The Dumbarton Oaks Pan by Francis Minturn Sedgwick
The Dumbarton Oaks "Pan" by Francis Minturn Sedgwick
Photo and dossier (below) courtesy Dumbarton Oaks/Trustees for Harvard University,
used by permission.
Type Sculpture, Bronze
Title Pan [Faun] (2 casts)
Artist/Maker Francis Minturn Sedgwick (1904-1968)
Culture/Period American, Modern
Date 1960: Original; 1996: Recast
  • Pacrelgilt bronze (cast 1)
  • Parcelgilt plaster (cast 2)
Measurements 18" H x 18" W x 15" D
  • Originally purchased by Mr. and Mrs. Robert Woods Bliss, Washington, DC, for the gardens of Dumbarton Oaks, 12/16/1960;
  • House Collection, Dumbarton Oaks, Washington, DC, 1960-1976;
  • Reproductions made by Roman Bronze Works, Inc., Capiague, NY, from cast of identical sculpture to replace stolen original by Dumbarton Oaks, Washington, DC, 5/3/1996;
  • House Collection, Dumbarton Oaks, Washington, DC, 1996-present
Conservation [see Provenance]
  • of original Pan, Garden Library;
  • (Garden 1996 cast)
  • Correspondence from Royal Cortissoz to Mildred Bliss, 10/11/1922, suggests that the Blisses were considering commissioning a Pan sculpture at that date, possibly from Frances Grimes, Anna Hyatt or Malvina Hoffman; Cortissoz’ correspondence implies that the Pan was to be located in the Gallery [first floor hallway]: "I find that I’m just obstinate enough to not see our friend Pan in that gallery. I could see him cheerfully enough in that little half-theatre-like place below the house somewhere;"
  • The original sculpture was stolen twice, in 1971 and in 1976; the second time the sculpture was not recovered;
  • The present casts of the sculpture were made from an identical sculpture owned by Pamela Prescott, San Francisco, CA, the artist’s daughter, by Roman Bronze Works, Capiague, NY;
  • The replacement sculpture was cast of German bronze with nickel added to simulate the original lead color and patina;
  • A second replica was cast of plaster; a second, broken replica cast in plaster is in storage with the mold [Greenhouse basement];
  • Parts of the replacement sculpture were gilded by Astor Moore and Suzanne Mercury, Dumbarton Oaks;
  • The bronze replacement sculpture, as was original, is mounted on top of column and capital within niche; the plaster cast is displayed in the foyer of the Rare Book Room, Garden Library
Description Two 1996 gilt-bronze (1) and plaster (2) exact replicas of American modern, 1960, gilt-lead original sculpture titled Pan [alternately: Faun] by Francis M. Sedgwick, Santa Barbara, CA; figure of naked human upper torso, head and arms, and fur-covered goat legs with cloven-hoof feet; figure is seated with proper left leg crossed over right; with proper left hand he holds double pipes or flutes to his upraised mouth and points with extended right arm and index finger.
Location Gardens, Lovers’ Lane Area and Vestibule, Rare Book Room
Last Update June 1, 2000