Manifest of ship City Of Chicago
upon arrival New York, November 2, 1889, from Liverpool and Queenstown, England

showing arrival of John Sidgwick with wife Alice and six children.

data extracted from database "New York Passenger Lists, 1851-1891"
under the heading "Second Cabin Embarked at Liverpool" (page 9), appearing on page 10 of 13:

LineNamesAgeSexCallingCitizen ofLast ResidenceDestinationCompartmentBaggage[Status]
21John Sedgewick46MFarmerEnglandSkipton?WyomingSecond Cabin9Settler
22Mrs? "40FWife"""" "
23John "19MFarmer"""" "
24Lenard? "13M""""" "
25Dorothy "11FChild"""" "
26Ant "7M""""" "
27Rich "2M""""" "
28Alice? "InfFInf"""" "
Indexed "John ledgaveck" at, the clerk's handwriting is very poor.
Many of the other names are also nearly impossible to read; you have to know them to make them out.