Eileen Sedgwick

Eileen Sedgwick
   [Edward W Sedgwick / Josephine Walker]
b. October 17, 1898, Galveston, Galveston, Texas1,2
d. March 15, 1991, Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California2
bu Culver City, Los Angeles, California, Holy Cross Cemetery
m1 bef 1920, Justine H McCluskey1
m2 bet 1920 - 1930, Clarence D Hutson1,2

Justine H McClusky  [parents unknown]
b. abt 1888, New Jersey1

Clarence D Hutson  [parents unknown]
b. abt 1897, California1

Census Records:

1900 TX Galveston
1920 CA Los Angeles
1930 CA Los Angeles

Eileen Sedgwick was a Hollywood actress in the Silent Film days. She appeared primarily in "Westerns" from 1917 - 1928. She apparently made a couple movies in 1928 under the name Greta Yoltz.

Eileen Sedgwick  Eileen Sedgwick

Eileen Sedgwick       Eileen Sedgwick


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