Francis Chaddell Sedgwick (note spelling)  [William Chedell Sedgwick / Sara Painter]
b. August 10, 1918, [Philadelphia, Philadelphia], Pennsylvania4,1
d. August 1982, [Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania]4,5
m. Mary Ellen Bickings4

Mary Ellen Bickings  [Engle Bickings / Euphemia (Effie) Murphy]4
b. September 22 or 23, 1920,4 Pennsylvania1
d. June 14, 1984 (Flag Day)4

Engle Bickings appears in the 1880 census Philadelphia, age 17, parents Charles and Cordelia Bickings, both born Pensylvania, their parents all born Pennsylvania. Effie Murphy was born Ireland County Cork4 or Pennsylvania1

Census records:

1920 PA Philadelphia
1930 PA Philadelphia
Mary Ellen Bickings as child:
1930 PA Philadelphia


Francis William Sedgwick
  b. July 3, 1941, Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania4
  m. July 29, 1961, Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Theresa Joan Sautner4
Ronald Charles Sedgwick
  b. September 29, 1944, Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania4
  d. April 8 19954
  never married4
Patrica Ann Sedgwick
  b. July 22, 1950, [Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania]4
  d. April 10, 2000, Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania4
  m. Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Robert Palmer4


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4. Records of Farrah Palmer, great-granddaughter of William Chedell Sedgwick.

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