John Sedgwick  [Benjamin Sedgwick / Olive Collins]
b. September 13, 1813, Cornwall Hollow, Litchfield, Connecticut
d. May 9, 1864, Spotsylvania, Spotsylvania, Virginia
never married

Major General John Sedgwick was a famous General during the US Civil War, and the most senior Union officer to be killed during that war. He was a descendant of General Robert Sedgwick, as shown below.

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  b. abt 1556, Woburn, Bedfordshire, England
  m. abt 1758, unknown

  b. 1585, Woburn, Bedfordshire, England
  d. July 25, 1632, Woburn, Bedfordshire, England
  m. April 10, 1604, Elizabeth Howe

  b. abt 1613, bap. May 16, 1613, Woburn, Bedfordshire, England
  d. May 24, 1656, Jamacia, West Indies
  m. January 6, 1634/5, Andover, Hampshire, England, Joanna Blake

  b. 1643, Charlestown, Suffolk, Massachusetts
  d. 1674, Jamaica, West Indies or at sea on return
  m. 1665, Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut

  b. 1667, Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut
  d. March 24, 1735, bur West Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut
  m. 1689, Hartford, Hargford, Connecticut, Mary Hopkins

  b. November 7, 1716, West Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut
  d. February 7, 1757, Cornwall, Litchfield, Connecticut
  m. before 1739, Ann Thompson

  bp March 7, 1742, West Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut
  d. August 28, 1820, Cornwall Hollow, Litchfield, Connecticut
  m. February 13, 1763, Abigail Andrews

  b. January 25, 1781, Cornwall, Litchfield, Connecticut
  d. March 15, 1857, Cornwall, Litchfield, Connecticut
  m. July 9, 1809, Olive Collins

(Major General) John SEDGWICK
  b. September 13, 1813, Cornwall Hollow, Litchfield, Connecticut
  d. May 9, 1864, Spotsylvania, Spotsylvania, Virginnia

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Grave of John Sedgwick
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I recently purchased a great book about General John Sedgwick.
It's out of print, but keep an eye out for a copy.

General John Sedgwick: The Story of a Union Corps Commander
Richard Elliott Winslow III
Copyright 1982, Presidio Press, 31 Pamaron Way, Novato, CA 94947

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