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Otis Sedgwick  [Martin Sedgwick / Sally King]
b. April 3, 18033, Palmer, Hampshire (Hampden), Massachusetts
d. December 10, 18933, Belchertown, Hampshire, Massachusetts
bu Belchertown, Hampshire, Massachusetts, Hillcrest Cemetery
m. November 17, 1825, Almira Converse

Almira Converse  [parents unknown]
b. February 4, 18083, Stafford, Tolland, Connecticut
d. May 23, 18583, Belchertown, Hampshire, Massachusetts
bu Belchertown, Hampshire, Massachusetts, Hillcrest Cemetery

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Census Records:

1830 MA Hampshire, Belchertown
1840 MA Hampshire, Belchertown
1850 MA Hampshire, Belchertown
1860 MA Hampshire, Belchertown
1870 MA Hampshire, Belchertown

Hillcrest Cemetery is a small country cemetery, about five miles south of the Belchertown town center. [Location at Google Maps] Otis, his younger brother Martin Jr and their families are buried there. This area has also been called South Belchertown. In this 1873 Map you can see the small cemetery just south of Bardwell Village on what is now called Bardwell St. Otis' residence appears to the southwest of the cemetery on what is now South St. His brother Martin Jr appears to the west of the cemetery on what is now S Liberty St.

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In 2010 a coffin plate from Almira (Converse) Sedgwick's casket was found under six inches of dirt at the Belchertown Commmons.
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A description of coffin plates is here:


Marcus Sedgwick
  b. November 6, 1826, Belchertown, Hampshire, Massachusetts
  d. July 12, 1854, Belchertown, Hampshire, Massachusetts
  m. April 14, 1851, Louisa Cowles
Sarah Sedgwick
  b. June 13, 1828, Belchertown, Hampshire, Massachusetts
  d. 19243
  m. November 17, 1880, Josiah J Green
Converse Sedgwick
  b. June 23, 1830, Belchertown, Hampshire, Massachusetts
  d. March 23, 1867
  m. Susan M Slate
Butler Sedgwick
  b. March 4, 1832, Belchertown, Hampshire, Massachusetts
  d. June 22, 1906, Bondsville, Hampden, Massachusetts
  m. Aprl 4, 1861, Palmer, Hampden, Massachusetts, Minerva Marsha Hastings
Click for larger image George Frank Sedgwick
  b. September 9, 1834, Belchertown, Hampshire, Massachusetts
  d. February 3, 1906, Palmer, Hampden, Massachusetts
  m. May 8, 1860, Maria Southwick
Philo Sedgwick
  b. November 18, 18363, Belchertown, Hampshire, Massachusetts
  d. February 22, 18643, Palmer, Hampden, Massachusetts
Almira Jane Sedgwick 411327
  b. February 8, 1839, Belchertown, Hampshire, Massachusetts
  d. February 14, 1923, Palmer, Hampden, Massachsetts
  m1 November 28, 1858, Belchertown, Hampshire, Massachusetts, Francis L Hitchcock
  m2 January 2, 1862, James O Hamilton
Alice Sedgwick
  b. July 9, 1841, Belchertown, Hampshire, Massachusetts
  d. 19223
Morton Sedgwick
  b. October 10, 1843, Belchertown, Hampshire, Massachusetts
  d. May 15, 1874, Palmer, Hampden, Massachusetts
  m. December 1869, Mary Teach
Horace Newton Sedgwick
  b. May 22, 1846, Belchertown, Hampshire, Massachusetts
  d. 19313
Emily I Sedgwick  photo
  b. June 29, 18493, Belchertown, Hampshire, Massachusetts
  d. June 12, 18883, Bondsville, Hampden, Massachusetts
Anson G Sedgwick
  b. March 4, 18523, Belchertown, Hampshire, Massachusetts
  d. October 9, 18523

More about Otis Sedgwick:

NHCHS collection Box 6 Folder G sheet 7


1. The Sedgwick Collection (MSS B46) at the New Haven Colony Historical Society papers of Hubert Merrill Sedgwick, Francis Morris Sedgwick and Frederick J Sedgwick,
genealogists of the family of Robert Sedgwick (1613 - 1656)

2. Census records, any of those indicated.

3. Tombstone Monument at Hillcrest Cemetery, Belchertown, Hampshire, Massachusetts.