Gad Sedgwick  [Stephen Sedgwick / Lucy Woodford]
b. October 4, 1769, Farmington, Hartford, Connecticut
d. 1852, Addison, Addison, Vermont
m1 April 23, 1791, West Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut, Betsey Johnson2
m2 July 8, 1793, West Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut, Lydia Unknown

Betsey Johnson  [parents unknown]
b. abt 1766 [age 26 at death], of Bristol [Connectiut]2
d. February 24, 1793, West Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut2

Lydia Unknown  [parents unknown]
b. abt 1768
m1 abt 1788, Allyn Stanley, who died 16 Jan 17933
m2 July 8, 1793 West Hartford, Gad Sedgwick2

Census records:

1800 VT Windsor
1810 VT Addison
1850 VT Addison

Gad was living in 1850 with his son-in-law Zenas Norton. It appears that in 1830 and 1840, he was already living there.

Previous Sedgwick genealogies have shown a different scenario for the wives of Gad Sedgwick, but this matches the inforamtion about Lydia (Unknown) Stanley in the Stanley genealogies.3 See my defense of this scenario here: Wives of Gad Sedgwick

Child of Gad Sedgwick and Betsey Johnson:

Child Sedgwick
  b. February 16, 1793, West Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut
  d. February 21, 1793, West Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut

Children of Gad Sedgwick and Lydia Unknown:

Betsey Johnson Sedgwick
  b. June 15 Jun, 1794 Farmington, Hartford, Connecticut
  m. September 26, 1818, Jesse Lyman
Lydia Darrow Sedgwick
  b. June 30, 1796, Farmington, Hartford, Connecticut
Aseneth Baldwin Sedgwick
  b. October 20, 1797, Farmington, Hartford, Connecticut
Almira Thompson Sedgwick
  b. August 1, 1799, Springfield, Windsor, Vermont
Amanda Brannon Sedgwick
  b. June 18, 1801, Springfield, Windsor, Vermont
  m. August 26, 1819, Addison, Addison, Vermont, Zenas Norton
Melitta Sedgwick
  b. June 6, 1803, Springfield, Windsor, Vermont
Huldah Bibbins Sedgwick
  b. June 16, 1806, Mayfield, Fulton, New York
  d. July 17, 1835, Newington, Hartford, Connecticut
  m. March 7, 1826, Newington, Hartford, Connecticut, Henry Kilbourn
Allen Gad Sedgwick
  b. August 22, 1808, [Addison, Addison,] Vermont
  d. June 26, 1881, Ontario Center, Wayne, New York
  m. June 21, 1833, Phelps, Ontario, New York, Martha P Mapes
Samuel Woodford Sedgwick
  b. August 30, 1810, Addison, Addison, Vermont
  d. September 17, 1881, Ontario, Wayne, New York
  b. September 25, 1881, West Liberty, Muscatine, Iowa, Oak Ridge Cemetery
  m. December 13, 1831, Eliza Catherine Burritt
Lydia Emeline Sedgwick
  b September 22, 1813, Addison, Addison, Vermont
  m. January 8, 1836, Abraham Couch
William Henry Sedgwick
  b. May 13, 1818, Addison, Addison, Vermont
  d. bet 1851 - 1860, [Webster County, Missouri]
  m. abt 1840, [Tennessee?], Mary C Unknown

Descendants / Researchers:

William Wendell Sedgwick
William H - John G - Wiliam R - Willis W

Mildred Boroff and Carolyn Loughboruogh William H - Lydia Ann - ???


1. Records of descendants/researchers of this family
a. William Wendell Sedgwick
b. Mildred Boroff and Carolyn Loughboruogh

2. Transcribed Records of West Hartford Congregational Church

5. "The Stanley Families of America", I.P. Warren, 1887
James K Stanley has a copy. Here is his Stanley Family Genealogy
Also available online at GenealogyLibrary.com.