook. Sylvia/Silvia died 18 January 1854 in Pompey, Onondaga, New York.

[NS19831] Extracted at Salt Lake City, 1/24/2000
On December 18, 2000, Dennis and Marilyn Sedgwick photographed these tombstones and augmented the transcriptions from the microfilm. The photos and transcriptions are online at North America Library Cemetery section.

[NS19833] LDS Film Number 1435718

[NS24321] A certified true transcription of the family records in the bible, dated September 13, 1940, is apparently at the Connecticut State Library. A copy of this is in possession of Dennis Sedgwick, 1999.

[NS24323] Berkshire Aethenaeum of Pittsfield, Mass.

[NS53313] online at

[NS296393] Online at

[NS118041] See notes on William Sedgwick (1717-1771) for complete description.

[NS118043] New Haven Colony Historical Society, MSS B46 Box 7 Folder M

[NS354431] Extracted from the New England Historical and Genealogical Register

[NS354433] LDS FHC Los Angeles

[NS256321] The Ancestors and Descendants or Richard Lyman from High Ongar, England, 1631


[NS309893] online at

[NS178323] Online at

[NS332201] "You have a Shirley Ann Coverdell posted in your data. Her birth was 8/23/1939 in Big Fork, Flathead Co., MT. She married Henry Richard Arnold on May 26, 1957 in Columbia Falls, Flathead Co., MT. Her parents are Forrest Leslie & Esther Anna (Swallow) Coverdell."
Sybil's genealogy website:


[NS245261] Mildred and Carolyn, moher and daughter are descendants of Gad Sedgwick through his son William Henry Sedgwick and William's daughter Lydia Ann Sedgwick.

[NS15591] Carbon copies of typewritten manuscript
164 pages numbered 1-154 with 93 A-C, 99 A-D and 100 A-C

[NS15592] Very good

[NS15593] LDS Family History Center, Los Angeles, California

[NS236361] Data on Sedgwick - Cooley is on pages 729 - 730.



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