Sculptures by Francis Minturn Sedgwick (1904-1967)


Three Sisters

This statue features Francis Minturn Sedgwick's three youngest daughters,
Edith (left), Katherine (center) and Susanna.
Photo sent by Katherine (Sedgwick) Hanberg.

Robert M Sedgwick son of Francis Minturn Sedgwick

Photo sent by Katherine (Sedgwick) Hanberg.

Francis M Sedgwick Jr son of Francis Minturn Sedgwick

Photo sent by Katherine (Sedgwick) Hanberg.

Henry Dwight Sedgwick 1861-1957, Father of Francis Minturn Sedgwick

Photo sent by Katherine (Sedgwick) Hanberg.

Henry Wheeler de Forest, Father of Alice de Forest Sedgwick wife of Fancis Minturn Sedgwick

Photo sent by Katherine (Sedgwick) Hanberg.

Alfred de Forest, cousin of Alice de Forest Sedgwick wife of Fancis Minturn Sedgwick

Photos sent by Katherine (Sedgwick) Hanberg, who regards it "...the best sculpture my father did."

This very large equestrian statue
is at the Earl Warren Showgrounds in Santa Barbara, California.
For size comparison, note the vehicles through the bushes
It was an overcast day; I will get a better photo when I can.

This statue of a California Cowboy
on a California Cowpony symbolizing
the vanished frontier and a vanishing type
is dedicated in 1967 to
Governor of California
Chief Justice of the United States
F M Sedgwick

Saint Barbara

Photo sent by Katherine (Sedgwick) Hanberg.

This statue of Saint Francis is at the Mission Santa Barbara.
Compare the face on the statue to Francis' photo above.
The statue is in the private garden not accessible to tourists,
but Paul Nefstead managed to convince them that the photo was for a good cause.

SAINT FRANCIS receiving the stygmata
presented in affection and admiration to
the Franciscan Fathers of the Old Mission
by the sculptor and his wife
and received with grace, July, 1967
in memory of their two sons
Robert Minturn Sedgwick II 1933 - 1964
Francis Minturn Sedgwick 1937 - 1965

Francis sculpted another statue of Saint Francis. It looks so much like the other one that I wonder if was cast from the same mold. This one was created for the Sacred Heart of Christ the King Convent, in Sycamore Canyon, Montecito, California. The convent was closed in the mid 1970's and the statue was moved to the Saint Francis Medical Center in Santa Barbara, where Paul Nefstead took this photo. In June of 2003 it was trucked to the mother house of the Franciscan nuns at Frankfort, Illinois.

Receiving the Stigmata
placed here
in memory of
1892 - 1962

Presented by the Senior Class 1967

Located at Cabrillo High School, Lompoc, California

Approximately 6 feet tall.

This work is above the fireplace in his studio at Rancho La Laguna

To the memory of the men of the AMERICAN FIELD SERVICE
all volunteers, all unpaid, many physically handicapped
who gave ther lives with their comrades of the
British and Commonwealth Armies
in the Middle East, Italy, India, Burma and Western Europe

The Dumbarton Oaks "Pan"

The Dumbarton Oaks Pan by Francis Minturn Sedgwick

Courtesy Dumbarton Oaks/Trustees for Harvard University.
Read their dossier for this work.



photo by W.P. Dieffenbach, Long Island, New York

James Bryant Conant (1893 - 1978)
President of Harvard University 1933 - 1953
photos provided by Barbara Huebel
of the Sedgwick Reserve

Bart Francis ca 1946
photographed by Bart Francis 2008

According to his obituary, Francis Minturn Sedgwick's best-known works of art include also these:

In Santa Barbara:
    Saint Barbara, in the patio of the Santa Barbara Historical Society Museum
    the cowboy bas relief in the corridor of the Hollister building

In San Francisco:
    the Laurel Hill Memorial
    the Pioneer Monument
    the Robert Frost Memorial

In London:
    the American Field Service Monument

and many others in Massachusetts, England and France

If you are near any of these works and can arrange to photo it, please do so and send a me scan.

Dennis Sedgwick