John Abernathy Sedgwick  [Parker Sedgwick / Mary Delia Buck]
b.June 22, 1840, Lowell, Oneida, New York
d. April 11, 1895, [Chicago, Cook, Illinois]
bu aft April 11, 1895, Bloomingdale, DuPage, Illinois, Greenwood Cemetery
m. June 04, 1866, Mary Rosetta Phillips

Mary Rosetta Phillips  [William Nelson Phillips / Lucy Jane Taylor]
b. January 13, 1849, Antwerp, Jefferson, New York
d. July 08, 1915, Waukegan, Lake, Illinois

Census Records:

1840 NY Oneida, Westmoreland
1850 IL DuPage, Bloomingdale
1860 IL DuPage, Bloomingdale
1870 IL DuPage, Bloomingdale


Earl Phillips Sedgwick (41C1C1)
  b. April 08, 1867, Wheaton, DuPage, Illinois
  d. September 13, 1935
  m. May 22, 1890, Chicago, Cook, Illinois, Grace Muriel Goble
Julian Arthur Sedgwick (41C1C2)
  b. July 26, 1868, Wheaton, DuPage, Illinois
  d. April 02, 1915, Biloxi, Harrison, Mississippi
  bu, Bloomingdale, DuPage, Illinois
  m. May 18, 1896, Biloxi, Harrison, Mississippi, Josephine Sarah Burden
Walter Henry Sedgwick (41C1C3)
  b. February 03, 1870, Platteville, Wisconsin
  m1 October 28, 1894, Jessie Oleson
  m2 March 06, 1905, Charlotte Hildur Oleson
Lucy E Sedgwick (41C1C4)
  b. October 22, 1873, Chicago, Cook, Illinois
Mary Grace Sedgwick (41C1C5)
  b. September 07, 1870, Illinois
  d. March 17, 1894
Charles Edwin Sedgwick (41C1C6)
  b. October 14, 1878, Oak Park, Cook?, Illinois
  m. October 1905, Julia F Quesenbury
Minnie Louise Sedgwick (41C1C7)
  b. December 23, 1879, Oak Park, Cook?, Illinois
  m. April 25, 1901, Rex Whipple Heald
Sherman Parker Sedgwick (41C1C8)
  b. September 03, 1885, Sedgwick, Hyde, South Dakota
  d. October 03, 1885, Sedgwick, Hyde, Dakota
John Taylor Sedgwick (41C1C9)
  b. December 03, 1891, Highmore, Hyde, South Dakota
  d. June 06, 1892, Highmore, Hyde, South Dakota

More about John Abernathy Sedgwick:

NHCHS collection Box 6 Folder J sheet 23


1. The Sedgwick Collection (MSS B46) at the New Haven Colony Historical Society papers of Hubert Merrill Sedgwick, Francis Morris Sedgwick and Frederick J Sedgwick,
genealogists of the family of Robert Sedgwick (1613 - 1656)

2. Census records, any of those indicated.